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What facilities and equipment are needed for healthy meat duck farming?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-04-06      Origin: LONGMU


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Breeding husbandry equipment is the important material basis for duck breeding. The structure and design of the breeding facilities greatly affect the effect of duck breeding farming and the environmental and ecological benefits. Facilities and equipment must not only meet production needs, but also meet epidemic prevention requirements and meet the standards for healthy breeding construction. Therefore, high standards are required for infrastructure such as feeding equipment,drinking water equipment,ventilation equipment, and environmental control equipment to ensure the health of the cultured meat ducks and produce healthy and high-quality products.

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(1) feeding husbandry equipment

There are many styles of tools for feeding ducks, such as feed trays, feeding troughs, buckets, plastic sheets or pots, etc.Duck farms with good conditions can also use automatic feeding lines. Feed trays and plastic sheets are mostly used for ducklings to start eating. Feed trays are generally used, and plastic sheets should be more reflective so that ducklings can find food. Bamboo mats and straw mats can also be used instead. Larger young ducks and breeding ducks can use non-toxic plastic basins as food basins, which is easy to clean, disinfect and move. Feeding troughs or buckets can be used for ducks at all stages, and the feeding troughs should be wide at the bottom and narrow at the top to prevent feed waste. The feeding bucket can store more feed, and it can automatically unload the feed while eating, saving labor, and the ducks eat evenly, especially suitable for feeding pellet feed. The automatic feeding linesaves labor to the greatest extent and is suitable for large-scale duck house feeding. If powder is used for feeding, it must be very dry, but it cannot be crushed too finely, so as not to agglomerate and reduce the quality after being protected from moisture, which will affect the feeding.

(2) drinking water equipment

There are many styles of drinking fountainsfor raising ducks. There are many types of drinking fountains for ducks, such as long flow tanks, tower-shaped vacuum drinking fountains, Plasson automatic drinking fountains, and nipple drinking fountains. Duck farms with good conditions can also use automatic drinking system. Drinking fountains for adult ducks can use non-toxic plastic basins or pottery bowls, or small water tanks. However, it must be noted that with a basin or trough drinking fountain with a larger diameter, a cover (made of bamboo strips or thick iron wire) must be placed over the basin or sink to prevent ducks from jumping into the basin to take a bath while drinking and polluting the ducks drinking water. The large duck house recommends the automatic watering line of Longmu Animal Husbandry Technology (Cangzhou) Co., Ltd. to maximize the grade of the duck husbandry house and save you time and manpower.

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(3) Ventilation equipment

The most commonly used ventilation equipment is the fan, which is required to have the characteristics of large air volume, low noise, energy saving, stable operation, automatic opening and closing of the shutters, and convenient maintenance. The fan is mainly used to discharge the dirty air in the house, send the fresh air outside the house into the duck house or use it for air flow in the house. Both vertical and horizontal ventilation in the duck house is applicable.

(4) Cooling equipment

The most commonly used cooling equipment is the cooling pads cooling system, which is mainly composed of the cooling pads and a fan. The water is sent to the top of the cooling pads through the water supply system, so as to wet the surface of the cooling pads. When the air passes through the cooling pads, the water is in full contact with the air to reduce the temperature of the air and achieve the purpose of cooling. When selecting, the medium of the cooling pads is required to be easy to clean, anti-rat, and have a long service life.In addition, the cooling equipment can also choose a spray cooling system. The system is composed of various types of atomizing nozzles and pressure pumps connected to the pipeline. The system has the functions of cooling in summer, spraying dust removal, continuous humidification, environmental disinfection, and fresh air. When selecting, it is required that the equipment is easy to clean and maintain, especially the nozzle is not easy to block and easy to clean.

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(5) Manure cleaning, cleaning, and disinfection equipment

The most common manure cleaning equipment is the manure scraping system, which is generally required to be safe to use, corrosion-resistant, low-noise, and easy to operate and maintain. The cleaning equipment is mainly a high-pressure washing machine, and the one with an atomizing nozzle can also be used as a disinfection equipment. There are two kinds of disinfection equipment: manual knapsack sprayer and mechanical power sprayer. Cleaning and disinfection equipment are generally required to be easy to move, and the internal pipelines of the machine are easy to clean and replace.

(6) Environmental monitoring and control system

The environmental monitoring and control system can be used to effectively monitor and automatically control environmental factors such as heating, cooling, air inlet, and light in the duck house, so that the temperature, humidity, air quality, and light in the duck house etc,is kept within the required range and are easy to operate.

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