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What Is Baby Chick Cages for Chickens?

Views: 2024     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2024-06-29      Origin: LONGMU


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A baby chick cage also called brooder cage that is specially used in the first 6 weeks of life for chickens. In house conditions, often use a cage, made of wood or plastic. And in the conditions of industrial production, to get the maximum profit, use the metal cellular equipment for chickens. The reasons are not only that the metal is stronger than wood and platics, but that two types (A-type and H-type) equipment of chickens are much more economical.

Complete Poultry Supplies for baby chick cages

The main strucrure of baby chick cage includes: cage equipment for keeping chicks, a steel frame, feeders, round tubers, nipple drinking chicks and a tray for collecting litter. In addition, we have a variety of spare parts. For example, a pressure reducing valve, a drop catcher, bunker or elbow feeders, a water tank.

Types and Parameters of Baby Chick Cages

LongMu company has been operating in the market for the production of equipment for the poultry farm in China since 2002. We supply a variety of poultry equipment for chickens and automatic equipment for the poultry farm, including 3 types of chicken broth: vertical type, four-tier type and step type. Their differences are not only in the form, but also in the methods of application and parameters. Specifically, a baby chick for vertical cage system requires only a manual operation, and can equip the rest with automatic systems, so we believe you need these complete automation baby chick farming equipment on poultry farms.

Additional Equipment for Keeping Baby Chick Cages

To provide the chickens with all the necessary conditions, let me recommend several equipment for keeping chickens. As you know, small chickens are in great need of a warm house, so as not to suffer from bad weather. And so to provide the necessary temperature for the chickens, you can put the lamps infrared. In addition, I want to recommend to you our microclimate system, which includes a fan, a heater, an evaporative cooling cassette and a monitoring device. In principle, it provides automatic control and adjustment of the air temperature, and the amount of carbon dioxide and humidity in the poultry house.

Also, the system of poultry manure removal also plays an important role in poultry your farms. It allows you to clear all the feces simultaneously. On the one hand, it makes it possible to reduce labor intensity, and on the other hand, to reduce the incidence of chickens. Moreover, the bird feeder is very convenient for chicks.

Why Should you Buy Baby Chick Cage From us?-Necessary Equipment for Poultry Farm

Probably, the new client has this question: why is it worth buying baby chick cages from us? Now I’ll explain. Once you bought, you not only get full service for baby chicks cage system, but also a guarantee for equipment. In addition, we offer fast delivery.We are very confident in our products, as we are engaged in its production. All units of production undergo standard testing of the market in order to protect against factory marriages. The production of baby cage for chicks is under the complete control of the masters.

Baby Chick Battery Cage-A Good Living Condition

A baby chick battery cage is applied to advanced electrostatic spraying technology, which prevents baby chicken from injury by cage wire. What’s more, the metal process of electrostatic spraying process can save human labor and reduce labor payments. Therefore, our baby chick battery cage has a long service lifetime in poultry farming battery cage systems. Two types of baby chick battery cages with reasonable prices and have been sold around most countries. It’s advanced quality not price that sells our baby chick battery cage with two types.

Advantages of Baby Chicken Cage system:

1. Automatic feeding system improves labor productivity.

2. Special and flexible design for cage side.

3. A type and H type battery cages are available to meet clients’ needs.

4.The centralized management saves the energy and labor.

5. The feeding trough is installed outside the cage to reduce feed waste.

6.Large breeding and better economic benefit.

7. Good daylight and ventilation system.


The main composition of front layer chicken cage net  design generally adopts: a vertical wire and a few transverse wires. The vertical wire gap is between 4.5 and 6.5 CM. Layer chicken cages in our industry contain A-type and H-type. Layer chicken cages in our chicken battery equipment have many features. It is the layer cage system in our machinery that we can develope quickly during those years.

The Main Features For Layer Chicken Cages

1.  Poultry feeding system: The poultry feeding system include feed silo, automatic ladder type feeding system, feed troughs and so on.

2. Poultry drinking system: The nipple drinking water system is useful, and the nipple drinker core is made of high-quality stainless steel. The water cup is also provided to ensure the chicken dung is dry.

3.  Egg collection system: Adopt the conveyor belts make the eggs safely and steadily sent to the head of the chicken shed. Then sent to the other egg processing equipment to clean and pack.

4.  Poultry manure removal system: Each layer is transported by the longitudinal conveyor belt to the tail end of the chicken excrement. At the same time, the chicken coop is transported horizontally and is transported diagonally to a dedicated transport vehicle.

5. Cage mesh with galvanized steel: ayer chicken cage wire with galvanized steel is anti-corrosive, which prolongs the service life of the laying hens cages and avoids the disease occurrence.

Our layer chicken cages is easy to maintain and install for our clients. If you have any particular requirements, just to tell us and we will customize suitable layer chicken cages for you. Or if you have any problems, we can solve the problems as soon as possible. Welcome to inquiry us and visit to our poultry equipment.

Longmu devote to supply livestock solutions. We are always happy to answer all your questions.
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