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Eight key technical knowledge that is inseparable from the success of family chicken raising! Did you know everything?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-07-14      Origin: LONGMU


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Family chicken raising is a common breeding mode in rural areas, and it has also become an inevitable way for rural farmers to obtain economic income. Therefore, the success of family chicken raising is very important to rural farmers. To ensure the success of family chicken raising, breeding Households should do a good job in the scientific breeding of chickens in the family chicken coop, and never underestimate the family chicken raising model, so how should the family raise chickens to be fed? The following is an introduction to the efficient raising methods of family chicken raising, that is, the eight key points of family chicken raising technical knowledge.


family chicken

1. Family chicken feeding method

It is better to feed 2-3 times a day. It is best to use vegetable leaves, corn, leftover rice, and cooked noodles; laying hens are fed at home, and clcium supplements are also needed, otherwise, eggshells do not have raw materials, and sand, pebbles, and broken eggs can be added. Both bone residue and meat residue are acceptable. Chickens fed in this way grow well and lay large eggs. Also have to put a small bowl of water for them, they need to drink water. If you have time, catch some caterpillars and earthworms, that's the best.

Second, according to the change of seasons

Generally, in summer, it doesn’t matter if you release the chickens earlier in the morning. After all, the weather in summer is hotter, and you can let the chickens move around earlier. But in winter, you can’t release Ali so early, because there are many foggy mornings in winter. Putting the chicken out too early is easy to catch a cold.

3. Determine the breeding method according to the size of the chicken

If you want to improve the survival rate of chickens, it is best to raise the chicks in an iron cage when they are hatched by the hen. If you bring them to the hen, they are easy to lose or be eaten by owls. Reduce the survival rate of chickens, so try to separate the chicks and hens, and then feed them with feed, so that the chicks grow fast and strong.

Four, should be stocked frequently

If you want to improve the meat quality of chickens, it is best to stock them frequently and eat some sand or worms, which will help the digestion ability of the chickens, and the meat quality of the chickens will be stronger, the taste will be more delicious, and the resistance will be better

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5. Feed some herbal tea properly

Chickens need to be properly fed with some herbal tea after a period of time, because after a long time, chickens will be prone to colds caused by lung heat and asthma, so we must pay attention to this point.

6. Pay attention to the environment of the chicken coop

It is best to prepare a chicken house specially for chickens, and it should be ventilated and spacious. If it is too crowded, the air in the chicken house will not circulate easily, and the chickens will easily get sick. And the chicken house should be cleaned regularly, so as not to pile up those chickens Dung for too long, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Seven, regular vaccination

Generally, for those who raise chickens at home, the policy of the village will give the farmers free vaccinations, so they must report the number of chickens raised to the village committee, and then do regular preventive work, which can improve the quantity and quality of chickens. This work must be done in a timely manner. It is best to do this work well before the onset of the disease. Generally, there is no effect after the onset of the disease.


8. Breed according to the size of the chickens

Small chickens are raised separately from small chickens, and the big ones are raised together. If they are mixed together, the small chickens generally have no way to compete with the big chickens for food, so they are prone to malnutrition and many problems will directly affect If the quantity and quality of chickens are sorted and raised, the quality and quantity of chickens can be improved.

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