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Turkey Farming

Views: 305     Author: Chicken Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-09-15      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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Turkey is an animal that many of our friends are familiar with. It is also a poultry native to North America. Although turkey is called a chicken, it is a bird. Its appearance is completely different from that of ordinary chickens.Moreover, the nutritional value of turkey is much higher than that of domestic chicken, and now it is gradually circulating in the Chinese market. Let us learn more about turkey or chicken farming techniques.


1. Building a chicken coop

The construction of turkey coop is very important, first of all we have to choose a good environment,You may need a comfortable chicken nest. Because turkey feathers are very dense, in order to avoid diseases and insect pests in turkeys, the chicken coop should be built in a dry place with good drainage and irrigation capacity and warm in winter and cool in summer. And you can Install the poultry livestock leaking manure floor to keep dry and clean if possible,It is a good choose to clean and maintain.When building a chicken coop, it is necessary to prevent direct sunlight from entering the chicken coop, but also ensure that there is a certain amount of scattered light. In the chicken house, the rest room, sports field, hatching room, brooding room and artificial office should be planned reasonably. Try to maintain a certain amount of green trees around the chicken house to improve air quality and promote the growth of turkeys.Also,Install exhaust fans and ventilation fans to keep the house air flowing and cooling to improve air quality.


2. Breeder selection

The selection of breeding turkeys is critical to the continued development of turkey farming. First of all, the male turkey should choose the one with strong growth ability, no disease, great vitality and shiny coat. The selection of female turkeys is similar to that of male turkeys, but to ensure good reproductive performance. And breeders cannot be used for a long time, they should be replaced regularly to avoid strong reproductive ability, and inferior breeds should be eliminated in time. The utilization time of female turkeys shall not exceed two years, and the utilization time of male turkeys can be appropriately extended. After the selection, the breeding work should be done to improve the quality of the eggs and ensure the breeding efficiency.For the eggs,you can choose egg nests boxes to store eggs.


3. Incubation management

The brooding ability of turkeys is relatively strong. When female turkeys are brooding, they should pay attention to controlling the light to avoid the environment being too noisy and affecting the hatching of the turkeys. Choose comfortable chicken nest can also avoid this happen.During the incubation period of female turkeys, keep male turkeys separate, increase the proportion of dry feed, and try to keep the feed slightly wet. You can use an incubator instead of turkey hatching,if possible.This makes it easier to operate and control.After hatching, it is necessary to carry out egg inspection and egg inspection once a week to detect dead eggs and eggs that cannot be hatched in time. After brooding, female turkeys will be weak due to insufficient feed, so they should be kept separately to recover as soon as possible.Use suitble drinker and feeder cups.If the turkey farm is larger you can choose the automatic turkey or chicken drinking and feeding line system.The equipment is very convenient,you can try.

4. Breeding cost

The main feed of turkey is the combination of forage and straw, so the cost of breeding is relatively low, and the management is relatively extensive. Turkey's temperament is relatively docile, although the action is relatively slow, but its growth ability is very strong. When artificially raised, the crop straw can be crushed into powder and mixed well, and then it can be used as turkey feed, as well as the forehead stems and leaves of plants, fruits, feed on seeds.According to your needs,you can choose poultry feeding bucket ,feedingbowl,feedingline to suit your farm.Because the breeding cost of turkeys is relatively low, management is also very convenient, the growth rate of turkeys is very fast, and the egg laying rate is also very high, so the profit margins of breeding turkeys are very large.Turkeys have strong adaptability to the environment. When artificially raised, crop straws can be crushed into powder as turkey feed. At present, the development momentum of the turkey market in various countries is very good. With the improvement of people's consumption level, turkey farming will also become a promising industry.If you want to know more please follow me.

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