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The main points of broiler breeding

Views: 365     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2022-10-27      Origin: LONGMU


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There are many influencing factors in the broilers feeding and broilers management, including food nutrition, genetics and environment. The rational selection of feed is extremely important for broiler feeding, and the nutrients contained in the feed can fully stimulate the genetic potential and resistance of broilers. The growth environment mainly refers to light, temperature, ventilation and humidity.feederline

1 White feather broiler

At present, the white-feather broiler chickens raised in many countries mostly rely on imports, mainly including Ross 308, AA+, Hubbard and Cobb and other varieties, with excellent growth performance, high meat production rate and high return rate. The rapid growth of broilers is obtained through rational selection over a long period of time. In 2015, avian influenza occurred on a large scale, affecting the white-feather broiler breeding industry, resulting in a sharp increase in product inventories in the entire industry, continued low prices and huge economic losses. According to relevant information, in 2015, the number of ancestors introduced to white feather broilers was 720,200 sets, a decrease of 460,600 sets compared with 2014. Although the number of ancestral introductions has been greatly reduced, it still takes a lot of time to "cut production capacity" at the commercial and parental levels. After a long-term loss, the white-feathered broiler breeding industry ushered in a new development opportunity in 2016.

2 Problems existing in current broiler feeding and management

First, the scale of broiler farms is relatively small, and quality management cannot start from the source. A large number of external factors cause various diseases in broilers. The chicks and feed in the chicken farm need to be purchased from the outside, and the procurement process will inevitably be affected by several adverse factors, such as the presence of bacteria and poisonous feed, which will cause the chicks to fail to develop normally, the immune effect is poor, and the disease and mortality are high. , bringing huge economic losses to farmers.Therefore, the professionalism of the equipment of the poultry farm is very important to the breeding of poultry.      

Second, the health and safety management system is not perfect. The core of broiler feeding management is hygiene and safety management. Disinfection, isolation and harmless treatment are common health and safety management methods, which can effectively block the route of infection and eliminate pathogenic bacteria, thereby ensuring the health of broilers. For more specialized farming, professional poultry farming wateringlines, feed lines, and ventilation equipment can be used. Keep the environment in the house clean. Disinfect daily with sterilizing equipment.

The third is to focus on treatment over prevention, completely ignoring environmental and management factors. The emergence of broiler diseases is often caused by improper human management. Long Mu Animal Husbandry Technology (Cangzhou) Co.,Ltd specializes in the researchof poultry equipment, and the professionalism of equipment is very important for breeding. Some broiler farms focus on the analysis of chicken diseases and completely ignore the research on environmental factors. Chicken disease is produced under stress conditions, and various diseases are easily formed after pathogen infection. If the stress is not removed immediately, the disease will be difficult to control. Improper management can lead to stress. At present, large-scale farming is expanding rapidly, but most farmers do not fully grasp the relevant technologies, which leads to stress problems in the farming process.

3 Technical points of broiler feeding and management


3.1 Strengthen the construction and management of chicken coops

In the large-scale breeding of broilers, the chicken house is usually constructed in a dry climate, high terrain, sandy soil, and leeward and sunny positions. If broiler chickens are raised in residential areas, it is necessary to stay away from the residences of the residents and ensure that the transportation is convenient enough so as not to affect the daily life of the surrounding people. In the construction of the chicken house, it is necessary to strengthen the design and planning of the chicken house, make full use of all the breeding space, and manage the chicken house in an efficient and orderly manner. The chicken house is a key area for broiler breeding, and scientific design should be implemented for the structure of the chicken house. For example, the cascading chicken cage includes the construction of H-type cage and A-type cage, which can not only make reasonable use of the limited indoor space, but also adjust the height of the chicken house according to the specific production conditions of broilers, creating an excellent living space for the healthy growth of broilers. In addition, in the process of broiler breeding, the manure treatment area needs to be independently designed, and the manure channel needs to be completely separated from the feed and food transportation channels. A well-configured broiler rearing infrastructure is required, such as heating equipment, disinfection equipment and humidification facilities.

3.2 Select high-quality chicks

The eyes of high-quality chicks are large and energetic, the fluff is clean, the gloss is good, the spirit is more active, the reaction is quick, and the leg muscles are round. High-quality chicks are an important foundation for broilers to resist disease. If the breeder cannot provide better maternal antibodies for the chicks, it will not be able to ensure that the subsequent feeding process will not appear disease. Therefore, when selecting chicks, it is necessary to select high-quality chicks provided by relatively well-known chicken factories.

3.3 Create a good environment

3.3.1 Temperature and Humidity. Low or high temperature and humidity in the house will affect the growth and development of broilers. High temperature and high humidity will affect the heat dissipation of chickens. In summer, broilers can become dehydrated and even suffer from heat stroke; in winter, parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms can multiply, eventually causing epidemics. Low temperature and high humidity can easily lead to gout or pullorum infection in young chickens; if the environment in the chicken house is too dry, it will cause various respiratory diseases in chickens. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the temperature and humidity of the chicken house within a reasonable range. If you have the ability, you can install professional ventilation equipment and drinker nipples to control the temperature and humidity of the chicken house.Do not forget the cooling pad.

3.3.2 Lighting. Light affects the feeding time of broilers. Increasing the light time is equivalent to increasing the feeding time of broilers, which can promote their growth and development. However, if the light intensity is high, it will cause the problem of pecking in the flock. Therefore, when the light is strong during the day, it needs to be covered to avoid direct light. As the broiler grows, the light intensity needs to be continuously reduced to keep the whole flock quiet.

3.3.3 Environmental hygiene. If the feces in the chicken house are not cleaned up in time, it will lead to the emergence of bacteria, and the odor will also stimulate the respiratory mucosa of broilers, causing the occurrence of diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of disinfection and cleaning of the chicken house to maintain a good hygienic environment.

3.4 Choose high-quality feed

The full-price compound pellet feed is obtained by mixing and granulating according to the corresponding proportion, and has sufficient nutrition. Compound feed is the most commonly used feed in the current broiler breeding process. If the nutrient supply of broiler chickens is insufficient, it will affect the protein synthesis ability, and thus cannot form immune antibodies. If the immunity of broilers is reduced, their resistance will continue to decrease. It is necessary to select the corresponding pellet feed according to the growth needs of different ages to improve the immune resistance of broilers. Under normal conditions, appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals need to be incorporated into the feed to improve the resistance of broilers.


3.5 Strengthen immunization management

Immunization means that broiler chickens can produce some pathogen antibodies in advance after being vaccinated, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of such diseases. However, the immune effect is affected by various factors such as vaccine quality and injection method. In order to improve the immunity of broilers, it is necessary to strengthen the immune management, especially the immune prevention work. Regarding epidemic prevention, I have an article earlier on vaccinating poultry, welcome to read.

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