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Detailed explanation of the seven stages of meat and chicken breeding

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-03-19      Origin: LONGMU


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Detailed explanation of the seven stages of broiler farming

The quality of the large-scale farm determines every detail in the breeding management. There are different concerns during the breeding phase of the breeding stage of the chicken. Following we will learn about the focus of the breeding of broilers.

Before entering the topic, let's talk about the four main points of raising chickens: healthy chicken seedlings, complete nutrition, a suitable environment and a healthy body. These four conditions are indispensable.

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1. Chicken seedlings are the most important, and it directly determines benefits. Because the healthy chicken seedlings cannot be repaired and made up for the day after tomorrow.  Each incubation field has good seedlings and bad seedlings. Therefore, when we choose chicken seedlings, we must be cautious. At the same time, we must understand the price of chicken seedlings to determine their overall quality.

2. Feed is an important factor affecting the health of chicks. The brooding period should be fed with digestible and nutritious complete feed for chicks. And feed less and feed more frequently to promote the growth and development of chicks.

3. A suitable environment is important for chicks' growth, too. Standardized farming, adjusting environmental factors, that is, the environmental control for the automatic chicken farm we call is very important.

4. A healthy body. Only when the above three points are done well can the fourth point be a healthy body.


1-7 age follow point

What should we pay attention to in the first week? Some people say it is temperature; some people say it is ventilation; some say it is density; some say it is light; some say it is humidity. Everyone knows such a sentence, "The end of the weekend": The weight of the first weekend determines the weight of the pheasant. The weight of the pheasant is 10 to 15 grams per gram of weight in the first weekend. To achieve an ideal weekend weight, the five major breeding elements of temperature, ventilation, density, light, and humidity must be done well. However, these factors do not have a fixed standard, and they must the change according to factors such as your equipment, climate, and chicken weight; in short, how to make chickens be comfortable and do it.

Real health breeding is to use real scientific methods to breed. The first principle of medication is safety, not the effect. Therefore, in terms of the choice of opening drugs, the drug should be reasonably selected according to the physical fitness of the chicken seedlings, and it is not affecting the weekend's weight and ensuring the basic health, that is, it does not affect the development and growth of the organs of the body in principle.


In immunity, vaccine strains are very important. If you do not have a disease, immune to the disease is the most sad; in the immune path, the injection must be injected, the oral administration must be taken, the nose is dripping nose, a composite antibody, an intestine, a intestine Tao mucosa, a respiratory tract mucosa, can not be missed in any one; if you pay attention to immune response and immune index, it is recommended having a large -scale farm of 50,000 pheasants. There should be an antibody detection equipment. Essence

8-14 Attention points

This week's attention is to gradually increase the amount of gas replacement, pay attention to contradictions with temperature, and pay attention to the control of immunological stress after immune immune stress.

First, decide to gradually reduce the temperature according to physical and seasonal decisions.

Second, humidity strives to achieve standards.

Third, appropriately increase ventilation according to the season, pay attention to the ventilation position.

Fourth, adjust the strength of time and light to reduce sudden death.

Fifth, adjust the density according to the season.

The above five points must be grasped: the internal environment is gentlely connected as the basic principle to reduce the stress reaction. At this stage, we must pay attention to the control of raw disease and excessive immune stress. Pay attention to the new Chinese medicine prevention of immune rolling stress after 24 hours of immune immunity; pay attention to the intestinal response at this stage -indigestion (overdue) Or diarrhea and other symptoms; pay attention to gastric symptoms (glandular gastritis) caused by mold or immunogenic inhibitory disease. The intestine is the largest immune organs of the body. The integrity of the intestinal mucosa determines the transformation and absorption of feed. Eliminate the disease from the mouth. In terms of immunity, the focus of this stage is the immunity of Fahrenheit, including the choice of vaccine and immune pathway; immune methods and effects attention; precautions during immune; the focus of management during immune. The anti -immune response should disappear in 72 hours, otherwise the body's resistance is too small, or the poisoning force of the strain is too large.

15-21 age attention points

After 15 days, we must pay attention to the issue of ventilation. For example, how to change the ventilation method, we must pay attention to the sample temperature of the chicken body; Treatment and humidity must be recorded in daily record books, otherwise you don't know where you fail. The ventilation is not good, the hot and cold, the day of ventilation is the precursor of the onset; the respiratory tract symptoms more than three days; more than the fifth weather sac is turbid; The pheasant Xincheng epidemic is 10 to 15 days, and the influenza of bird flu is immune to gap from 21 to 28. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to how to protect the immune gap period, and this determines whether the body is healthy in the fourth week. At the same time, this time period should focus on IBD's immune response and minimize immune stress as much as roost feeder (6)

22-28 date attention points

The core work of the fourth week is the grasp of ventilation and temperature checks and balance points (it is recommended installing a negative pressure meter, the negative pressure in the house can be visible), and this period is also the influenza immune gap period, so be sure to adjust the ventilation and temperature of the temperature The contradictions in the middle can achieve a smooth transition and reduce the ups and downs. Even the temperature difference between 5 ° c will become a detonation point of the epidemic, thereby ensuring the continuous amount of feeding. Whether the management work this week is in place, it will determine whether the 35 -day age will be forced to sell chickens.

29-35 date of attention point

This week is the red warning stage. If the early management is not good, this period should erupt. Some scale chicken farms can reach 99%on the 21st on the 21st. If there is a problem at this time, you can only contact the slaughterhouse in advance. In fact, in many cases, we have created opportunities for pathogens, and in the insufficient feeding management, it will cause which aspect of the disease. The focus of attention this week is the temperature of bird flu, Xincheng epidemic and chicken, and prevent ingredients and diarrhea.

In general, 35 days ago, the most important thing was ventilation, and the sample temperature control of chickens formed by temperature, humidity, and wind speeds formed by temperature, humidity and chicken back. All this involves how to turn on the fan, such as speed, area, ventilation, distance, wind gate angle, temperature correction, etc. If you want to raise chickens in winter, you must ponder the direction of the wind. You must control this; otherwise you do not control the wind, it must control you. Now, many farms are the problem of excessive wind speed. At the same time, it is recommended that the farm is equipped with ammonia content probe and oxygen content probe. First, it is necessary to determine whether it is ventilated through ammonia and oxygen content. After ventilation, the temperature changes, and the temperature adjusts accordingly.

35-day age-Following the column

drink cup (1)

At the age of 35, we must pay attention to the prevention and control of the intestinal disease, such as preventing the harm of mold toxins and Weibacterus. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the growth efficiency and prevent emergencies. For half an hour of power outage, 4 or five thousand chickens died.

Finally, to sum up, the healthy chicken seedlings in the large -scale meat chicken farm are fundamental, full -price nutrition is the foundation, the suitable environment is the core, and the healthy body is guarantee; and the foundation+fundamental+core+guarantee = benefits. Therefore, breeding management is the most important. If the chickens are well raised, the disease is naturally less, and the benefits are naturally high. Therefore, we must focus on chickens, pay attention to every detail in breeding, constantly compare, and continue to summarize, so as to explore the benefit model that is suitable for our farm, and to do it every day.


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