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What are the equipment used in poultry?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-01-31      Origin: LONGMU


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The choice of good equipment is very important for successful poultry farm.Poultry farming businesses will use different types of equipment depending on the size and type of poultry house.



There are feeding line equipment, incubation equipment, brooder equipment, drinking line equipment, egg handling equipment, ventilation equipment, and vaccination equipment.


Let's take a look at the equipment that will be used in 7 kinds of farming


The first one isfeeding line system

The chicken feeding line is mainly used for the automatic feeding of commercial chickens.A feeding system allows a large number of animals to be fed in a short time so that each gets its portion of the allotted feed for that day. The goal is for each bird to have an equal opportunity to eat an equal amount of feed simultaneously. This is the concept for any feeding system.Flock uniformity through the life cycle of a bird is crucial in maximizing the potential of any breed of chicken. The more uniform a flock, the more consistent the results will be. The more consistent the results, the more repeatable and effective a particular program will be.

The chicken automatic feeding line mainly includes several aspects. One is the main feeding line system, which consists of a feeding tower, a feeding pipe, an auger, a motor, and a material level sensor. and so on. Its main function is to transport the material in the material tower to the hopper of the auxiliary material line, and there is a material level sensor to automatically control the opening and closing of the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic material feeding. The second is the auxiliary material line system, which is composed of a hopper, a material conveying pipe, an auger, a material tray, a suspension lifting device, a motor, and a material level sensor. Its main function is to transport the material in the hopper to each feeding tray to ensure the eating of broilers, and the material level sensor automatically controls the opening and closing of the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.Our company produces and sells all kinds of material line accessories. If you want to know more detailed equipment-related knowledge, please subscribe and consult.


The second one is drinking line system

Equipment configuration: filter, water meter, pressure reducer (both single and bi-directional), end water level indicator, tail end water level indicator and exhaust device, PVC water delivery round pipe and square pipe, nipple drinker, hanging cup, anti-corrosion Habitat line, lifting device (both manual and electric), dosing device, etc.Waterline scope of application: floor broilers, broiler breeders, laying hens, egg breeders, and ducks.

Doser working principle:The dosing device is installed in the piping system that supplies water to the chicken farm. As long as the poultry drinks water, the dosing device will work. When the water flows through the dosing device, it drives the main piston, and the connected syringe piston moves up and down, so that the medicine to be injected is sucked into the mixing chamber, and the mixed liquid directly enters the outlet pipeline. Please use a high-quality dosing device for the correct preparation of water-soluble medicine.

Common problems and solutions:


Water leaks from the nipple to the tube junction


1. There are cracks in the pvc square pipe: replace or saw off the leaking square pipe, and connect it with a straight pipe soft joint


2. There is a gap between the nipple and the square tube: replace or saw off the leaking square tube, and connect it with a square tube soft joint


nipples leaking



1. The nipple is blocked by sundries: flush the drinking pipe or replace the nipple


2. The water inlet of the nipple is blocked by debris: remove the nipple and rinse the debris


3. The water line of drinking and raising chickens is not level: level the water line of drinking and raising chickens


4. The ball valve of the chicken water line is not opened: open the ball valve


5. There is an air blockage in the water line for drinking and raising chickens: jack up the nipple and push up the lower end of the ejector rod to deflate or open the ball valve at the end of the chicken water line to remove air


low nipple discharge


1. Display low water level: increase the water level


2. The filter is not cleaned and blocked: lightly wash the filter


3. Poor water quality and blockage in the pipe: clean the filter element and replace the water source


leaking water pipe


1. Cracks or trachoma in the drinking water pipe: replace this section of the drinking water pipe


3. The nipple does not leak water: replace this section of the drinking water pipe

When choosing an automatic drinking system, hygiene should be an important criterion. You can assess the quality of a drinking system by looking at the seals, housing, and flushing system. The availability of clean and fresh water is farmer’s main priority. Our drinking lines are therefore always closed systems and easy to manage. Adjusting the water pressure, flushing, or changing the height of the nipples are one-person jobs that can be carried out quickly and precisely.

Complete range of nipple drinkers for the rearing or production phase

The nipples are available with plastic or metal housing. For stronger or heavier birds like broiler breeders, you could opt for a drinking nipple in the metal housing. You can also decide how maneuverable you want the nipples to be. Day-old chicks benefit from a nipple that moves 360°. Adult birds will have learned out of habit to just press the nipple upwards.

Should you want a higher water capacity, then a drip tray is required. The litter stays dry because the water is caught in the tray. The drip tray is round and has just one arm, which means there is more room for the chickens to reach the drinking nipple. The round design of all the components also limits the risk of injury to the bird.

Drinking cup with high water flow

This is an automated drinking system with cups for broiler breeders, broilers, layers, and turkeys. Drinker cup is the solution for poultry farmers who require a large water flow, e.g. in hotter countries or for broiler breeders and broilers. If you want to provide easy access to water for animals that drink copious amounts, then this is a good option.


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