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Ventilation fan

If you want to know more about the Ventilation fan, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Ventilation fan industry. More news about Ventilation fan, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Ventilation fan information!
How much do you know about the ventilation system of the chicken house?
With the development of large-scale farming, modern chicken coops with automatic control systems such as automatic water supply, automatic feeding, automatic egg collection, automatic ventilation, automatic temperature control, and automatic cooling with wet curtains have become the most common form
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What is the poultry egg incubator?
A poultry incubator refers to a machine that artificially simulates the motherhood of oviparous animals to turn the eggs under the conditions of temperature and humidity. After a certain period of time, the fertilized eggs will be developed into life . Poultry Farm, personal hatch, family hatch, uni
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7 points for attention in the construction of chicken house
Before building chicken houses on chicken farms, farmers need to design and plan the chicken houses first. Scientific and reasonable chicken house design is the key to the success of chicken house construction. With the changes of the times, the original traditional chicken house no longer meet the
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Different Types of Chicken houses Construction
Different Types of Chicken Coop ConstructionChicken raising is a breeding and enrichment project in many rural areas. In order to raise chickens better, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction of chicken houses. So how to build a chicken farm? What problems sho
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Five points for raising laying hens Part 2
6. Reasonable adjustment of stocking densityThe stocking density directly affects the growth and development of the chicks, especially the uniformity of the chicks. If the density is too large, the chicken's range of activities is small, squeeze each other.The density of chicks is too small, resulti
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Five points for raising laying hens Part 1
High-yielding laying hens take about 72 weeks from hatching to culling, so it is said that laying hens are raised for 500 days. According to the characteristics and laws of the growth and development of laying hens, the feeding of laying hens can be divided into several feeding and management stages
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Chicken Coop Scientific Management
Raising chickens is not only about cost, but also about technology. From chick to market, a complete breeding process is required. The survival rate and quality of chickens also directly affects the interests of farmers. We will introduce the steps of how to raise chickens below.l Site selection for
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Environmental management of laying hens automation
The production performance of chickens is affected by both heredity and environment. Excellent chicken breeds only have the genetic basis for high production, and whether their productivity can be expressed has a great relationship with the environment. Excellent chicken breeds cannot give full play
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