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"Feeding Innovations And Hydration Solutions: Elevating Poultry Farming"

Views: 2024     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2024-05-29      Origin: LONGMU


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1. Automated Feeders

Automated feeding systems are designed to deliver precise amounts of feed at regular intervals, reducing wastage and ensuring uniform access to nutrition for all birds. These systems include large feed bins, augers, distribution points, and feed pans or troughs. Here's a detailed look at how these devices work and some reputable brands:

chicken water line system

How Automated Feeders Work:

Feed Bins: Large storage containers, typically located outside or adjacent to the poultry house, hold the bulk feed. These bins are filled by delivery trucks or on-site feed mills.

Augers: Augers are screw-like devices that transport feed from the bins to the distribution points within the poultry house. The auger system is powered by electric motors, ensuring a steady and controlled flow of feed.

Distribution Points: The feed transported by the augers is then distributed to various feeding locations inside the house. This can include feed pans, troughs, or other dispensers designed for poultry.

Feed Pans/Troughs: These are the actual feeding areas where birds access the feed. Feed pans are often equipped with sensors that detect when the feed levels are low, triggering the auger to deliver more feed. This ensures that the birds always have access to fresh feed without overfilling the pans, reducing waste.

chicken farm12.6

Control Systems: Modern automated feeders are integrated with control systems that allow farmers to program feeding schedules, adjust the amount of feed dispensed, and monitor feed levels in real-time. These systems can be accessed remotely via computers or mobile devices, providing flexibility and convenience.

Watering Systems in Modern Poultry Houses

Modern watering systems are critical for ensuring the health, productivity, and well-being of poultry. These systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of clean, fresh water, which is essential for the birds' metabolism, digestion, and overall health. Efficient watering systems reduce water wastage, minimize the risk of contamination, and support optimal growth and egg production.

Components and Functionality of Modern Watering Systems

Modern watering systems in poultry houses typically include the following components: nipple drinkers, bell drinkers, water lines, filters, medication dosers, and pressure regulators.

1. **Nipple Drinkers**

Nipple drinkers are widely used in modern poultry houses due to their efficiency and hygienic benefits. They deliver water directly to the birds' beaks, which minimizes spillage and reduces the risk of contamination from feces or litter.

chicken farm3

**How They Work:**

- Nipple drinkers are mounted along water lines that run the length of the poultry house, positioned at a height that is easily accessible to the birds.

- When a bird pecks at the nipple, a small valve opens, allowing water to flow out. The water flow stops when the bird releases the nipple, preventing spillage and ensuring that water is only dispensed as needed.

- Nipple drinkers are often made of stainless steel or high-grade plastic to ensure durability and easy cleaning.


- Reduces water wastage.

- Maintains clean and dry litter, reducing the risk of disease.

- Allows for easy monitoring of water consumption.

2. **Bell Drinkers**

Bell drinkers are another common type of watering system used in poultry houses. These are gravity-fed and provide water in a shallow dish, making it accessible to all birds.

**How They Work:**

- Bell drinkers are typically suspended from the ceiling and connected to a water supply via flexible tubing.

- They have a float valve mechanism that maintains a constant water level in the dish. As the water level drops, the valve opens to refill the dish, ensuring a continuous supply of water.

- The height of the bell drinkers can be adjusted as the birds grow to ensure optimal access.


- Simple and easy to install.

- Can accommodate large numbers of birds.

- Suitable for both chicks and adult birds.

3. **Water Lines**

Water lines are an integral part of the watering system, transporting water from the main supply to the drinkers throughout the poultry house.

**Design and Installation:**

- Water lines are typically made of PVC or other durable, food-grade materials.

- They are installed along the length of the house, often suspended from the ceiling or mounted on walls, to ensure even distribution of water.

- The lines include pressure regulators and valves to control the flow and pressure of the water, ensuring consistent delivery to all drinkers.

4. **Filters and Medication Dosers**

To maintain water quality and allow for the administration of medications, modern watering systems are equipped with filters and dosers.


- Water filters remove impurities, sediments, and pathogens from the water supply, ensuring that the water is safe for the birds.

- Common types of filters include sediment filters, carbon filters, and UV sterilizers.


**Medication Dosers:**

- Dosers are devices that add precise amounts of medications, vitamins, or other supplements to the water. They are essential for mass medication of the flock, particularly for preventive treatments.

- Dosers can be automated and programmable, allowing for accurate and consistent administration of treatments.

5. **Pressure Regulators**

Pressure regulators ensure that the water pressure in the lines is maintained at optimal levels. Proper water pressure is crucial for the effective functioning of both nipple and bell drinkers.


- Regulators adjust the incoming water pressure to a level that is suitable for the drinkers, preventing leaks or inadequate water flow.

- They are typically installed at the entry point of the water line system and at intervals along the lines to maintain consistent pressure.

Brands and Innovations in Watering Systems

Several reputable brands are known for their high-quality poultry watering systems. These brands offer a range of products designed to meet the specific needs of poultry farmers.

1. **Lubing**

  - Lubing is renowned for its innovative watering solutions, particularly its nipple drinker systems. Their products are known for durability, ease of use, and efficient water delivery.

2. **Ziggity**

  - Ziggity specializes in poultry watering systems that focus on delivering clean water while minimizing spillage. Their systems are designed to enhance bird health and reduce maintenance.

3. **Plasson**

  - Plasson offers a wide range of poultry equipment, including bell drinkers and nipple drinkers. Their products are recognized for their reliability and adaptability to various poultry farming conditions.

4. **Impex**

  - Impex is known for its high-quality poultry watering systems, including advanced nipple drinkers and comprehensive water line management solutions.

5. **Valco**

  - Valco's watering systems are designed with a focus on efficiency and ease of maintenance. Their products include nipple drinkers and complete water line systems that are widely used in the poultry industry.


Modern watering systems are crucial for maintaining the health and productivity of poultry. By providing a continuous supply of clean, fresh water, these systems support the birds' physiological needs and contribute to optimal growth and egg production. With components like nipple drinkers, bell drinkers, water lines, filters, medication dosers, and pressure regulators, these systems ensure efficient and hygienic water delivery. Reputable brands such as Lubing, Ziggity, Plasson, Impex, and Valco lead the market with innovative and reliable solutions, helping poultry farmers achieve better outcomes through advanced technology.

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