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What equipment is commonly used in pig farms?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-05-19      Origin: LONGMU


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1. Ultrasound machine

The veterinary B-ultrasound machine can diagnose whether the sow is pregnant after mating and can find the empty pregnant sow in time, so as to take measures to make it estrus and re-match. Inspection, its operation is simple, the accuracy rate is high, and the error is small, which can greatly reduce the loss of pig production. Because false pregnancy and lack of estrus are common in pig farms, it is difficult for people to accurately determine whether they are pregnant or not by other diagnostic methods and observing the behavior of pigs. According to statistics, the application of B-ultrasound machines in breeding pig farms can reduce economic losses.

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2. Unpowered roof fan

It is important to keep the air fresh and dry in the pig house and reduce the ammonia odor. People often use windows, doors and ventilation fans on the wall of the pig house to ventilate. These ventilation methods are not ideal.

When the temperature is low in winter, it is easy to reduce the temperature where the pigs live, causing the pigs to feel unwell or even sick. For this, some unpowered fans can be placed on the roof of the pig house. The mouth is the same size as the fan base, and it is fixed on the roof. This kind of ventilation does not require any power, and it can rotate with a breeze, almost constantly rotating, so that the ammonia and moisture in the pig house can be taken away at any time. And does not affect the temperature in the pig house

3. Set of pig mouth retainer

In the production of pigs, when the pigs are checked for diseases, given injections, and sold, the pigs must be restrained. For larger pigs, restraint is more difficult, and a pig mouth restrainer can be used for restraint. This restrainer is particularly convenient and reliable for holding pigs. Use a rope cover (a wire rope cover with a handle) to quickly cover the upper mouth of the pig, and then forcefully pull it forward. At this time, the pig will move backward because the person pulls it forward. The noose is tightly fastened to the pig's mouth so that the pig becomes quiet and obedient due to the pain. At this time, it is possible to smoothly perform injections, and various diagnoses, or lead the pig out of the house.

4. Infrared heat preservation bulb

The colder climate is an important factor leading to low survival rates and many diseases in newborn piglets. Even if there are thermal insulation facilities in the pig house, it can only reach the temperature suitable for adult pigs. For piglets, the temperature is still low. This should create a small environment with a higher temperature for piglets. Hanging the heat preservation lamp, it is best to place a piglet incubator and hang the heat preservation light on the top of the heat preservation box, so that the piglets will automatically lie in the warm heat preservation box or under the heat preservation lamp, which is the most effective and most effective way to improve the life of the piglets. The energy-saving and simple heating method is an important measure to improve the survival rate of piglets. In the severe cold season when the temperature is too low, electric heating plates can also be placed on the ground where piglets lie. The temperature of the living place.

5. Automatic drinking fountain for pigs

Drinking water for pigs is the most important part of pig breeding and management. The traditional artificial water supply is not only laborious but also cannot accurately grasp the water demand of pigs. Too little water can’t meet the needs of pigs, too much will cause waste, and it is easy to freeze in winter, especially when water is added to the tank for pigs to drink, it often gets dirty and polluted. For this, automatic drinking fountains can be installed in pig houses, allowing pigs to drink automatically at any time as needed can effectively solve the above problems. The method is: to install running water pipes on the walls of the pig houses and install several automatic drinking fountains for pigs on the water pipes of each pig house, so that when the pigs need to drink water, Bite the automatic drinking fountain with your mouth, once the drinking fountain is bitten, water will flow out automatically, as soon as the mouth leaves the drinking fountain, it will automatically close, and the water will no longer flow out.

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6. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp

Install ultraviolet disinfection lamps in the pig house and at the door of the pig house to disinfect the personnel entering the pig house, the space environment, the pig body, objects, etc. in the pig house. These spaces cannot be disinfected with other disinfectants, etc. Ultraviolet lamp irradiation disinfection can play a convenient and reliable effect. The method is: to set up a disinfection room at the door of the pig house and place ultraviolet disinfection lamps in the room. People who enter the pig house must first enter the disinfection room, turn on the ultraviolet light, and wait for more than 10 minutes to irradiate. The size of the area, several ultraviolet lamps are placed, and the lights are turned on every morning and evening for about 15 minutes each, which can play a role in disinfecting the pig house space, pig body, and other items, and can play a certain aphrodisiac effect on breeding sows.

7. Pig gastric tube

When pigs are sick and take medicine internally, it is very difficult for pigs to take medicine by oral administration, because it is easy to cause sudden death of pigs due to drug choking by oral administration of medicine. For this, a pig gastric tube can be used to administer medicine. The method is as follows: the pig is lying down and fixed, and the gag is worn in the open mouth of the pig to open the mouth of the pig, and then one person holds the head end of the pig's gastric tube, aligns with the hole of the gag, and inserts the gastric tube toward the pig's esophagus. Make sure to insert it into the stomach instead of the trachea (judgment method is: pinch the rubber ball connected to the stomach tube of the pig, and then fold a part of the stomach tube at the upper end of the rubber ball. If the rubber ball swells again, it means that the stomach tube is inserted into the trachea. Because of withdrawal and reinsertion, if the rubber ball does not swell, it means that it is inserted into the gastric tube).

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8. Scissors

There are two pairs of canines on the lower jaw of the pig’s mouth near the corner of the mouth. The canines protrude outwards. It is easy to bite the nipples and udders of the sow during breastfeeding, causing the sow to refuse the piglet to eat milk, and can also cause mastitis and reduce the milk. Or do not produce milk and the milk quality declines. At the same time, the sow often turns over suddenly due to biting the sow's udder, standing up and crushing the piglet to death. After the piglet is dry after birth, the upper half of the canine teeth can be cut off department. The method is: one person holds the piglet, and the other person pinches the two corners of the piglet's mouth with one hand, and the piglet opens its mouth naturally, stretches out the tooth scissors, and aligns the canine teeth to cut off the protruding part.

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