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What is the supporting equipment for laying hen cages?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-02-11      Origin: LONGMU


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The main equipment required for laying hen farming is: laying hen cages, an automatic drinking water line, an automatic feeding machine, an automatic manure cleaning machine, automatic temperature control ventilation equipment, and automatic egg collection equipment.


1. Layer hen cage: Layer hen cages are used for cage-raising equipment, which can make full use of the space of the chicken house and save the area of the chicken house. The layer cages are divided into two types: H-type(cascading) layer cage and A-type(stepped layer cages) layer cage.

Ladder-type laying hen equipment means that chicken cages are installed in A-type. There are two types of manure removal: scraper manure removal and belt manure removal. It is a relatively early-used laying hen breeding equipment. Now generally small and medium-sized customers still use A-type laying hens cage equipment. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

(1) The breeding density is large, saving houses and saving land. In the same ground and buildings, the chicken layer cages can raise three to five times more laying hens than the flat ones, and the laying hens can be mechanized and automated, and the labor efficiency is high.

(2) High egg production rate and clean eggshell. The temperature and humidity in the chicken layer cage house are easy to control and provide a high-yield and stable living condition for the chickens. After the eggs are produced, they are not easily contaminated by feces, and the surface of the eggshell is relatively clean.

(3)Facilitate the prevention and control of the spread of disease. The laying hens are caged, the dust in the house is less, and the chicken body is not in contact with the feces, which reduces the chance of disease transmission. Moreover, due to the relatively fixed position of the chickens, the affected chickens are easily detected through the feces and changes in feed intake, so measures can be taken early.

(4) High feed utilization rate. Chickens have a small amount of activity in the chicken layer cage, consume less energy, have less feed intake, and have higher feed returns than flat raising. At the same time, because the trough is placed outside the chicken layer cage, it is not easy to cause waste of feed.

(5) Laying hens are easy to adopt word management measures, such as restricted feeding, flock observation, production records, and chicken catching.

There are also some unfavorable aspects of laying hens in cages, mainly in the following aspects: ①There is a lot of investment in equipment, and there must be a reliable power supply. ② To provide full-price compound feed, the technical requirements for feeding and management are also relatively high, such as improper feeding and management, being prone to overfat or nutritional deficiencies, fatty liver syndrome, fatigue in caged laying hens, etc.

2. Cascading layer equipment

Cascading breeding equipment is also called H-type laying hen cages, which are stacked on top of each other like buildings. This kind of equipment was developed in the later stage. Due to the increasingly tight land resources, the land that can be used for breeding is getting less and less, so More and more customers are increasing the stocking density in order to save land, and the degree of intensification is getting higher and higher. Some even have 8-10 floors, and a chicken coop can raise 100,000 chickens.


Its advantages are:

Realize fully automatic control, greatly reducing the number of operators, reducing labor intensity, and improving labor productivity;

There is a manure cleaning belt at the bottom of each layer of cages, which is clean and hygienic to ensure the health of the chickens;

Small footprint, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale breeding;

The chicken manure is cleaned in layers, easy to collect and then centralized treatment, the chicken manure utilization rate is high, and the environmental pollution is minimal;

The fully enclosed feeding mode is conducive to preventing the occurrence of infectious diseases and improving the production performance of chicken flocks;

its shortcomings;

It must be closed and have automatic temperature control, otherwise, it is difficult to control the temperature inside the chicken house;

The risk factor is relatively high, and there are tens of thousands of chickens in one house.

Based on the above situation, I believe everyone knows how to choose, and which one is better is actually a matter of opinion. All the bosses still choose the equipment that suits them according to their total laying hen breeding and investment.

2. Automatic drinking water line, mainly including water storage tanks, water delivery pipelines, and drinking fountains. Ensure that every chicken can drink clean drinking water.

3. Automatic feeding machine: The feeding machine can realize automatic feeding for multi-layer breeding. The feeding machine has a special device to ensure that the feed can be evenly spread to the trough to avoid waste.

4. Automatic manure cleaning machine: The automatic manure cleaning machine can automatically clean the manure and can be timed, thus ensuring the environment of the chicken house, greatly reducing the labor intensity, and providing a good air environment for the chickens.

5. Automatic temperature control and ventilation equipment: heating and cooling equipment, automatically adjust the required temperature and ventilation volume of the chicken house, and give laying hens a comfortable and fresh environment.

6. Automatic egg collection machine: The automatic egg collection machine is a special equipment for collecting eggs. It collects eggs in one place for farmers to process, replacing the time-consuming and laborious manual egg collection in the past, improving work efficiency, and can also Make adjustments as needed to reduce breakage rates.

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