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What is the equipment for automated chicken farms?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-01-14      Origin: LONGMU


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If you want to expand your farming scale or you are just entering the farming industry, you can take a look at what equipment is available in the current automated chicken farm.

1. Egg incubator

If your farm is starting with eggs then the first thing you need is an egg incubator. There are many types of incubators, including mini, small and large industrial incubators. If you want to hatch a few chickens, you can choose a mini incubator. The small incubator is aimed at small chicken farms. Industrial incubators are aimed at large chicken farms and companies that specialize in hatching chicks.egg incubator

2. Chicken cage

There are different breeding methods for different types of chickens, roughly divided into cage farming and flat farming. If your chicken house is a cage, then the equipment you need to install is a chicken cage. There are two types of chicken cages: H-type chicken cage and A-type chicken cage. No matter what type of chickens are raised in cages, attention should be paid to breeding density. The density should not be too high, and it is easy to die of heat when the weather is hot.chicken cage

3. Equipment waterline needed for chicken farms

The waterline is a set of devices that can automatically control the flow of water. Humidity in the house is indirectly controlled by controlling the flow of water. The most important thing in the water line is the leak-proof problem of the nipple drinker. If you are also looking for high-quality and cheap nipple drinkers, please get in touch with us. The nipple drinking fountains produced by our company are produced through strict quality control. There are also many types of nipple drinkers, and choosing the right nipple drinker is also very important for the chicken coop.

4. Breeding equipment feed line for chicken coop

The feed line controls the amount of chicken eating. The feed line can be set with different flow rates according to the growth speed of the chicken. The advantages of the feed line: control the flow of feed more accurately, prevent waste, and keep food fresh and hygienic. There are many feeder pan on the market, and the selection of the feeder tray should be based on the type of chicken to choose the appropriate feeder tray.drinking line

5. The equipment used in the chicken coop also has a ventilation system

The ventilation system includes ventilation fans and cooling pads. Ventilation fans allow the air in the house to be exchanged with the air outside. Move the air in the house to prevent disease. The role of the cooling pad is to assist in controlling the humidity in the house.

6. Layer chicken farming will also use the light adjustment system

The lighting equipment is mainly a lighting controller and a light source. The lighting controller can turn them on and off the lights on time. There are two types of light controllers: quartz clock mechanical control and electronic control. Electronic light control equipment is generally composed of a shading deflector and a programmable controller. It is also suitable for closed chicken houses. It can arbitrarily set the switch time, and light intensity and automatically supplement the light when the light is insufficient.

7. Heating equipment

Heating equipment is mainly used in newborn chickens and chickens in winter. Light bulbs or hot air stoves are generally used for heating. Bulb heating is mainly in the form of an umbrella cover; hot blast stove heating is mainly composed of hot blast stoves, blowers, perforated pipes, and dampers. The hot air stove uses coal as fuel and air as the medium to provide clean and pollution-free hot air for the poultry house to heat it. The device has high thermal efficiency, a simple structure, and low cost.

During the entire waterline process, sometimes drugs are added to prevent chickens from getting sick. This will reduce the life of the waterline. I suggest that it is best not to buy second-hand waterline equipment for cheap.feeding line

8. Manure cleaning equipment

There are two kinds of mechanical manure cleaning equipment for laying hens caged in the laying hen house: scraper type or conveyor belt type manure cleaner. Scraper-type manure cleaners are mostly used in ladder cages and online flat cultures, and conveyor belt-type manure cleaners are mostly used in stacked chicken cages.

The commonly used scraper-type manure cleaners are divided into two types: full-scale and step-by-step. It consists of a traction machine (motor, reducer, sheave), steel wire rope, corner pulley, manure scraper, and electric control device.

The full-range scraper manure cleaner is suitable for short manure ditches. The step-by-step scraper manure cleaner is suitable for long poultry houses, and its working principle is exactly the same as that of the full-range type. The scraper-type manure cleaner uses friction and tension to make the scraper rise and fall by itself. It has a simple structure, but the steel wire rope is easily corroded and broken when it contacts the excrement. The use of high-pressure polyethylene plastic-coated steel wire can enhance its corrosion resistance, but it is easy to be worn and broken by sharp objects, so the transmission should be kept smooth and free of burrs.

ventilation fancooling pad

The existing manure processing methods are anaerobic biogas treatment and direct drying treatment. The former is slow to be promoted because the solid-liquid separation technology of biogas residue has not been solved. At present, the most used method in foreign countries is to use the drying method to treat chicken manure. There are many types of manure drying equipment, such as solar greenhouse fermentation drying, coal-fired drum high-temperature drying, etc. The loss of nitrogen in artificially dried chicken manure is greatly reduced compared with natural accumulation. At the same time, the dried chicken manure contains a large amount of undigested crude protein and other digestible nutrients, which can be used as feed for fish.

Modern chicken farms will also install an automatic manure removal system, and if it is a laying hen, an automatic egg collection system will also be installed. The above are all large-scale equipment in the chicken house, and these equipment include small equipment, such as nipple drinker, drinker cup, feeder pan, pipe, and so on.

Our company covers almost all the equipment in the chicken house and is still being updated.

Welcome to visit our company website. If you encounter problems with farming equipment or farming during the breeding process, you can consult us. We will have professionals to help you answer your questions.

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