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What Is The Prospect of The Chicken Industry in 2024?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2024-01-19      Origin: LONGMU


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Chicken raising is a technology-intensive industry, and it is not as low-tech as some people think. This characteristic is fully reflected in the criticism that "if you have a lot of money, your feathers don't count."

5 techniques for raising chickens

1. Chicken farm planning, design, construction, and equipment management technology. To solve the problem of good housing, the former can be obtained through professional third-party services, but equipment management technology must be relied on by oneself, otherwise, equipment strikes will affect the production and health of the chickens. For example, if there is a problem with the fan, if it cannot be solved in time, the temperature of the chicken house will quickly rise and the air will become dirty.

chicken farm3

2. Refined feeding and management technology. Solving the problems of good management mainly includes precise feeding, good environmental sanitation, temperature, humidity, fan control, regular inspections, etc.

3. Self-dosing technology. Solving the problem of eating well mainly includes three points: first, purchase small feed processing equipment to build a feed production workshop; second, select reliable suppliers of premix, corn, and soybean meal; third, produce chicken feed according to recommended formulas.

4. Biosafety prevention and control technology. Solving the problems of good prevention mainly includes cleaning and disinfection of chicken farms, closed personnel management, vehicle decontamination, immunization, disease diagnosis and treatment, deworming, etc.

5. Fecal waste treatment technology. To solve environmental problems, with the awakening of citizens' awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection has become a high-voltage line in the chicken industry. To achieve sustainable development, chicken farms must master the technology of utilizing manure resources. At present, composting methods and vertical fermentation tank methods are mostly used.

4 ways to raise chickens

1. Captivity. The current mainstream chicken raising method in the industry. Chickens live in a small space, are kept at a high density, eat full-price feed, receive many types of vaccines throughout their lives, are given antibiotics when sick, and grow very fast.

2. Stocking. The mainstream method of raising chickens thirty or forty years ago is still used by a very small number of farmers. Chickens do not eat complete feed, receive vaccinations, or use antibiotics, and their growth rate is slow.

3. Semi-stocking. They were raised in captivity in the early stage and free-range in the later stage. The vast majority of rural chicken breeding adopts this model, and many farmers even buy half-sized chickens directly from chicken farms and raise them for free.

chicken farm2

4. Antibiotic-free breeding. A method of raising chickens that has emerged in recent years is only practiced by a handful of chicken farms. Compared with captive breeding, the biggest difference is that antibiotics are not used throughout the process.

In short, although raising chickens involves many techniques, as long as you master the above five basics, you can raise chickens well. In addition, among the four major methods of raising chickens, it is the least difficult to make money by raising chickens in captivity.

Starting a business in native chicken breeding: The market has broad prospects and requires careful operation

In everyone’s impression, ecological native chicken is one of the relatively high-quality foods due to its delicious meat and ecological health. However, many people have noticed this market, but are not sure about the development prospects of raising native chickens. Still at a vague stage.

The development of every industry has its initial stage, development stage, and maturity stage! I think ecological native chicken is still in its early stages in the current market! Although native chickens were raised in rural households in the past, they were all raised on a family basis and not on a large scale. At present, raising ecological native chickens is not very optimistic, mainly from three aspects:

1. The market consumption environment is not very optimistic.

Because it takes a long time to raise native chickens, the cost is high, and the price is relatively expensive. Natural consumption is not popular, and the consumer group is relatively small. In addition, in the current environment, many people go out to work in cities, and there are not many young people who really stay in the countryside. The older generation raises chickens at home, so they are less likely to buy them.

Nowadays, few young people know how to cook. They either eat out or order takeout. How can they have time to buy a local chicken and cook it by themselves? It is better to have it ready-made, throw away the chopsticks after eating, and don’t have to wash the dishes.

2. many things disrupt the market environment.

chicken farm12.5

As we all know, many people are now using the slogan of native chicken, and they are selling so-called native chicken, whether online or offline. However, the quality of the chickens that are purchased is very different, and it is not the meat quality of native chicken at all. Therefore, many people buy native chickens through the introduction of acquaintances or farmers with a certain degree of trust.

3. Breeding time is too long

Most friends who start a business and raise native chickens are not the so-called big bosses. They have quite sufficient funds. They have saved some savings to engage in breeding. But raising real native chickens takes a long time, and it takes a long time to generate income, seven or eight months or even a year. Think about it, the investment before selling, the family expenses, etc., many people cannot bear it. There are certain risks in raising local chickens for too long. As long as there is a problem with a batch of chickens, almost two or three years of work will be in vain. This is true, not nonsense.

Therefore, a good prospect for the ecological chicken market is a long process, which requires certain breeding techniques, continuous accumulation of customers, the establishment of a good level of trust, and the need to withstand the pressure brought by breeding risks!

Therefore, whether the prospects of an industry are good or bad depends more on personal dedication and efforts, plus a good mentality.

Modern chicken farms will also install an automatic manure removal system, and if it is a laying hen, an automatic egg collection system will also be installed. The above are all large-scale equipment in the chicken house, and these equipment include small equipment, such as nipple drinker, drinker cup, feeder pan, pipe, and so on.

Our company covers almost all the equipment in the chicken house and is still being updated.

Welcome to visit our company website. If you encounter problems with farming equipment or farming during the breeding process, you can consult us. We will have professionals to help you answer your questions.

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