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There are several major aspects that poultry farming should control

Views: 1231     Author: Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-09-26      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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With the growth of the population and the development of the social economy, the urban population continues to increase, people's income continues to increase, and the demand for livestock products also increases sharply. At present, the global livestock industry is developing rapidly, so what should be paid attention to in the process of automated poultry farming? A sentence that is often mentioned in the process of automatic chicken breeding system farms is: first product, second material, third management, and a particularly important point is daily health care. Nowadays, diseases in the environment of the automatic chicken farming house are frequent and stubborn, and the concept of prevention is more important than cure is more and more recognized by everyone.chicken farm

The first is the product: the selection of chick varieties and quality

The chick breeds are adapted for local conditions, but the quality, for example, is also Hailan brown. The price of some breeding farms is 4-5 yuan, and some breeding farms are 2-3 yuan. The difference is reflected in: the gap in breeding technology that guarantees the stability of chick production. Have you noticed that now the eggs are getting smaller and smaller, which has a lot to do with the improvement of breeding technology, and finally achieving the goal of smaller eggs, larger eggs, and more egg production? Therefore, this step in the selection of automated farms must be strictly controlled.

The second is material: selection of raw materials such as corn

One of the biggest expenditures in the farming process is the purchase of corn. The concept of farming is different. For corn alone, the cost of the same batch of chickens may be much different. For old corn, the price is high and the energy is high. The chickens eat less and the mildew rate is relatively low; the price of new corn is low in energy. It is also low, and you will naturally eat more. Once the mold exceeds the standard, the aflatoxin will directly damage the liver of the chicken, and the vomitoxin, T2 toxin, and zearalenone will cause damage to different organs of the chicken.

automatic feeding system

Here, let me introduce popular science to everyone. A well-automated feeding system can save feed for automatic chicken farms. A good automatic water feeding system for the chicken farm is not only as simple as helping farmers realize automation, but also needs to realize automated chicken coops at the same time. , to help chickens in automated farms achieve a better feed-to-meat ratio. As mentioned above, the biggest expenditure item is the purchase of feed, so it is a professional to help automated chicken farms use the least amount of water and feed to make chickens in automated farms grow meat faster. Equipment suppliers should do this, and this is where the equipment cost difference lies. If you want to add automated breeding equipment to your chicken coop, please contact us, we are a factory specializing in the production of automated breeding equipment in China, specializing in creating a stable automatic feeding system for you.

The third is management: daily material consumption, environmental control, biological safety management

Many times, the owner of the automated chicken coop is easy to ignore that the chickens eat more or fewer tens of pounds of feed today, and lay two more or fewer eggs, for example, 10,000 chickens a day. It is about 80 yuan to eat 50 kilograms of feed less. Now the cost of breeding is high. In the end, it is to see who can do better in the details. With the least farming cost, the profit of your automatic equipment farm will become the largest.

automatic drinking system

The fourth is daily health care

As the saying goes, raising chickens means raising the liver and intestines. The functions of the liver are familiar to everyone: detoxification, detoxification, immunity, secretion of synthetic bile, hematopoiesis, and blood storage. The synthesis of protein is also a major function of the liver. The yolk protein in eggs is converted and synthesized by the liver. In addition, a large number of antibody cells are secreted in the liver, and the titer of the vaccine will be higher if the liver function is improved. Bile acid protects the liver without harming the liver and improves the production performance of chickens to a higher level.

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