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How To Prevent Chickens From Getting Colds

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-11-29      Origin: LONGMU


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Suffering from cold is a common phenomenon in the process of raising chickens, and it is also the main factor for the disease of chicken flocks. Some people may ask, the temperature of my chicken coop is very stable, there is no ventilation, and the chickens are not blown. How come the chickens still get cold and get sick.

Cold can occur in many aspects of raising chickens, not just the level of temperature control or ventilation blowing chickens to catch cold.

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1. Wet chicken feathers can cause the chicken to catch cold, and the chicks "bath" for all reasons; the water line is too low during the brooding period, the water pressure is too high, the chicks drill into the water cup, the nipple leaks, resulting in wet chicken feathers; the spraying equipment is damaged, and the nozzle drips Severe or long spraying time, resulting in damp chicken feathers; condensation of water vapor in the partition of the chicken house or rain leakage on the roof of some houses.

2. Improper humidification method, only pay attention to humidification, without considering the temperature of the chickens. When the temperature of the chickens is low, use a humidification tube to humidify the chickens, which will make the chickens cold; the water used for humidification has a low temperature. When the chicken is on the body, the chickens will be cooled; when humidifying, if there is a lot of water on the ground, the cold air generated by the evaporation of water vapor can also cool the abdomen of the chickens.

3. The chicken house is not tightly sealed, resulting in drafts at side windows, sewage outlets, chicken outlets,water curtains, exhaust fan outlets, etc., causing the chickens to suffer from cold due to low temperature.

4. After the wind enters the chicken house from the air inlet, there are obstacles blocking the walking preheating process, which causes the cool wind to rebound, and hits the chickens directly to make the chickens catch cold.

5. The temperature control is unreasonable; the cooling speed is fast, especially in the cold season, such artificial rapid cooling will make the chickens more common.

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6. Wrong judgment, relying only on the indicated temperature of the thermometer, but not paying attention to the physiological behavior of the chickens, which causes the chickens to catch cold.

The indoor temperature indicated by the thermometer can only be used as a reference. The indicated temperature of the thermometer is affected by factors such as the accuracy of the thermometer itself, the location of the thermometer (whether it is representative), the height of the hanging (whether it is suitable), etc. Influence.

The suitable temperature of the chicken flock is not only related to the temperature of the chicken house, but also has an important relationship with the humidity, wind speed, light, and feeding conditions in the chicken house. Under the same chicken house temperature, the chickens will only feel warmer when the humidity increases, the chickens will only feel colder when the wind speed in the house increases, the chickens will only feel cooler when the lights are turned off, the chickens will only feel warmer when eating food, and the chickens will only feel warmer when they are hungry. It will feel colder.

7. Laziness and sleep when on duty at night will cause the fire to be low or burn out, causing the temperature of the furnace to drop and the chickens to suffer from cold.

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8. The weather changes suddenly. When the outside temperature drops, the temperature in the chicken house will drop hysteresis. If ventilation in the chicken house is not adjusted in time, the temperature drop in the chicken house will cause the chickens to catch cold.

Therefore, you should be highly vigilant during the period of external temperature changes (strong wind, heavy snow, rain, and temperature drop in the afternoon), and frequently observe the temperature of the chicken house in order to respond in time, reduce ventilation or increase heating or reduce air intake.

9. Insufficient heating of the water heater can cause the temperature of the chicken house to drop and the chickens to suffer from cold. The overhaul and maintenance of heating equipment and the training of personnel on how to burn furnaces should be strengthened.

10. The position of the air inlet is wrong or too large. The principle of using the air inlet is to increase the area of the air inlet in places where the temperature is relatively high, and to reduce the area of the air inlet in places where the temperature is relatively low. For example, in actual operation, the relative temperature is not considered. , Opening the air inlet only for the air intake will cause the chickens to catch cold.

11. Failure to take protective measures at the air inlet will cause the chickens under the air inlet to catch cold.

If the treatment is not timely, E. coli, mycoplasma, and viruses will be stimulated in the next step, and the respiratory tract will gradually be affected. In severe cases, air sacculitis and bronchial blockage will occur. Finally, the death rate will increase and the loss will be heavy.

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