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Poultry production involves the husbandry of poultry birds. It involves a series of activities of rearing birds like chicken, turkey, quail, guinea fowl, and ducks for the purpose of meat, egg, or sale. These varying level of production differs in terms of cost of production, stock size, labor intensity, method of production, equipment used, and market size. But how to use this poultry equipment well, ranging from plastic to automatic feeders, the choice of poultry farming equipment depends on the size of bird stocks and it is imperative to use the right poultry farming equipment for the right size of birds.

Poultry equipment is chicken tools or instruments that are used for purposes like poultry hatching, Poultry brooding, poultry housing, poultry feeding, coop cleaning, and maintaining good conditions ipoultry farms. Basically, small farm owners require manual equipment that will effectively fulfil their purpose but at the commercial level of production, the huge amount of birds will require more sophisticated equipment and labour with technical-know how to power them. Depending on the level of your production, there is a variety of equipment to select from.


The good quality poultry equipment is necessary to raise healthy chickens and other poultry. Investing in poultry equipment is essential to running a successful poultry business that is capable of delivering a consistently high end product.

Appropriate Storage of Poultry Birds Feed

In order to appropriately store your poultry feeds you must ensure that the feed is kept some distance away from the poultry house. This way you can ensure your chickens or pests are not getting into the feed without your knowledge.

Making use of feed storage silos is the most cost effective way to ensure the poultry feed is kept clean, dry and pest free.



Pan feeding systems are innovative systems that are worth their weight in gold when considering the options and prices of poultry feeders . When making use of Chicken pan feeder systems on your poultry farm you need to ensure:

*** The use of feeder pan innovative design for better animal welfare

*** Excellent feed conversion

*** Easy access to feed from start to finish

*** Making use of the poultry feeding systems that deliver clean, fresh feed in the right amounts is a priceless tool to have on a poultry farm.

The features of the chicken pan feeder were highly appreciated by broiler growers. They often suffered from large differences in weight gain between birds in one flock when using the traditional chain feeder. This lack of uniformity was caused mainly by ease of access to the feed for day-olds, and the slow speed of the chain, which meant that the most active birds picked the best feed particles from the line feeder as soon the feed became available. Consequently, the birds lower in the pick order that were further down the feeder line received lower quality feed.

The tube/pan feeders did not have that disadvantage since the transport system was enclosed and the feed was out of reach of the birds. Chickens only had access to the feed as soon it dropped into the pan, and each pan, no matter the position along the line, always got fresh feed at the same time and of a consistent quality.


When the speed of the chain feeders changed and grills were attached, some of the main disadvantages disappeared and extended the economical life of the chain feeder. Nevertheless, the majority of the broiler growers preferred the pan feeder, especially because they allowed easy access for young birds and were simple to elevate before depopulation or clean out.

Meanwhile, genetic improvements have forced growers as well as breeders to manage their bird performance through restricting the availability of feed. Pan feeders allowed controlled and fast homogeneous feed distribution without loss of feed quality, which in turn created the opportunity to provide several small portions to the birds each day.

In case of poultry automatic feeding system breeding is supplied to the entire length of the poultry house by specially designed feeder troughs with auger type or chain type devices to move the feed from the feed bins to the other end. These are operated with electricity and the height of the chicken feeder can be adjusted depending upon the age of the birds.

Adequate Poultry Drinkers

First one must decide if a Nipple drinker or Bell poultry drinker will work best for you. Poultry drinking nipples have the benefits of:

*** Heavier and healthier poultry birds

*** Improved poultri feed conversion

*** Reduced mortality of birds

*** Fewer condemnations

*** Drier floors in the chicken house

*** Significant labour saving and overall higher returns

Pendant-type Chicken Nipple Drinkers are mainly used for flat raising, with wide adaptability and do not hinder the activities of chickens. The water supply is adjusted by the weight of the Nipple Drinkers itself, which is connected with the water pipe. When the water is low, the chicken water drinkers are light, the spring can open the water inlet valve, and the water flows out; when the water weight reaches a certain limit, the water flow stops. When in use, the hanging height of the poultry drinkers must be suitable, so that the edge ofthe chicken Water Cup should be flush with the back of the chick or the eye of the adult chicken.

On the other hand Chicken Bell drinkers are made from high-impact plastic which eliminate wear on the system and you can water flocks from day old chicks through to adult birds too. These Chicken drinkers are made of high-impact plastic in a bell shape usually suspended from separate pipeline for the purpose. Also the type of poultry drinkers has control over the water flow and maintains the required water level always. There will be a continuous flow of water so as to ensure water available for the poultry birds throughout the day. Its Height at which the water is available can be easily adjusted by simple clamp mechanism and rate of flow water is adjustable by a spring valve. And the bright colour of drinkers for chickens will attract hen layers and chicks to water.


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