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How to use and features of Plasson chicken drinker

Views: 1542     Author: Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-10-14      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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The new Plasson chicken special drinker fountain is composed of a drinking bowl, movable bracket, spring, water sealing pad, main water pipe and water inlet pipe installed on the movable bracket. There is a splash guard around the water inlet pipe on the movable stand. The product is novel in design and reasonable in structure, and fundamentally solves the disadvantage of the high labor intensity of artificial water feeding. The Plasson automatic drinker not only saves water and feed, but also improves the sanitary environment of the chicken farm, allowing the chickens to drink fresh water all the time. It is an ideal chicken drinker for chicken farms.

The use and management of Plasson automatic drinker fountainsPlasson chicken drinker (4)

1. Cleaning

1) After entering the chicken

0-14 days once a day

15-28 days once every two days

After 28 days, once every three days


a. Pour the remaining water in the Plasson automatic drinker dispenser into the sewage bucket

b. Scrub the surfaces and sinks of the Plasson automatic drinker dispenser with a rag dipped in disinfectant

c. Pour the residual water in the sink of the Plasson automatic drinker dispenser into the sewage bucket again

d. Sewage should be mentioned outside the house and poured into the drainage ditch, and it is forbidden to spill on the ground inside the house

e. The disinfectant should be replaced in time according to the specific situation

f. Wash with clean water before and after immunization and on the day

g. The selection of disinfectants requires low toxicity, high efficiency, no corrosion and no irritation.

2)Before entering the chicken

a. Scrub the Plasson automatic drinker fountain with clean water, especially the surface of the barrel wall

b. The weight of the drinking fountain and the connecting pipe should be cleaned as well

c. If the connecting pipe is blocked, use the air pipe to unblock it

d. After cleaning, put it in the disinfectant and immerse it in the disinfectant

e. Then hang it into the chicken coop

chicken drinker line2

2. The height and water level of the Plasson automatic drinker fountain

1) Put it on the grid for 0-7 days, and increase with the growth of chickens after 8 days

2)The upper edge of the sink is level or slightly higher than the chicken's back

3)The water level in the tank accounts for about 1/3-1/2 of the depth of the tank

4)The drinking fountain counterweight can be filled with half of the water in the counterweight gourd.

3. drinking fountain configuration

1)One plastic drinker for 80 broilers

2)One ф34 cm bell drinker can serve 80-100 chickens

Dimensions: ф34*44cm Deepwater tray New thickened raw material, single net weight 800g.

Dimensions of Chick Plasson automatic drinker: ф25*20cm, deep water tray.

Improvements to Avoid Plasson Drinker Sprinkling

The specific improvement method details are as follows:

1. Water outletWater outlet

Remove the water outlet nozzle of the Plasson drinker bucket and replace it with a hose with an inner diameter of 14mm and a length of about 20cm.

hoseThe hose is cut according to the bending angle, and the upper port should be cut into a triangle when cutting. In order to prevent the water outlet from lifting when the hose is bent down, which affects the water outlet, the short side should be downward during installation.

The bottom end of the hose is slightly lower or higher than the outer edge of the red shell. Because the dirty water in it needs to be cleaned or drained, if it is too low, it will be easy to get stuck when cleaning the litter; if it is too high, the chicken will drink water directly from the sewer, which will cause the water to flow to the ground;

2. Counterweight pot

Counterweight potAfter the weight pot is filled with water, add a layer of film, and finally tighten it.

This is convenient for cleaning, the counterweight pot will not sprinkle water when pouring water, and it can also ensure that even if the water inside is smelly, it will not affect the chicken and the environment of the chicken coop;

3. Kettle height

The height of the edge of the Plasson drinker can be adjusted according to the back of a medium-height chicken, preferably a little lower than that of a medium-height chicken; it can also be staggered, but it depends on the specific situation;

4. Water level

The height of the water level is 1/4-1/3, preferably not more than 1/2;

5. Waterline

To minimize residual water in the waterline, an additional 1-2 spacers can be added to each switch.

After the modification, the Plasson drinker does not flow through the red pot, and the amount of water inside is moderate, which can prevent chickens from being sprinkled due to collision of drinking water; and the water in the counterweight pot will not flow out during cleaning, reducing the dampness of the ground.

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