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How to purchase chicken nipple drinkers?

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Long Mu Poultry breeding equipment

In modern chicken farming, to meet the drinking water needs of chickens, ensure water quality, reduce diseases transmitted by drinking water sources, save water, save labor, and improve economic benefits, most chicken farms are using nipple drinkers.

There are three types of nipple drinkers: cone seal, steel ball seal, and spring seal. It consists of a valve body, contact rod, sealing ring, steel ball, spring, connecting seat, and so on. The high-quality nipple drinker valve body is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the contact rod, steel ball, and spring are made of stainless steel. The sealing ring is made of three kinds of materials: rubber, PTFE, and silicone. Among them, rubber gaskets are easy to age and have a short service life; PTFE (Poly tetra fluoro ethylene) gaskets are good elasticity, good quality, not easy to age, and long service life; silicone gaskets have a certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, not easy to age, long service life, environmental protection and safety, and no peculiar smell. Food-grade silicone gaskets are non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, they are a highly active green product that guarantees the health of chickens.

Nipple drinkers can be used for both the flat and cage raising of chickens. Cone-sealed and steel ball-sealed are suitable for flat and cage raising of chicks, laying hens, broilers, breeders, and turkeys; the spring-sealed nipple drinkers with slightly larger opening force cannot be used for chicks.

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Here's a detailed explanation of how to choose a nipple drinker:

1. Choose manufacturers with good product quality, high after-sales service reputation, and relevant technical guidance capabilities.

2. There are three kinds of gaskets in the nipple drinker: natural rubber, PTFE, and silicone. If it is natural rubber, it is easy to become sticky at high temperatures, and it is easy to harden at low temperatures, which often causes insufficient water supply or water leakage, which brings a lot of trouble to users. Both PTFE and silicone gaskets are resistant to high temperatures and low cold. However, due to the inherent disadvantages of the PTFE material itself, such as poor creep resistance, the PTFE gasket will leak at the seal due to the creep of the gasket in long-term use. However, the silicone gasket has no trouble with this. It is not easy to deform, and the sealing performance is very good. When testing, you just need to burn it with fire. If the surface becomes sticky, it means that it is made of natural rubber. You'd better not use it.

[The sealing gaskets of nipple drinkers sold by LongMu Animal Husbandry Equipment Company are made of food-grade silicone material, the nipple drinker valve body is made of ABS engineering plastic, and the contact rod, steel ball, and spring are made of 304 stainless steel. Please buy with confidence!]

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3. Choose a reasonable type of nipple drinker according to the different production stages of the flock:

  • The chick's power to peck the nipple is small, and the nipple with low valve opening force should be selected, generally about 10 grams.

  • For pullets (medium-sized young chickens), the valve opening force of the nipple is about 10 grams, too.

  • For adult chickens, the valve opening force is about 40 grams.

In this way, the chick will not be unable to peck the water due to the too large valve opening force of the nipple, and the adult chicken will not leak water when the nipple valve opening force is too low.

chicken nipple drinkers

4. Choose a reasonable type of nipple drinker according to different breeds of chickens:

Under normal circumstances, laying hens require a nipple drinker with a water output of 30-40ml per minute; breeding cocks require a nipple drinker with a water output of 60-70ml per minute; broilers require a nipple drinker with a water output of 80-120ml per minute.

In addition, the nipple drinker still should be selected according to the breeding environment, such as broilers, if you breed broilers through a fermented bed, the water output of the drinking nipple is required to be 30-40ml per minute.

Longmu Animal Husbandry Equipment Co., Ltd. is a chicken coop equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of nipple drinkers and has relevant technical guidance capabilities. If you do not know which model of nipple drinker you need to choose for your breeding farm, please consult us.

Longmu devote to supply livestock solutions. We are always happy to answer all your questions.
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