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If you want to know more about the Poultry Equipment, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Poultry Equipment industry. More news about Poultry Equipment, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Poultry Equipment information!
What is the equipment for automated chicken farms?
If you want to expand your farming scale or you are just entering the farming industry, you can take a look at what equipment is available in the current automated chicken farm.1. Egg incubatorIf your farm is starting with eggs then the first thing you need is an egg incubator. There are many types
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Solve the ventilation problem of broiler breeding in one step
Solve the ventilation problem of broiler breeding in one step, 10 golden rules for cage ventilation in autumn With the arrival of autumn, environmental control and ventilation issues in chicken houses need to be adjusted. For caged broiler houses, what are the aspects of ventilation management setti
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How to raise chickens without getting sick and grow fast? The coup for raising chickens to grow up quickly!
In the process of raising chickens, raising good chickens is the most important thing in order to obtain good economic benefits. Especially in recent years, some chicken diseases have been difficult to control, so some chicken farmers have suffered some losses. How to raise chickens and how to preve
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egg production-incubator
Everyone may have tried hatching eggs when they were young, but in modern society, how to hatch eggs efficiently and reliably has become an important issue-to ensure enough laying hens to produce enough eggs to meet human needs. Hatching eggs has also changed from relying on the hen itself to relyin
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Build a PVC Chicken Tractor A complete how-to for building a moveable chicken tractor coop from PVC pipe
Build a PVC Chicken TractorA complete how-to for building a moveable chicken tractor coop from PVC pipeNeed a chicken tractor that’s light-weight, inexpensive, and easy to disassemble and reassemble? Look no further. Now you can start your own backyard grass-fed poultry chicken operation as a small-
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How do different light conditions affect chickens?
Factors such as light intensity, light duration, and light color of visible light can affect the reproductive function of chickens, which in turn have an important impact on the reproductive system development, laying time, laying duration, egg weight, and other production performance of laying hens
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Do you know how to breeding birds?
How to Care for a Bird Many species of poultry birds make fun, engaging pets. If you're considering bird ownership, the care requirements include providing good housing, nutritious food, and keeping an eye on the bird's health. You'll also need to provide plenty of enrichment and interaction, to kee
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What should a starter pay attention to when raising ducks?
How many ducks are suitable for raising ducks for the first time? Factors that affect the number of ducks for the first time include the size of the site, the prevention and control of diseases, the allocation of feed, the structure of the duck house, and the mastery of breeding techniques. So what
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Feeding management and health care of laying hens in summer
Feeding management and health care of laying hens in summer With the advent of the minor heat and the great heat, the heat of dog days has a greater impact on laying hens. In dog days, the highest temperature in a day is generally 34-36 degrees, and it is even higher in some areas. In addition, ther
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How to raise the poultry
There are many benefits to raising guinea fowl. On farms and house backyard, they are valuable because they eat ticks--in fact, ticks are their favorite food, and a flea-infested property can quickly become tick-free with their help. They also provide delicious eggs and tasty and nutritious meat. Ad
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