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How To Choose Drinking Water Equipment for Pig Farms

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Automatic drinking fountains for pigs are used because modern pig farms not only require a large amount of drinking water, but also a large amount of clean water in each production link, all of which need to be completed by water supply and drinking equipment. Therefore, water supply and drinking water equipment is an indispensable pig-raising equipment in the pig farm.

There are many types of automatic pig drinker, including duckbill type, nipple type, cup type, etc. The most commonly used is the duckbill type pig automatic water.

1. Duckbill drinking nipple

Duckbill pig drinking water equipment is mainly composed of valve body, valve core, sealing ring, return spring, plug cover, filter screen, etc. The valve body and valve core are made of brass and stainless steel, the spring and filter are made of stainless steel, and the plug cover is made of engineering plastic. The overall structure is simple, corrosion-resistant, reliable in operation, watertight, and has a long service life. When a pig drinks water, it holds the drinking fountain in its mouth and bites down on the valve stem. The water flows out from the gap between the valve core and the sealing ring and enters the pig's mouth. When the pig's mouth After loosening, the valve stem is reset by the tension of the return spring, the water outlet gap is closed, and the water stops flowing out. The duckbill type pig drinking water equipment has good sealing performance. When the water flows out, the pressure is reduced and the flow rate is low, which meets the pig drinking water requirements.

pig equipments

Duckbill type automatic drinking nipple for pigs generally come in two sizes, small ones such as 9SZY2.5 (flow rate 2-3L/min), large ones such as 9SZY 3 (flow rate 3-4L/min), suckling pigs and nursery pigs Use small ones for piglets, and large ones for medium and large pigs. There are two angles for installing this type of drinking fountain: horizontal and 45°. The height from the ground varies with the weight of the pigs. The drinking fountain should be installed in the defecation area away from the pig resting area. Regularly check the working status of the drinking fountain, remove dirt, adjust and tighten screws, and replace parts promptly if any faults are found.

2. Nipple type pig drinker

The biggest feature of the nipple-type automatic drinking fountain for pigs is its simple structure, which consists of three major parts: a shell, a push rod and a steel ball. When the pig drinks water, it pushes up the ejector rod, and the water flows out from the gap between the steel ball, the ejector rod and the shell into the pig's mouth; after the pig loosens its mouth, the steel ball and the ejector rod fall down due to the water pressure and the gravity of the steel ball and the ejector rod. Closely connected to the shell, water stops flowing out. This kind of drinking fountain has a strong ability to pass impurities such as sediment, but its sealing performance is poor and it must be used under reduced pressure. Otherwise, if the water flows too fast, it will not only be difficult for the pigs to drink water, but also the water will splash, waste water, and wet the pig pen. When installing a nipple-type water fountain, it should generally be at an angle of 45 to 75 degrees to the ground. The height above the ground should be 25 to 30cm for piglets, 50 to 60cm for growing pigs (3 to 6 months old), and 75 to 85cm for adult pigs.

3. Cup-type pig drinker (water bowl)

It is a single-piece automatic drinking fountain with a water container (water cup) as the main body. Common types include float type, spring valve type and hydraulic valve stem type.

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Most float-type drinking fountains are double-cup type, with the float chamber and control mechanism placed between the two water cups. Usually, a double-cup float-type water fountain is fixedly installed on the fence wall between two pig pens for shared use by the two pig pens. The float drinking fountain consists of a shell, a float valve mechanism, a float chamber cover, a connecting pipe, etc. When the pig drinks water, the float is pushed to deflect the valve core, and the water flows into the cup for the pig to drink; when the pig's mouth leaves, the valve stem is reset by the elastic force of the return spring, stopping the water supply. The float has the function of limiting the water level. It rises as the water level rises. When the water rises to a certain height, the pig's mouth cannot touch the float. The water supply is stopped after the valve is reset to prevent excessive water from flowing out of the spring valve type drinking fountain and water cup shell. Generally, it is a casting or a cup type stamped from a steel plate. The pin on the cup is connected with a water cup lid. When the pig drinks water, it pushes the pressure plate with its mouth to open the spring valve, and the water flows into the drinking cup. When the mouth leaves the pressure plate, the valve stem resets to stop water supply. Hydraulic valve stem drinking fountain, a cup-type pig drinking fountain that relies on the weight of the water valve and water pressure to control the water output. When the pig drinks water, it presses the pressure plate with its mouth to deflect the valve stem, and the water flows along the valve stem and the valve. The gap between the seats flows into the drinking cup. After drinking, the valve plate will naturally sag and the valve stem will return to its normal state.

Pig farm water supply equipment includes water extraction, storage, regulation, transportation and distribution, that is, water well extraction, water tower storage and transportation pipelines, etc. Water supply can be divided into self-flow water supply and pressure water supply. The water supply in modern pig farms is generally pressure water supply, and its water supply system mainly includes water supply pipelines, filters, pressure reducing valves, automatic drinking fountains, etc.

Pigs must have access to adequate amounts of clean water at all times. A growing pig needs to drink 8-12L of water throughout the day and night, a pregnant sow 14-18L, and a lactating sow 18-22L. The daily water requirement of a one-week-old piglet is about 180-240g per kilogram of body weight. The daily water requirement of a four-week-old piglet is about 180-240g per kilogram of body weight. 190~255g.

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