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Which color eggs have higher nutritional value?

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Eggs are an essential food on everyone's table. Eggs are rich in protein and delicious. At present, there are many varieties and colors of eggs on the market. Faced with eggshells of different colors, consumers can't help but ask: which color eggs have higher nutritional value?

The researchers found that the color of the eggshell mainly depends on the pigment secreted on the surface of the reproductive system of the hen, and this pigment is directly related to the genotype of the hen, so the color of the eggshell is mainly related to the breed of the hen. The shell is actually determined by different breeds of hens, and has nothing to do with the nutritional value of the egg itself.

The main nutrients of eggs are protein, fat, vitamins and cholesterol. Different varieties of eggs have differences in the content of some nutrient elements, but the nutritional value is basically similar, and there is no significant difference. The nutrients of the egg are formed long before the eggshell becomes colored, so the color of the eggshell does not affect the nutrients of the egg.

Therefore, when buying eggs, consumers do not need to choose eggs according to color at all. They only need to choose eggs with rough shells, tiny pores on the surface and uniform color, and there is no obvious liquid flow when shaking the eggs slightly. In addition, the yolk of fresh eggs is complete and full, and the protein is transparent and sticky. If the yolk of the egg is loose, the texture is thin, and the boundary between the white and the yolk is not clear, it may be an egg that has been stored for a long time.

Source: Food Safety Research Group of China Cuisine Association

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