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Are You Stressed about How To Provide Sound Drinking Systems for Your Birds on The Farm?

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Are you stressed about how to provide sound drinking systems for your birds on the farm? If so, keep reading this article to learn about the best drinking systems for poultry available in the market to meet your needs.

The drinking water systems in commercial poultry farms

In many poultry farms, the feed supply of the birds is closely monitored. However, they often look over the drinking water requirement of these fowls. Poultry fowls require clean drinking water to survive.

Besides providing nutrition, water is also a temperature regulator for the fowls; hence, providing sufficient water is critical for survival during humid seasons. Some researchers have also mentioned that these fowls can survive without food for a while, but they cannot do without water for a more extended period.

Hygiene is an important parameter when selecting a drinking system for your poultry farm. Since ill fowls can be a threat to consumers’ health, you must focus on managing the cleaner drinking systems.

One should direct the closed drinking water supplies to the farm to avoid contamination with drainage systems. One can also often check the facility by adjusting the water pressure, flushing, or changing the height of nipples at an interval periodically.

The drinking water systems for poultry can be manual and automated depending upon the kind of fowl raised. Some of the common types of drinkers available are Pan and Jar drinkers, the Bell Automatic Waterer, Nipple Drinker, Duo Flow nipple drinkers, Cable Winches drinking water system, turkey drinkers, etc.

Best Poultry Drinking Systems

1. Nipple Drinking System

The Nipple drinking systems are reliable and the most hygienic type of water supply for poultry. This technique keeps the drinking vessel clean as the fowls only drink through the tips of the nipples. It also creates less mess on the farm as there is no chance of excess water spillage.

This system has a water supply pipe fitted with nipples like spark plugs around the farm. When a bird reaches the nipples, it releases water and can drink the water.

The nipple drinker

However, it would be best to keep certain factors in mind while building a nipple drinking water system on your farm. The trough or hanging portion of the system should be almost equal to the height of the bird.

This type of drinker is suitable for small fowls and chicks.

2. Spark cup drinking System

This automated drinking system is helpful for farms with comparatively higher water requirements. The fowl in hotter climates are easily dehydrated, and hence these require a higher amount of water throughout the day.

The drinking system has cups held by a suspension attached to the water supply. This automated system has spark plugs attached to the cup.

Thus, when a bird pecks on the cup, it is filled with water, and the bird can drink just the required amount of water. One drinking cup usually has 500 and 600 ml per minute, so there is a higher water flow.

Chicks drinking water from the spark cup drinking system

The spark-up drinking system is suitable for breeders, broilers, layers, and turkeys. It is also a hygienic drinking water supply in which the water resource isn’t contaminated.

3. Round drinkers systems

The round drinker is a traditional drinking system that has been used in poultry farms. It is an easy-to-set-up kind of drinking water system as there are no additional pipelines or settings required.

A Rounder drinker system is an open water supply system that can be used for all kinds of poultry. You can once put the water in the container, and the fowls will dip their pecks and drink the water.

The traditional round drinker

Despite being cheap and easy to install, this drinking system has different disadvantages. The fowl can create a mess and contaminate the water as well. You can find this rounder drinker of different types depending on the size and weight of the fowls, as the drinkers are often in a suspended position.

Some examples of round drinking systems available in the market are the Jumbo B drinker and Jumbo T drinker. These types of drinking water systems if used for rearing turkeys as well as layers and broilers

4. Pendular Drinking System

The pendular drinking system is an advanced poultry watering system to provides clean water to the fowls. It has an oscillating pendulum that runs with the help of gravitational pull and swings the water container to reach out to the fowls.

This drinker consists of a cup, and a nipple hung on a pendulum. Hence, the fowls have the option to access to open water system from the cup, or they can use the nipple as well. The pendular drinking system integrates these two types to facilitate all kinds of fowls on the farm.

The pendular drinking water system

Each time a bird feeds, the pendulum swings, opening the valve and allowing the water to flow to the cup. This system works manually efficiently so that it wouldn’t require an automated system.

The pendular drinking system is often helpful for rearing turkeys.

5. Drip Cup Drinking Water System

The drip cup drinking water system is also a hygienic way of feeding water to your fowls as the complete source of water doesn’t get contaminated. You may also integrate this drinking system and a nipple drinker to facilitate the larger birds raised alongside the smaller ones.

In this technique, the water drips on the serving cup from the suspension system, and fowl can directly drink it from the cup.

It is an automated drinking system and is very useful in having water. This equipment is easy to clean and use. The farmers often use this technique for fowls like ducks, chickens, and other birds.

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