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The drinking fountains commonly used in chicken farms are divided into nipple type, cup type, sink type, hanging tower type, vacuum type and other drinking fountains.

(1) Chicken Drinking Nipple

The nipple drinker is the most commonly used drinker in chicken farms. It consists of a nipple, a water pipe, a pressurizing valve or a water tank, and a dosing device can also be configured. The nipple is composed of a valve body, a valve core and a valve seat. The valve seat and the valve core are made of stainless steel, installed in the valve body and keep a certain gap, using capillary action to keep a water drop at the bottom of the valve core, when the chicken pecks the water drop, it will open the valve seat to let the water flow out. The nipple drinker can be used for flat and cage breeding, and it can also be equipped with a water cup. Water saving, clean and hygienic, can avoid cleaning work, only need to clean the filter and water tank regularly, save labor and durable. However, the requirements for materials and manufacturing precision are high, and poor-quality nipple drinkers are prone to water leakage.

chicken drinker311.294

There are two kinds of nipple drinking fountains for chicks and adult chickens. The diameter of the valve core for chicks is 2 mm, and the length of the valve body is 2.5 mm. The outlet length is 3 mm, and the water supply pressure is 24.5 ~ 34.5 kPa.

(2)Chicken Drinking Cup

Cup-type drinking water equipment is divided into two types: valve handle type and floating mouth type. When the chicken drinks water, it pecks the cup under the tongue, and the water flows into the cup body to achieve the purpose of automatic water supply. When the chicken beak leaves the cup tongue and no longer drinks water, the water pressure makes all parts return to their original positions, so that the water no longer flows into the cup body. Cup drinking equipment is suitable for both flat chicken houses and cage chicken houses. Both adult chickens and chicks can be used, but the water cup should be brushed regularly to remove the deposited feed to prevent the feed from moldy and pollute the water quality, and a good water supply system should be equipped at the same time.

(3) Sink type drinking water equipment

The sink type drinking water equipment is characterized by simple equipment, less investment and quick results. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to leak water and the installation requirements are high. It is necessary to ensure that the height error of the water tank within the length of tens of meters of the whole row of chicken cages is less than 5mm. If the error is too large, the normal water supply cannot be guaranteed. , to keep the water clean.

chicken drinker311

(4) Chicken Hanging Cup With Nipple

It is mainly used for flat chicken houses, and can automatically maintain a certain amount of water in the drinking tray. The drinking fountain is hung on the ceiling by a rope or a hose, and the height of the drinking fountain can be adjusted according to requirements. The water inlet hole on the top is connected to the main water pipe with a hose, and the incoming water flows into the drinking tray through the control valve for the chickens to drink. When hanging the drinking fountain, the notch plane of the ring groove of the water tray should be at the same height as the back of the chicken body. Each pendant drinking fountain with a diameter of 40 cm can provide drinking water for 70 to 100 broilers.

(5) Vacuum drinking water equipment

The principle of hydraulic sealing vacuum is used to maintain a certain water level in the drinking tray, and most of the water is stored in the cavity of the drinking fountain. After the chickens drink water, the water level drops, and the clear water in the drinking fountain can flow out and replenish by itself.

chicken drinker31

There is a water injection hole under the drinking bucket. When filling water, unscrew the cover, turn it over after filling water, and the water will flow out from the small hole on the side of the bucket on the plate until the small hole is submerged. Run as much water as the chickens drink, keeping the water level steady until the water runs out. The water capacity is 2.5 kg, which is suitable for 0-4 week-old chicks. It can supply drinking water for 15-20 chickens at the same time. And adult chickens, it can provide drinking water for 15-30 chickens at the same time, and its characteristic is that it can be used horizontally and suspended.

Vacuum drinking fountains are simple drinking fountains that are manually operated, and are not suitable for use when the amount of drinking water is large. In addition, the daily cleaning workload is heavy.

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