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What is the equipment for automated chicken farms?
If you want to expand your farming scale or you are just entering the farming industry, you can take a look at what equipment is available in the current automated chicken farm.1. Egg incubatorIf your farm is starting with eggs then the first thing you need is an egg incubator. There are many types
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How to breed chicken?
Breeding chickens is a great way to create a sustainable flock, and should be learned by every chicken farmer and enthusiast. Watching the process is a fantastic learning tool as well, thanks to the short amount of time that the eggs need to incubate. Follow this guide to start breeding chickens yo
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whats is nipple drinker?
Maintaining the quality of drinking water for poultry is an important nutritional issue because poultry consume twice as much water as feed levels. At the same time, various factors such as microbial levels, pH, mineral content, hardness, or organic load of the water in the drinking water system aff
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Which is the best US state to raise chickens?
Which is the best US state to raise chickens?The best state is the state where you live unless you are already planning to move. Your location will determine the best use you put on your birds, the best birds to raise, etc. Questions to ask yourself… What do I want to raise, meat birds, layers, heri
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Advantages of raising broiler chickens
Is it profitable to raise broiler chickens? Broiler chickens have the characteristics of high feed remuneration, fast turnover, and high profits. As my country's economy continues to grow rapidly, the consumer demand for chickens will continue to increase. Chickens are rich in nutrients, unique in f
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What is more suitable for rural people who have no money or skills to raise?
Hello everyone, we are meeting again. Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. As usual, today we will continue to talk about making money in rural areas! In recent years, rural development has been very good. Both infrastructure construction and farmers' income have greatly improved
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How do you get the most eggs from your backyard chickens?
How do you get the most eggs from your backyard chickens?It may sound like a difficult question but if you have kept chickens before you already know the answer – you treat her like a queen!To get your chickens to lay lots of eggs, there are several things you need to do.Yes, there are management pr
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Solve the ventilation problem of broiler breeding in one step
Solve the ventilation problem of broiler breeding in one step, 10 golden rules for cage ventilation in autumn With the arrival of autumn, environmental control and ventilation issues in chicken houses need to be adjusted. For caged broiler houses, what are the aspects of ventilation management setti
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How to keep free-range chickens warm in winter?
To keep chickens warm during the winter, you can keep warm and keep out the cold in the following ways. 1. Building a greenhouse (hothouse): The north has distinct four seasons throughout the year, with great seasonal climate differences and large temperature differences between day and night. It is
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Breeder chicken feeding and breeding technology
Breeder chicken feeding methods: It is of great significance to implement restricted feeding of breeder chickens: Restricted feeding is to control the weight of the chickens so as not to make the chickens too fat, in order to achieve sexual maturity and concentrated production. Restricted feeding ca
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