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Build a PVC Chicken Tractor A complete how-to for building a moveable chicken tractor coop from PVC pipe

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-08-22      Origin: LONGMU


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Need a chicken tractor that’s light-weight, inexpensive, and easy to disassemble and reassemble? Look no further. Now you can start your own backyard grass-fed poultry chicken operation as a small-scale poultry farming . Here are instructions and plenty of photographs as reference.

Designing a Run to Meet Chicken’s Needs

These chicken coops look like tractor, so normally call it chicken tractor coop. The coops must be not too heavy and bulky or ridiculously flims, and have to be with covered perches for poultry birds, also have to provide protection from the elements.

After you got the sketching and prepare enough PVC pipes, fitting tools, and PVC curtain, then you can do your coop now.

How to Build a PVC Chicken Tractor

1)  Cut 34pieces 20-inch: 22 pieces for the base and 12 for the top & door. That’s 56.5 feet of 3/4-inch PVC pipe total.

2) Assemble base and apply cement. Note: Corners are also cut at 20-inch because of the adapters for the 3-way corner T’s fitting connector.

3) Cut 14 pieces 22-inch for the vertical pieces of the base supports.


4) Assemble the eight 20-inch pieces for the top.

5) Cut two 1 3/4-inch pieces and two 17 1/2-inch pieces for the first cross support.

6) Assemble the last six 20-inch pieces: two for the upper support, two for the cross support, and two for the door. NOTE: Do not put cement on both ends of the T’s for the door. It needs to be able to move freely.

7) Cut two 21-inch pieces to complete the door. NOTE: You should be getting down to the last couple of pieces of 3/4-inch PVC fitting pipe. Plan your cuts carefully so you still have two pieces that are 62-1/2-inches long for your upper cross supports/perches.

8) Cut more 1- 3/4-inch pieces so you can add the T’s for your upper cross support/perches and the over head cover. You are going to use the 3/4″-1/2″-3/4″ T’s for the roof.

9) Cut two 16-inch pieces for the mid-section of the roof and two 14 1/2-inch pieces for the rear of the roof and 2 12 1/2-inch pieces for the front of the roof base. NOTE: Again make sure you plan your cuts ahead of time so you don’t end up with a bunch of pieces that are too short for anything. The more of these we build the more detailed these plans will get.

10) Cut the 1/2-inch PVC pipe to fit the tarp that you choose. In our case we used a 5 1/2-by7 1/2-foot tarp so we cut our 1/2-inch PVC pipe 7-1/2 feet long

11) Use zip-ties to attach chicken wire to the outside of the chicken tractor. We used leftover wire mesh fence on the top because it is sturdy and will prevent the hawks from harming the chickens. Do not use chicken wire or wire mesh on the bottom because the birds need to be able to scratch in the grass and forcing them to stand on wire is cruel.

12) Cut the wire around the door carefully so that the door sits on top of the wire when closed. Smooth any jagged edges so that you don’t hurt yourself or your birds when using the door. Use a fence chain for a latch, if needed.

Once you finish your tractor coop base above instructions, then your birds were able to feast on bugs, seeds and grasses, then hop up on the roosts to play/nap in the shade. You could easily lift and move the tractors, yet they were sturdy enough not to be disturbed by rain or breezes. Of course, if you’re expecting a massive storm system to rip through your chicken farm, please move your birds into more permanent shelters. Chicken feeders and drinkers can hang from the supports but you will need to remove them before you move the coop if they are full and heavy.

Below are the more chicken accessories for poultry backyard breeding, pls follow and choose the one which best match your birds.



What is the most efficient way to feed a lot of chickens or turkeys, ducks or any type of poultry with a little bit of waste? You have a lot of options, so the right equipment for you will depend on factors such as number of animals, space requirements, time you have to refill the feeders, etc.

A chicken feeding tray, such as a linear feeder, works differently than, say, a chicken grit feeder. Regardle, be aured that as long as you’re including the right nutrients in their food, your animals will grow happy and health with any of these options:

Automatic feeders

Linear feeder

Circular feeder

Shell grit box

Food is only part of what your poultry birds need. That more important part is about the poultry breeding equipment.


How do you get your chickens the water they need to stay healthy and strong? As you shop for watering methods, consider how much space you have, how many chicken birds you have, how much time you have to fill the poultry water containers, and what your birds respond to best.

Some of these options dispense water, some of them are open to the air, and some of them require more work for the birds. Here are the most popular options:

Waterer Pan and Jar

Linear waterer/Channel waterers

Bell type automatic waterer

Manual chichken drinkers

chicken house

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