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When you have eggs to hatch, do you choose the hen or the incubator?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-02-17      Origin: LONGMU


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For those who have chicken farms, experiencing birth isn’t a new thing, but that doesn’t make it any less special. For those people who only have a small poultry backyard flock, we experience birth less, but when it does happen, it takes your breath away. Let’s look at what you can look forward to while incubating some eggs.

Observing the incubation process makes a very rewarding family project. Both you and your children can learn a lot from the whole thing! Your young ones will learn about the life cycle of a baby chicken with some hands-on experience, From the egg-hatching process, you and your family can witness the birth of life.


Another reason to incubate is the poultry breeds, crossbreeds, and color variants of chicken, you can have. You can also try to develop your own breed or cross different breeds to get different colored eggs.

If you already have a flock with hens that often go broody, then you don’t even have to raise the chicken babies yourself! You won’t be getting that close and personal with the eggs if you choose the poultry chicken breeding route instead of the incubator, but it can be just as rewarding since you will have to care for the hen. Chicken hens will show the babies how to be well-rounded chickens and do all the normal chicken stuff that they need to survive.

Today’s technology makes it possible for absolutely anyone to incubate eggs. Even those of us who know little to nothing about chickens can do it. I would recommend doing some research before you try, but even if you don’t, you should at least have partial success.

It is quite easy to find fertilized eggs as well. If you have friends with chickens, then they are an option, if not then there are your local poultry farms, neighbors, and online stores. If you have a rooster and a bunch of fertilized eggs, you can even sell your fertilized eggs.

Congratulations! You have some tiny balls of fluff running around your poultry brooder or backyard. Life will never be the same again with tiny peeps following you around the poultry house while you go about your normal business. If you incubate your chicks, you will be responsible for all the duties of a mother hen, like teaching your chicks to eat, drink, and perch.

Free-range foraging is very important when it comes to hen health and mental stimulation. At least, getting your chickens out and about is easy with demountable poultry fencing. You can keep your chickens and the rest of your garden safe by placing the fencing where you don’t want them to go.

Fencing also protects chickens from predators like the next-door cat. Your hens will also stay away from your precious vegetable garden if it is fenced off so all in all it is worth the investment. You can install electric fencing if you feel better about keeping your hens safe.


If you are putting the chicken feeders and chicken drinkers in the backyard, make sure it has a leak-proof hat to protect them from weather conditions that may destroy them. The feeder should be raised by a stand or raised with a couple of bricks. Meanwhile, some chicken feeders come with legs or you can simply hang the feeders up. There are some plastic and metal feeders, as normally Plastic feeders are used for first-time poultry farmers keeping just a couple of hens or cocks; metal poultry Feeders are more durable, as well know quality is the basis on price, and simple plastic feeders don’t have enough space for even distribution of feed, and as the plastic feeder is lightweight that it is easily knocked over or broken. It is advisable to have a sizable poultry feeder that will carry enough feed daily. Most tower poultry waterers have their center section turned upside down for filling, it is reattached to the base and set upright for the birds to drink from. Just pls note that there are drinkers with locking bases and push-on bases. Most cheap plastic chicken drinkers come with push-on bases that they can be difficult to fill, and they get easily blocked leaving the birds thirsty. Then you can use either a plastic drinker or a metal drinker. Metal drinkers are more durable while plastic drinkers are less expensive. The drinker should be placed above ground level and kept away from direct sunshine to prevent algae and keep the water cold. Make sure you would get a suitable drinker and also clean water to be supplied.

Generally hatching chicks with eggs requires about 21 days of incubation, about 21 days of incubation, 18 days for placing on the plate, and 7 days for raising eggs. Generally, due to the influence of room temperature, early or delayed hatching may occur. Natural hatching, with hens hatching eggs, can save labor and provide suitable temperature and humidity, but it is not suitable for large-scale hatching eggs, and appropriate temperature and humidity control can directly affect the hatching rate of eggs, so choosing the right hatching Technology, the hatching rate of eggs can be improved by artificially controlling the hatching environment.

Whether it is artificial hatching or hen hatching, the hatching temperature of eggs is required to be around 37.5 degrees Celsius. It usually takes 21 days from hatching to chick hatching, but it will also change with the outside temperature. If the temperature is higher, it can be as low as 19 If the temperature is low, it will take 21 days. In the south from April to August, the temperature is high. As long as the hen hatches for 19 days, even if there is no hen to continue hatching, eggs with normal embryos can hatch chicks up.

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