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7 points for attention in the construction of chicken house

Views: 1313     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2022-11-26      Origin: LONGMU


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Before building chicken houseson chicken farms, farmers need to design and plan the chicken housesfirst. Scientific and reasonable chicken house design is the key to the success of chicken house construction. With the changes of the times, the original traditional chicken house no longer meet the requirements of the times, so they were eliminated and replaced by new chicken house. However, whether it is the construction of a traditional chicken house or a new type of chicken house, the chicken house must first be planned and designed. In this way, it will be more accurate to build a living environment suitable for the chickens on the chicken farmand improve economic benefits. Let us first take a look at the key points of building a chicken house.

1.length of chicken coop

The length of the chicken house refers to the length of each chicken house. The length of the chicken house depends on the design capacity and should be determined according to the area and span required for each chicken house. The lengths of large-scale mechanized chicken houses are 66m, 90m, and 120m; the lengths of small and medium-sized chicken houses are 36m, 48m, and 54m. The length of the chicken housecan be determined by the company: the length of the chicken house = the area of the chicken house / the span of the chicken house.

2.the span of chicken house

The span of the chicken house refers to the width of the chicken house. The span of the chicken house is related to the type of chicken house and the chicken equipment in the chicken house. The span of ordinary open chicken houses should not be too large, otherwise, the lighting and ventilation in the chicken house will not be good, generally within the range of 6~9.5m. The chicken house with mechanical ventilation is the chicken house with a ventilation system, and the span can be controlled at 9~12m. The caged chicken house should determine the span of the chicken house according to the number of columns installed and the width of the corridor.

3.Height of the chicken house

The height of the chicken house and the feeding method, the height of the cage layer, and the span are related to the climatic conditions. Generally, 2.5~3.0m is more suitable. In dry and hot areas in the south, the height of the chicken coop can be appropriately higher to facilitate ventilation, and in cold areas in the north can be appropriately shorter to facilitate heat preservation

4.chicken coop floor

The ground in the chicken coop is generally 30 cm higher than the outside, and the area with a damp or high groundwater table is more than 50 cm higher. The ground of the chicken coop requires a solid surface and no gaps. It is mostly paved with concrete. Although the cost is high, it is easy to clean and disinfect, and it can also prevent moisture and keep the chicken coop dry. The ground of the caged chicken house should be equipped with a shallow ditch, which is 15-20cm deeper than the ground. Large chicken farms can install a manure removal system to keep the chicken house clean and hygienic

5.roof of the chicken house

There are many shapes of chicken house roofs. Generally, it is determined according to the local temperature, ventilation, and other environmental factors. Most chicken houses in production adopt triangular roofs, and the slope value is generally 1/4~1/3. The material of roof requires good thermal insulation performance, which is beneficial to heat insulation in summer and warmth in winter. In places with high temperatures and heavy rainfall, the slope of the roof should be larger, and the eaves should be extended on both sides of the roof. Roofs in cold regions are best provided with a roof, and a layer of rice husk or hay is placed on top to increase heat insulation.

6.window of the chicken house

The first condition is that the chicken house must have windows, and the windows of the chicken house are set in different forms. Some chicken houses only have large ventilation windows on the north and south walls, and some chicken houses have skylights on the top of the chicken house or floor windows on the side walls based on the former, no matter where they are The windows are opened to allow the air in the chicken house to flow to achieve ventilation. When ventilating by installing a ventilation system, the fan port is a concentrated exhaust port, and the window is an air inlet. Its area and location should be consistent with the power of the fan so that the airflow of the chicken house in the chicken house is uniform to prevent the occurrence of a vortex or no wind stagnation area.

7.chicken house walls

Regarding the walls, first of all, the walls with chicken coops. The size and thickness of the chicken house walls need to be determined according to the local climate and the type of chicken house. The brooding room requires good wall insulation and a certain number of windows for ventilation and insulation. The front wall and rear wall of the breeder house are designed into three types: fully open, semi-open and window-opening, generally 1/2~1/3 open. Coops with walls need to be coated with the same material as the floor, which helps to clean and disinfect and protects against moisture. Coops in cold regions need to increase the thickness of the walls.

The planning of a new chicken house must start from the needs of all aspects of raising chickens, and at the same time, it must be conceived in combination with the surrounding environment of the chicken house and the needs of the types of chickens.

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