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How much do you know about raising ducks?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-04-21      Origin: LONGMU


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To raise ducks well, we need to have a basic understanding of their characteristics of ducks. What are the characteristics of ducks?

1.Law of life: Ducks have a very regular life. During the grazing period, they will mate, feed, wash their feathers, rest, and lay eggs at a fixed place and time during the grazing period. Once the life rhythm of each duck is formed, it is not easy to change. The egg-laying time of female ducks is mostly at night.

2.Strong Foraging: Ducks are very foraging and omnivorous, therefore, when raising ducks, they can use a wider range of feed than other poultry, they can eat a variety of concentrated feed, roughage and green feed, insects, earthworms, fish and shrimp Can be used as duck food.

3.Sociable: Ducks are gregarious, mallards naturally like to live in groups and fly in groups, this trait persists after domestication, they travel in groups neatly and orderly, and sing loudly when their companions leave, once they get a response, they will seek a voice and return to the team.

4.Like water: Ducks have the characteristics of loving water. It belongs to water birds and likes to forage, play and mate in water. Because their toes and feathers are dense and thick, they can walk 45-50 meters in one minute on the ground. can swim 50-60 meters per minute in the water, and can only return to the ground when resting and laying eggs.

Ducks are farmed all over the world. Because the nutritional value of duck meat is higher than that of chicken, the price of duck meat in the market will be a little more expensive. Because ducks are not easy to get sick and are easier to feed, they have always been loved by farmers. Duck meat is very delicious, so the benefits of duck breeding are also very good, but what should be paid attention to when raising ducks?

The choice of place for raising ducks is very important. It requires a water surface, preferably running water, and appropriate open space as a playground for ducks. Shade trees can facilitate ducks to rest.

Duck breeding sites must be far away from pollution sources, preferably at a certain distance from the village, which can not only ensure that the water source is not polluted but also reduce the impact of breeding waste on the villagers.

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1. The construction of the duck nest. If it is ducklings, it is best to choose a place with good sunshine, drainage, and ventilation for building duck nests. It is better to use plastic foam boxes directly to keep warm. Pay attention to reducing sunlight radiation. If the hot sun shines on the duck house for a long time, it will cause heat damage to the ducks, so solar radiation should be minimized. Building a tall and spacious duck house is a more effective way to reduce the impact of solar radiation and heat. During the high-temperature period, water can be poured on the outer roof of the duck house, or white ash can be painted on the roof of the duck house, and the greening work around the duck house should be done well. In this way, ducks can obtain a comfortable rest environment and are not easy to get sick. After the ducks grow up, choose a place that is ventilated, shaded, and has a water source. The surroundings of the duck house should be open and ventilated. When the temperature is too high, ventilation equipment (such as ventilation fans, etc.) should be used to enhance ventilation and speed up the heat dissipation of the duck house. Ventilation should also be strengthened at night.

2. The temperature of the duck nest. In the breeding process of ducklings, the temperature is a very important part. The ducklings that have just hatched need to have a temperature of 30°C. Sunshine can increase the body temperature of ducks, promote blood circulation, promote bone growth, increase appetite, stimulate the digestive system, and help metabolism. If natural light is lacking, artificial light can be used to make up for it. Generally speaking, this temperature can be reached in summer, but it is impossible to reach this temperature in winter. At this time, you need to buy an incandescent lamp and hang it above the duck nest to ensure the temperature of the duck nest. Since ducks don't like too bright an environment, you can put a layer of cloth on the lampshade.

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3. Drink water. During the breeding of ducklings, drinking water should also be paid attention to. Because ducklings have relatively weak resistance, clean water should be used for drinking water, preferably warm boiled water. The water container should have a depth of about 5cm. You don’t need too much water, otherwise, it will wet the litter. Ducklings don’t like too humid environments. To follow such a principle, "feed water first, then feed, if there is no water, don't feed", otherwise the ducklings will choke, and the water the ducklings drink should be replaced with clean water in time.

4. Feed delivery. In the duck breeding process, the feed should be put in according to the growth of the ducks. Follow such a principle to avoid waste caused by too much supplementary feeding, and at the same time avoid insufficient energy supplementation for ducks caused by too little feeding. Generally speaking, ducklings are stocked from 4 weeks of age, and the early stage is the brooding period, which can be raised in captivity or in cages. During the period of high temperature and high humidity, if the feed is left for too long or stagnant in the trough for too long, it will become moldy and deteriorate. Therefore, when buying feed, you should pay attention to timely and appropriate purchases, and try to supply fresh feed. Ducklings are fed once in the morning and evening to supplement energy. As the ducklings grow, the supplementary feeding of the ducks can be determined according to the weeds, wild vegetables, and insects that the ducks eat. During the main period of stocking, supplementary feeding will be carried out after returning to the shed at night, and enough drinking water will be prepared for drinking. In order to supplement the lack of feed during the stocking period, the ducks should be supplemented in a timely manner. The ducklings are stocked from the age of 4 weeks, and the early stage is the brooding period, which can be raised in captivity and in cages. The ducklings are fed once in the morning and evening to supplement the lack of energy. Determine the amount of supplementary feeding according to the principle of half-full in the morning and full in the evening, and gradually reduce the number and number of feedings to encourage the ducks to eat freely. As the ducklings grow, the supplementary feeding of the ducks can be determined according to the weeds, wild vegetables, and insects that the ducks eat. During the main period of stocking, supplementary feeding will be carried out after returning to the shed at night, and enough drinking water will be prepared for drinking. Before the young ducklings are stocked in spring, they must first take exercise to adapt to changes in external temperature and gradually enter the stocking garden.

5. Pay attention to reducing the stocking density. The density of the ducks in the duck house should not be too large, which will cause the ducks to be crowded and stacked, and the ducks will die. When the number of ducks in the house is reduced, drinking fountains and food troughs should be added. Duck breeding is different from raising chickens. Ducks need to play with water and freedom. During the stocking process,the duck will forage for itself. Generally speaking, places such as small rivers, streams, and ponds are good places to stock ducks.

6. Hygienic cleaning of duck houses and utensils. The environment where the ducklings live should be cleaned in time because the bedding is easy to get wet and there will be a lot of poop, so the bedding should be kept replaced. Pay attention to daily disinfection. It is necessary to do a good job in sanitation and disinfection at ordinary times to prevent the breeding of pests such as mosquitoes and mosquitoes so that the ducks are free from pests. At the same time, the water basins and food basins used for breeding should also be cleaned regularly to keep them clean so that the ducklings can eat hygienically. Create a quiet environment. During the hot period, it is necessary to avoid frightening noise to disturb the ducks and create a quiet environment.

7. Strengthen epidemic prevention and control. Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of duck diseases. If there are sick ducks, they should be treated in time to ensure that the feeding and management measures can be carried out smoothly.

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