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Have you used any of the major brands of drinking nipple?

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There are many brands of high-quality drinking fountains around the world. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Plasson is a world leader in water system solutions. Their poultry drinking systems are customized to meet the demands of any climatic conditions around the globe, with special expertise in extreme climates.

chicken nipple drinker

Plasson provides a full range of nipple systems which allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailor-made to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability, and superior service guarantee you optimal performance for the best results.

Top-quality materials to withstand active birds' behavior for many years

Every nipple leaving the Plasson manufacturing facility undergoes quality testing

Structural simplicity – The Plasson nipple consists of only three stainless steel components, resulting in a robust, reliable, and maintenance-free system

Flawless regulators for head, mid, and split line configurations

Durable long-lasting pvc tubes and aluminum profiles

Central house water head with various treatment and medicating options

Drinking Nipples

for Poultry and Automatic Drinkers for Cage-rearing

LUBING drinking nipples are made of high-alloy stainless steel. All plastic components are also made of high-quality materials.

poultry equipments

LUBING drinking nipples and automatic drinkers for rearing chicks are sturdy and precise. They contain no fragile mechanisms. These designs guarantee long life and minimal maintenance.

The valve components and large cross-section arrangement provide optimal protection against contamination.

In the case of nipples with plastic housings with the additional code HR (High Resistant), They achieve a higher resistance to material damage of the housings by water additives (such as acids, sour cleaners, or chlorine) with a plastic specially developed for this purpose.

Therefore, LUBING drinking nipples can offer you:

• A simple, reliable water supply

• Consistently fresh and clean drinking water

• Minimum maintenance, care, and cleaning

• Improved rearing results

• Problem-free raising for all animal breeds

If you have been using the traditional style poultry watering fount, there is a much easier and healthier way to provide clean water to your flock with chicken nipple waterers.

The traditional fount has many flaws. They are always dirty, always need to be cleaned, and are often tipped over and spilled. Plus, they freeze in the winter.

In the brooder, baby chicks kick wood shavings into waterers. Outside, plastic waterers can crack after time in the sun. A galvanized metal waterer cannot be used with apple cider vinegar, and will eventually rust. Cleaning and filling water in the winter is just awful. So what is the solution?

Why should you use horizontal chicken nipples?

Chicken nipples keep the water clean and free of dirt and debris

Nipple waterers have been scientifically shown to decrease or prevent the spread of many diseases including Trichomonosis, Mycoplasma synoviae, and Coccidiosis

When installed properly, horizontal nipples will not freeze in winter

Columbus Aqua was the original horizontal nipple, and all others on the market copied the designs. Only Columbus Aqua is made in Europe with premium commercial grade materials and offers a lifetime leak-free guarantee

Table of Contents

What Is A Chicken Nipple?

Benefits of Chicken Nipple Waterers

How Do Chicken Nipples Compare To Other Waterers?

Chicken Nipple Idea Board

How To Install Chicken Nipples

Free DIY Chicken Nipple Waterer Blueprints

Chicken Nipple Waterer Setup

Training Chickens To Use Nipple Waterers



What Is A Chicken Nipple?

poultry equipments

Yes, they have a funny name. You can call them chicken waterers if you prefer. Whatever you want to call them, chicken nipples are the easiest, most affordable, and healthiest way to give your chickens water.

How do poultry nipple drinkers work?

A poultry nipple drinker is a spring-loaded, pin-activated water dispenser that can be installed on the side of nearly any plastic container like a bucket, Tupperware, 55-gallon drum, or PVC pipe.

When a chicken pecks at the pin, the o-ring is moved out from the groove in the barrel (the threaded part), allowing water into the nipple. When the hen stops drinking, the o-ring seals the barrel stopping water flow.

Benefits of Chicken Nipple Waterers

Chicken nipple waterers have many benefits. They are inexpensive and easy to install, so you can have a DIY chicken waterer made in less than an hour that’s much cheaper than a store-bought waterer.

Drinking water is safely contained inside the container, where it never gets muddy, poopy, or otherwise dirty. This contained chicken watering nipple decreases the spread of disease. And, since the water is not exposed to light, no algae forms.

As a bonus, since buckets are high-capacity (and inexpensive), you don’t need to fill up your chicken waterer as often. This is helpful when you want to go on vacation, or in the winter when water chores are cold and uncomfortable.

Speaking of winter, the horizontal nipples don’t freeze when properly installed. But you will need to use a bucket heater to keep the water in the bucket from freezing.

The Columbus Aqua chicken nipples can also be used in brooders with young chicks, as well as with other birds like quail, pheasant, peafowl, guinea fowl, and more. Now, healthy, clean water is always available.

Clean, Healthy Water Prevents Disease

Open waterers, like water bowls or traditional-style founts, are one of the worst things for your flock's health.

These open-water containers serve as a breeding ground for disease. If a sick chicken or wild bird drinks from the water, it leaves behind pathogenic organisms in the water which can spread to other members of the flock. It’s like sharing a water cup with someone who has the flu- yuck!

Open waterers are also notorious for spillage. Wet litter and bedding increase the amount of coccidia (coccidiosis), bacteria, and fungi in the litter. A poultry nipple waterer, however, keeps things much drier.

Switching to nipple waterers can increase your flock's health and decrease the spread of Trichomonosis, Mycoplasma synoviae, and coccidiosis.


Contaminated water is the most common source of infection for chickens, turkeys, and songbirds, and the Trichomonosis parasite has been shown to survive at least 2 hours and potentially up to 24 hours in water. Frequent cleaning of waterers is important to minimize transmission.

chicken farm equipment10.12

Established in 2000, LONGMU is engaged in poultry equipment production including chicken nipple drinkers, poultry waterer drinkers, poultry feeders, feeding lines, drinking lines, and transportation cages.

Our company headquarters is in China.

With 20 sets of plastic injection machines and 30 sets of CNC LATHES, production volume is well ensured.

With our own mold design workshop, we have new product development capability and also do OEM for oversea customers.

To give customers a better poultry solution, we supply chicken house project full set of equipment from a feeding system and drinking system to transportation to climate control and more.

For after-sales, we have a professional after-sales team and poultry installation instructor.

Believe we will take a strong supply system and good profit for you!

LONGMU is a one-stop solution for all your poultry equipment needs. Come and see how our latest products drive your productivity.

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