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Free-range chicken technology and breeding skills

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-05-05      Origin: LONGMU


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Free-range chickens In the past people's concept is to put the de-warmed chickens in the mountains or woodlands, so you don't have to worry about it. The common perception is that there is no technical, but this understanding is wrong. Free-range chickens also need certain technology and breeding skills.

1. Cage breeding: Transfer the dewormed chicks to adult chicken cages for breeding. The advantage is that the space can be fully utilized, the chickens do not touch the feces, the disease is less, and it is easy to catch the chickens and reduce the labor intensity of the breeder. The disadvantage is that the chickens that have been raised for a long time have a greater stress response, and the breasts and legs of the chickens are prone to lesions.chicken farming (4)

2. Flat raising: Flat raising can be divided into online flat raising and ground flat raising. Online flat raising is the same as cage raising, but chickens have a lot of activity and are not easy to get sick. Of course, the cost is higher. Ground level growing is to put wheat straw, rice husk, rapeseed husk, and other litter on the concrete floor, and put the chickens on it to raise. The advantage is that it saves cost, and the breast and legs of the chicken are not easy to suffer from lesions. Due to the activities of local chickens, The amount is large, and the litter does not need to be replaced. The disadvantage is that the chicks defecate directly on the litter, which is easy to induce some diseases.

3. Stocking: Put the chickens outside in the morning, let them receive sunlight, touch the soil, and at the same time find some mineral feed and insects, and drive the chickens back to the house at noon and night to supplement the feed. The advantages of this method are: Let the chicken return to nature. The meat quality of the chicken is very good, and the price is high. The disadvantage is that it requires a large space, so the breeding scale is limited. This method is suitable for farmers to raise a small amount of free-range.

1. Construction of free-range chicken coops

Free-range chickens are not without chicken coops. But it is simpler than cage chickens. The chicken coop should be built in a high-dry place, with good ventilation in summer, heatstroke prevention and cooling, wind and rain protection, and heat preservation in winter. Low temperature is a challenge for raising chickens. The heat preservation measures of chicken houses are related to the growth rate and egg production rate of chickens.chicken farming (2)

The area of the chicken house is 6-8 per square meter, and chicken racks should be provided in the chicken house. There are 5 chicken racks per meter. It is advisable to use one for every 50 buckets and barrels. Can not be too dense. If the density is too large, it is easy to get sick.

2. Feeding management

Free-range chicken feeding management is different from cage chicken. Because there are many problems to consider in free-range chickens, there are many feeding and management skills.

1. Cocks and hens should be kept in groups to facilitate feeding and management. Roosters and hens should be kept separately as much as possible. Roosters are generally sold as live chickens, and the annual feeding cycle is shorter; hens lay eggs, and the feeding time is longer. Roosters and hens are mixed. They often fight and affect the hen's egg production, and the feed is different, so they should be raised separately.

2. To build an isolated small chicken house is to build an area in each community to raise weak chickens and sick chickens. This makes it easy to increase nutrition and prevent trampling.

3. Strengthen chicken coop patrols at night, and try to put chickens on the shelves to prevent trampling. When the area of the chicken house is small, when body temperature and temperature are low, the chickens are easy to stack.

4. Cultivate the habit of filling in the feeding log, which is convenient for summarizing the feeding management in the future. Strictly fill in the breeding log to form a paper document, which is convenient for summarizing management experience.

3.Disease Prevention

chicken farming (3)

The disease prevention and control of free-range chickens must be established, and the concept of prevention is greater than cure. Don't be careless in disease prevention, otherwise, the chickens will easily get sick, or even die, and the whole army may be wiped out.

1. Must be immune to Newcastle disease and bird flu vaccines. Because these two diseases are severe infectious diseases. Once the onset is difficult to control, it is easy to cause casualties.

2. Feed the medicine twice a month for prevention. One is to prevent E. coli, and the other is to prevent colds. These two diseases should be administered according to the season. Summer is mainly to prevent E. coli; autumn and winter are mainly to prevent colds.

3. Antibiotic-free products should be used as much as possible during the laying period of hens to prevent and affect the quality of eggs.

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