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How to raise pigs in hot summer

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-07-18      Origin: LONGMU


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Pigs are warm-blooded animals with poor body temperature regulation ability. High temperature and high humidity in summer can cause a large number of germs to breed. The health status and production performance of pigs are easily affected, which has a negative impact on the pig industry. Therefore, in summer, feeding and management measures must be adjusted to ensure that pigs survive the summer safely and improve the efficiency of pig raising.


Control the temperature of the pig house

Pigs have thick subcutaneous fat and underdeveloped sweat glands. In summer, in order to resist heat, pork pigs are easy to lose fat, grow slowly, and may even die from heatstroke. Farmers must do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling in summer.

(1) Avoid direct sunlight. Before the high temperature comes, you can build a pergola in front of the house or plant pines and cypresses and other trees around the house to shade the pig house. At the same time, you can also plant some vines in the pig farm, such as creeper and loofah vines, which can also play a role in heat insulation and sun shading. .

pig farm

(2) Spray water to cool down. Sprinkle water on the roof and indoors to cool down the pig house. If necessary, you can also sprinkle water mist on the pigs to speed up heat dissipation and cool the pigs.

(3) Reduce the breeding density. Appropriately reducing the breeding density can better help the pigs dissipate heat. The piglets are 0.3-0.6 square meters per head, and the breeding pigs are 0.8-1.2 square meters per head. Pregnant sows should be raised in a single pen.

(4) Add cooling facilities. A large exhaust fan can be installed to ventilate the pig house, or a water curtain fan can be installed to improve the cooling effect.


Reasonable mix of feed

Pigs’ feed requirements will change at different stages. In summer, high temperature will cause pigs’ feed intake to decrease and heat production to increase. It is necessary to adjust the feed ratio, match it reasonably, and feed scientifically.

(1) Adjust the feed formula. In other seasons, in order to increase the weight of pigs quickly, pigs are generally fed a large amount of energy feed, but in summer, the energy feed in the diet should be reduced to prevent the pigs from producing too much energy, and at the same time, protein such as soybean meal should be appropriately increased for feed, feed more green feed rich in vitamins and minerals.

(2) Change the feeding time. The optimum temperature for pig growth is 15-23°C. When the temperature is higher than 25-30°C, the pig's appetite and feed intake will decrease. The feeding time should choose a time period with a slightly lower temperature, such as morning or evening.


(3) Ensure sufficient drinking water. Plenty of cool water can help the body cool down. It is necessary to ensure that the drinking water is clean and hygienic, and the water should be changed frequently and the sink should be cleaned frequently.


Do a good job of cleaning and disinfection

There are more mosquitoes in summer, and the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms are accelerated, which brings severe challenges to the health of pigs. Farmers must do a good job of cleaning and disinfection in summer to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.

(1) Do a good job of normal disinfection. Doing a good job of disinfection can cut off the spread of the disease. It is necessary to regularly disinfect the internal and external environment of the pig house, including pens, venues, utensils, equipment, and drainage channels. Special attention should be paid to the disinfection of some dead corners.

(2) Choose the correct disinfection time. The disinfection time should be morning or evening. The temperature is high at noon, and the disinfectant volatilizes too quickly, which is irritating to the respiratory tract of pigs. It should be noted that the pig house should not be disinfected when it is too humid, and the disinfection effect will be better when the pig house is relatively dry.

(3) Avoid excessive disinfection. It is not recommended to use the two disinfectants at the same time, so as not to increase the toxicity or weaken the disinfection effect. One disinfectant should be used alone, and the other disinfectant should be used a few days later. When disinfecting pigs, try to avoid direct contact of the disinfectant with the pigs. Disinfectants are strictly prohibited from contaminating feed and drinking water.

pig farming

04 Pay attention to the breeding density

If the breeding density is too high, the breathing and body surface heat dissipation of pigs will increase the heat, which will easily cause the possibility of collective heat stroke and disease. Therefore, the breeding density in summer is very important, and the breeding density should be appropriately reduced.

05 feeding and drinking

When the temperature is high, the appetite of pigs is poor, and the feed intake decreases, so pay attention to the time and method when feeding, reduce the proportion of intensive feeding, and feed more feed rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, drinking water must be sufficient. When the temperature is high, pigs mainly use evaporation to dissipate heat. Sufficient and cool drinking water is one of the ways to prevent heatstroke. In addition, an appropriate amount of salt can be added to the drinking water, which can regulate body temperature.

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