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How to raise chickens without getting sick and grow fast? The coup for raising chickens to grow up quickly!

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-08-29      Origin: LONGMU


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In the process of raising chickens, raising good chickens is the most important thing in order to obtain good economic benefits. Especially in recent years, some chicken diseases have been difficult to control, so some chicken farmers have suffered some losses.

How to raise chickens and how to prevent them from getting sick easily? As an "old driver" who raises chickens, I would like to tell you some five points of experience in raising chickens:

chicken feeder line system (3)

Some breeding masters have an experience that if you want to raise good chickens, you must first raise good chickens. Only when the chicks are healthy and you don’t have to worry about it, the big chickens in the later stage will have less medication and be easier to manage, so start with the small chickens first.

The first point is that choosing the right chicks is very important

The health of the chicks is the first element in raising good chickens. If the chicks are healthy, the rest will be much easier.

For example, when I first started raising chickens, I bought a batch of chickens from an unknown small breeder farm in order to save money. As a result, the coccidiosis of these chickens was not well controlled until the chickens were slaughtered.

Later, I inquired about the situation of the breeder chicken farm. It turned out that the breeder chickens in that chicken farm.

Therefore, choosing a good chick is very important.

1. When buying chicks, ask if there are any historical epidemics on the breeder farm, and if so, buy them carefully.

2. When choosing a chick, choose a chick that is strong, loud, has big eyes, plump feathers, and a well-shrunk belly button.

broiler farm

2.brooding chicks is critical

If chickens are not easy to get sick, brooding chicks are also very important, and it is necessary to be prepared to be safe.

1. Prepare for brooding. First of all, the chicken coop should be disinfected, the ground should be sprayed with caustic soda and lime water at a ratio of 5%, the space of the chicken coop should be sprayed and disinfected with disinfectant, and the chicken coop should be fully disinfected with fumigation.

2. Control the brooding temperature. Before entering the chicken, heat up the brooding room, and the temperature should reach about 36°C. After the chicks arrive, drink water, start food, and feed the chicks reasonably.

Note: The temperature of the drinking wateris around 40°C, and 5% glucose should be put in the water, which will help supplement the nutrients of the chicks and absorb the egg yolk.

The third point is the vaccination and drug prevention of chickens is the key

Disease is the enemy of the chicken industry. The occurrence of some diseases not only affects the growth and development of chickens, but also some infectious diseases can cause the death of chickens. Therefore, in order to prevent chickens from getting sick, the epidemic prevention of chickens is very crucial.

broiler equipment

There are many types of chicken diseases, such as chicken atypical Newcastle disease, avian influenza, infectious bursa, infectious bronchitis, and other viral diseases. As long as it occurs, it is difficult to control, so a reasonable immunization plan must be established.

Real-time immune antibody measurement of chicken flocks, When the immune response of chickens declines, timely and reasonable immunization of chicken flocks is required.

In the case of drug prevention, it is necessary to rationally administer drugs according to which diseases are prone to occur in chicken flocks on which days.

For example, salmonellosis in chickens occurs within 7 days of chicks, and respiratory diseases in chickens occur after the chickens are vaccinated against new city vaccines, or when the smell of ammonia in the chicken house is strong.

Chicken coccidiosis is prone to occur after 10 days, after 28 days, and so on. Therefore, reasonable drug prevention must be carried out on chickens during this period! that the sanitation environment is very important

The occurrence of all infectious diseases in chickens is rooted in the poor sanitation environment, so chicken farmers must pay attention to the hygiene of the chicken coop.

The chicken feces should be disposed of in time, the ammonia gas in the chicken house should be eliminated in time, and the chickens in the chicken house should be disinfected regularly.

Only when the hygienic environment of the chicken coop is done well, the chances of chickens getting sick will be small. And once the flocks get sick, under good sanitary conditions, the disease is easy to control!


The fifth point is the skill of the chicken farmer is very important

To raise chickens well, it is very important to improve the skills of chicken farmers. For example, you can observe what kind of disease the chickens have through the feces, you can know the health status of the chickens through the large flock of chickens, and you can know whether the chickens are sick or not through the amount of drinking water and feed intake of the chickens.

Which disease of the chicken can be diagnosed by anatomy of the sick and dead chicken, and then the diagnosis and medication can be carried out. Therefore, if the chickens are not to get sick, the skills of the chicken breeders are very important, and only by continuous learning can they be mastered!

How to raise chickens without getting sick and grow fast?

1 If you want to raise chickens without getting sick and grow quickly, it is generally better to feed them with feed, which is less likely to make the chickens sick, and the nutritional content of the feed is relatively balanced.

2 In addition to feed, they also need to feed some grains. This is a necessary measure so that they can grow better and faster, usually rice.

3 If there are more chickens, China Dream likes to build a chicken coop, and the sanitation of chicken coop must be cleaned regularly, so as to ensure the environment so that the chickens can grow faster without getting sick.

broiler farming5.171

4 Don't be reluctant to get vaccinated when raising chickens. This is a must, although the price will be more expensive in general, as far as the cost is concerned. But this will keep the chickens from getting sick.

5 It is also necessary to properly raise the chickens. The chickens will eat some bugs and other things outside so that the chickens can have a certain amount of exercise so that they will not get sick and grow fast.

6 If you raise chickens without getting sick and grow quickly, you also need to pay attention to preventing other animals from attacking. Generally speaking, it is best to raise a few roosters for protection.

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