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What is more suitable for rural people who have no money or skills to raise?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-09-20      Origin: LONGMU


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Hello everyone, we are meeting again. Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. As usual, today we will continue to talk about making money in rural areas!

In recent years, rural development has been very good. Both infrastructure construction and farmers' income have greatly improved compared to before, and the government is still vigorously supporting rural areas with the aim of further narrowing the urban-rural gap. In this way, there are many good business opportunities in rural areas, and many young people have also discovered these opportunities and plan to return to rural areas to start their own businesses. However, returning to rural areas for entrepreneurship is not that simple. The simplest and most direct and effective way for farmers to start their own businesses is to engage in breeding and breeding projects. Among them, some breeding projects have faster returns and higher profits, so many people who return to rural areas for entrepreneurship choose to engage in breeding projects. Today we will talk about what is suitable for farming if you are a rural novice friend who wants to do farming projects but do not have sufficient funds? Let's take a look together.


1、 Free range local chicken

Surrounding a plot of land in rural areas to feed local chickens with grain, pasture, etc. is a relatively low risk, easy to manage, and relatively stable profit project. Firstly, the living standards of the general public are constantly improving, and the quality requirements for meat are also very high. Like those chickens raised on feed in ordinary large farms, many people do not like to eat them and would rather spend a lot of money to buy real rural free range chickens to eat. Therefore, the prospects for raising local chickens are very promising. To raise local chickens, it is necessary to ensure quality and not feed them all with refined feed. Instead, it is necessary to feed them with grains such as corn and rice, and the breeding time should be at least six months or more. This way, the meat quality of the raised local chickens is better and they can be sold at high prices.

If people in rural areas want to raise local chickens in a free range and the start-up funds are not large, I suggest spending tens of thousands of yuan to raise around 500 local chickens first. After six months of breeding, it can be sold and can earn a net profit of about 20000 to 30000 yuan, which is still a good profit. Raising local chickens can be done twice a year, which can earn tens of thousands of yuan. The key is that this investment is very small and can be accepted by farmers. With more experience and sufficient funds in the later stage, we can expand our scale. Once the local chicken is successfully raised and the market opens up, it is indeed very profitable. A truly raised local chicken for more than half a year can sell for 80-100 yuan per chicken, and you can imagine how high the profit is.

                                                       chick feeder1pigeon-feeder3

2、 Raising meat rabbits

Breeding meat rabbits, if viewed from the perspective of breeding efficiency, is an economic animal that integrates fur, meat, and fecal sales. Raising meat rabbits has a high survival rate, simple breeding, short growth cycle, fast reproduction, and easy expansion of scale. Another advantage is that the breeding cost is very low, and the initial investment is also very small. Raising meat rabbits develops quickly, and usually they can be marketed and sold after more than two months of breeding. Mother rabbits can be bred within four months, and breed about 8 times a year, making it particularly easy to expand their scale.

Rabbits are not picky about food, they can eat vegetable leaves, green grass, leaves, and can also be fed with specialized feed. It is not recommended to feed rabbits in rural areas. We can plant grass to feed them, and add some vegetable leaves, corn, and other feed to reduce the cost of raising them. Eating rabbit meat has become a habit now, and domestic rabbits are a bit out of supply to meet market demand. Therefore, this is also a very good breeding project.

                                                         egg pad7        pigeon leg ring (6)

3、 Raising goats

Raising goats in rural areas is also a quite good project, mainly because the price of lamb has always been relatively high and very stable, with smooth sales. In addition, rural free range goat farming can adopt a pure grazing model, which will result in extremely low breeding costs and minimal initial investment. In addition, goats have particularly strong disease resistance and rarely develop diseases, making management very simple.

If you are a beginner raising goats in rural areas, it is recommended to raise around 20 goats in the early stage and then self breed and self raise them. After the second year, there is no need to buy lambs, and there is no need to invest too much. Moreover, due to grazing, the cost of raising is also very low, resulting in high profits. If a rural couple grazes and raises goats, they can raise around 100-150, earning a net income of over 100000 yuan per year.

4、 Raising geese

Goose is an animal with strong adaptability, fast growth speed, and short breeding cycle, making it very suitable for beginners to breed. With the increasing demand for food, many people have found that regularly eating goose meat is very beneficial for the body, so the proportion of goose meat in the meat market is now very high. Goose not only has high meat value, but also has high feather value. Goose down has become a popular raw material in the down industry.

So, the market demand for geese is still very large. If you raise three to five hundred geese in rural areas, the initial investment is not large, and the management is also very simple. At most, it can be sold in four months, and the net profit per goose can reach 50-80 yuan. This is a very good breeding project.

5、 Raising crayfish

The crayfish has a strong adaptability and can live well in ponds, lakes, or ditches. Moreover, it has a diverse diet and is easy to raise. Additionally, it grows very quickly and has excellent disease resistance, making it very popular among farmers.


Crayfish is rich in nutrients, low in fat content, but high in calcium content. Its meat is delicate and highly favored by consumers, so the demand for crayfish is particularly high. The price of crayfish this year is very good. The once most expensive retail price was over 40 yuan per kilogram, but now it can still be sold for around 15 yuan per kilogram. This year, crayfish farmers have made a lot of money, and it is estimated that in the next two years, crayfish farmers will still be able to make money.

6、 Breeding meat pigeons

Now there is a type of meat pigeon that can grow to around 1.5 pounds and is very large. Have you ever seen it? Pigeons have high nutritional value and have certain therapeutic and nourishing effects. In terms of taste, the meat of meat pigeons is relatively tender and has no other bad taste. Whether it is made in soup or braised in brown sauce, it is very delicious, so the price of meat pigeons is also relatively high. The growth cycle of breeding meat pigeons is particularly short, with little pigeons only taking over 20 days from hatching to market. Moreover, pigeons do not eat much and the breeding cost is very low. Therefore, the investment in breeding meat pigeons is very low, but the profits are quite gratifying. If you are a beginner in breeding meat pigeons, it is recommended to buy ten pairs of young pigeons and self breed them, so that they can develop quickly.

The above are the projects I want to share with you today. These projects have obvious advantages, which are small investment. Generally, investing thousands to tens of thousands of yuan is enough, and the breeding technology is simple, even beginners can successfully breed. So these breeding projects have always been my favorites. If you also want to develop in rural areas, you might as well try these breeding projects.

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