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Which Item of Poultry Feeders for Baby Chicks Would be Best Choice?

Views: 856     Author: Chicken Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-09-27      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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As well know that chicks are used to excrete everywhere and tend to kick their food all over the place. So as a feeder have to more consider how to choose the poultry brooder to eliminate waste and saving money.

When the chicks first into the poultry brooder,  it is best left with food sprinkled on the brooder floor. So that they can learn to react for the sound of crumbs dropping as chicken mother hen teach her babies to distinguish between food and bedding. Also, it's time to add the poultry feeding equipment once they know-how to take food.

The problem is chicks are messy and they kick food everywhere, also they would climb onto the top of feeders and poop into their fodder,  Therefore feed would be massive waste and you have to clean the chicken feeders several times a day.

So is there any poultry feeder container can settle the wasting poultry fodder when raising chicks? Below are some chick feeders which are much useful for poultry breeding.

The Plastic Long Flip-top Poultry Feeder

chicken feeder feeder2 chicken feeder 3

These long feeders are multi holes and flip top designed for small poultry animals such like chickens, chicks, quails, pigeons and birds. It's long enough to feed a lot of chicks all at once, and easy to clean & avoid feed from being kicked out. And as it is being plastic material that can be used long time and much inexpensive.

Chicks can sit side by side to eat from them while they are small, and also as the holes are really small that it's impossible to climb inside the poultry feeds container any more. Base chickens' natural instincts that the chickens would peck the red feeder, it is a good way to encourages immediate feeding when poultry chickens got used for these feeders.  Also the top covers help to stop the chicks kicking the feeders to waste feed.

Of cause, you never can't stop the naughty chicks to sit on the top to poop into the feeder or push the feeder back and forth to waste the feed inside. At this moment or when your chicks are grown, you need to prepare another feeder Which much larger, heavier, more accessible to allow room for chickens. I believe chicken feeders are more useful as your expectation.

The Plastic Long Feeder Trough

chicken feeder 5 chicken feeder 6 chicken feeder 7

About this long feeder trough, its openings are larger than the flip-top feeder, so it is no problem to turn, and it's covered by metal bars which are sturdy and narrow to prevent the chicks from sitting on to perch and poop. As normally, these feeder trough are used for large chicks breeding,  normally is 2~6weeks old. According the gaps between the metal bars are wider than the plastic feeder, then as normally, these feeder trough are used for large chicks breeding.

As the experience of plastic long flip-top feeder that chicks would use the feeder trough to eating easily.

At meanwhile the bedding is kicked into the poulti feed trough easily as the larger openings, so poultry farmer have to clear the poultry feeder trough regularly to stop the chicks eating their bedding.

Manual Chicken Feeder with Multi Holes Base

chicken feeder 8 chicken feeder 9 chicken feeder 10

The chicken feeders is a round base with multi holes, and you can put the poultry fodder into the white bottle. Because its design allows grain to disperse into the feeder as the chicks eat, so you don't need to keep topping it up every couple of hours that this manual feeder is very useful and popular.

It doesn't need topping up as frequently, and it's very sturdy - it won't get knocked about anything like as much as the plastic and metal bars trough feeders. Very good for a smaller number of chicks. If you have more than ten you'll need to prepare more of these feeders. But as a ground poultry feeder that bedding also would get kicked into the fairly large holes too.

When fill the white jar/bottle with grain and put the holes base on it, just pls hole the jar is still upside down,and then invert it. For this way, you could avoid grain spilling all over the brooder as you try to fit the jar into the whole holes base.

The Hanging Chicken Feeder


Most chick feeders are floor-based, and that leads to issues with feed being kicked out of, and bedding being kicked into, the feeder - not to mention the issue of chicks pooping into the containers where they are able. So any chicken feeder with hanging to away from the floor must be surprised and amazing, it is so clever designed. The harness straps around a plastic feeder bottle and is strong enough then to be hung from the top of your chick brooder.

As the manual feeder bottle is without top that it is difficult to hang up, so you need to place a sturdy branch nearby the brooder and hanging the bottle feeder. This way would Keep the feeder well off the ground, so mini missing the likelihood of chicks kicking bedding into or grain out of the feeder, so it's more cost effective than the other feeders. Also the length of the strap can be lengthened or shortened to suit the height of your brooder and the size of your chickens. This design will suit chicks from a very young age until they're old enough to leave the brooder altogether - and even after! But it is only can be used with plastic feeders and it relies on having somewhere to hang it from. And it's not as effective when used as a chicken waterer.

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