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Different Types of Chicken houses Construction

Views: 365     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2022-11-17      Origin: LONGMU


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Chicken raising is a breeding and enrichment project in many rural areas. In order to raise chickens better, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction of chicken houses. So how to build a chicken farm? What problems should be paid attention to? Let's learn about the construction method of a chicken farm together.

chicken house (4)

1. Simple chicken house

Generally, a simple chicken house can be built for stocking in forests, mountains, etc., which requires heat preservation and wind protection. It is enough to ensure that there is no water leakage in the rainy shed, no water accumulation outside the rainy shed, and no wind in the windy shed. Bamboo and wood can be used to build a "herringbone" frame, the roof is 2 meters high, and the north and south eaves are 1.5 meters high. The part of the plastic film used for buckling the shed that touches the edge of the ground is compacted with a knife, and the top surface of the shed is fastened with a rope. Drainage ditches should be dug on the east, north, and west sides of the shed, surrounded by bamboo strips to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer. Lighting lamps should be installed inside the shed, and feeding bucket, drinking bucket and other utensils should be provided.

2. Ordinary chicken house

It is mainly used for raising chickens in orchards. It can be built into a slope-style roof on the building structure. The slope faces south, and a 2-meter-high wall is built on the north side. Larger windows can be left on the east and west sides, and nylon mesh or barbed wire can be used to surround the south side. Separate, but must leave large windows. The appropriate area is 16 square meters. This kind of chicken house has good ventilation effect, can make full use of sunlight, and has good thermal performance. It is suitable for both the south and the north.

chicken house (1)

3. Plastic shed chicken house

When building a chicken house in a plastic greenhouse, it is necessary to prepare ground and wall building materials such as red bricks, foam bricks, cement, stones, and sand. As well as arc-shaped arches and steel structures made of bamboo, wooden poles or steel bars, while roof materials require construction materials such as non-drip film, asphalt felt, straw grids, lime water, steel wire, and iron wire. During construction, the height of the back wall of the plastic greenhouse chicken house is 1.2-1.5 meters, the height of the ridge is 2.2-2.5 meters, the span is 6 meters, and the vertical distance from the ridge to the back wall is 4 meters. The length of the chicken house can be determined according to the number of chickens. The contact between the plastic film and the ground and wall should be compacted with mud to prevent the entry of thieves. Every 50 centimeters during construction, the film is tied firmly with steel wire live ropes to prevent the wind from scraping the film off. A laminating line is set between every two arches, the upper end is fixed on the shed ridge, and the lower part is fixed on the ground anchor. It is best to use nylon rope for the lamination line, which has high strength and is easy to tighten. In addition, an air outlet should be provided in the greenhouse, and the floor inside the shed can be padded with bricks, which is 30-40 cm higher than the outdoor ground. Drainage ditches should be set in the south of the shed to drain water dripping from the surface of the film in time. On the north wall of the shed, a window with an area of 1m x 0.8m is installed every 3m, which must be sealed tightly in winter and gradually opened in summer. The door should be set on the east side of the shed, open outwards, with the hinge on the right. Lighting equipment, feeder,drinker and ventilation system, should also be set up in the shed.

4. Shed type chicken house

Generally, the length is about 40 meters, the width is about 6-7 meters, and the top height is about 2-3 meters. Steel pipe and steel structure, double-layer plastic film, gables at both ends, with doors and ventilation openings. In summer, open the lower film and the vents and doors on the gable wall for ventilation, and you can also plant some sunshade plants or build a sunshade net on the top. Early in winter, late and when the weather is bad, you should use straw curtains to cover the film, roll up 1/3 of the straw curtains from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, and accept sunlight. The temperature in the chicken house can reach 18-20 degrees Celsius. In cloudy and snowy days, the straw curtains should be completely covered.

chicken house (3)

5. Hanging curtain type greenhouse chicken house

This kind of chicken house is 40-50 meters long, 2.5-3 meters high, and 6-9 meters in span. the gable is a masonry structure, and the door and vent are opened here. In winter, use plastic film and hanging curtains to block the south and north sides of the chicken house, and hang a layer of straw curtains outside, and roll up the straw curtains during the day when the weather is fine. In cloudy and snowy weather and at night, put down the straw curtains, remove the straw curtains and plastic films in summer, and rely on natural ventilation. This type of chicken house is more suitable for caged laying hens and breeders.

6. Mobile shed chicken house

This kind of chicken house is very suitable for raising chickens in woodland. The material of the greenhouse can be made of steel pipes with a diameter of 3-5 cm for the inner and outer arches, and then use steel bars with a diameter of 1.4 to 1.5 cm to connect the arches longitudinally, build a gable wall with bricks, and use plastic film as the roof. It is best to use polyethylene non-drip plastic film as the inner layer. This kind of chicken house can raise broilers.

chicken house (2)

7. Open chicken house

This kind of chicken houseis suitable for brooding and raising chickens and chicks. The span of the chicken coop is 6-8 meters, and windows are arranged on the north and south walls. The south window is 1.5 meters high and 1 meter wide. The house is separated into a small natural room with barbed wire. Each natural room is equipped with a small door for the breeder to enter and exit and the breeding operation. The position of the small door depends on the span of the chicken house. The small span is set on the south or north side of the chicken house, and the large span is set in the middle. The width of the small door is about 1.2 meters. Set up a plastic mesh at a height of 70 cm from the ground.

The above is the introduction of some matters in the process of raising chickens. In order to effectively ensure the health of the chickens, the nutrition must be comprehensive, and effective scientific feeding is also required.


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