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What are the equipment for raising rabbits? How to design a rabbit cage better?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-06-21      Origin: LONGMU


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Pet rabbits are a new kind of companion animal. Most pet rabbits do not have the value of fur, fur and meat. Pets are mostly in single-living families and childless families, but there are still many families who consider the safety of children and the habits of cats and dogs, and choose quiet and docile pets, so pet rabbits are a very good direction.

The difference between pet rabbits and edible rabbits


1. Variety

Meat rabbits are mainly used for food and fur. Moreover, they are relatively large in size and heavy in weight, so they are not suitable for raising families. Although they are also good-looking, their ornamental value is relatively low.

There are more types of pet rabbits, such as lop-eared rabbits, dwarf rabbits, Dodge rabbits, etc. There are many types, styles, and coat colors, and the weight is generally less than 5 patties, which is more suitable for closeness and interaction.

2. Lifespan

The lifespan of meat rabbits is relatively short, and the main pursuit is practicality, so the lifespan of rabbits is not pursued in terms of breeding. Pet rabbits generally have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years and even a long life of up to 18 years.

3. Odor

Rabbits have been bred for a long time, and the distinction between types has been perfected. The secretion of the smell glands of pet rabbits is also reduced, and some pet shops will remove the smell glands, so the smell is not strong. But the meat rabbit tastes great.

4. Intelligence

After countless generations of development, pet rabbits have more contact with people, cooperation with people, obedience, and other aspects. Able to interact and communicate better with people. Appears to be more intelligent. Pet rabbits are very smart, they can learn to use the toilet.

rabbit farm1

5. Personality

After hundreds of years of continuous cultivation by humans, pet rabbits have been greatly reduced in their wildness and become more docile and well-behaved in character. Meat rabbits are even more irritable. Don't blindly raise meat rabbits as pet rabbits. Although the two are of the same species, there are obvious differences in the types they belong to.

What is the rabbit equipment

1. Rabbit feeding trough

It is recommended to use externally sealed automatic feeding troughs for rabbit breeding. This kind of feeding trough is hung on the cage door. When the rabbit eats food, its head extends from the cage mouth into the feeding trough, which can effectively prevent feed and feed pollution, and also prevent the cubs from feeding. The rabbit got out of its mouth. The feeding trough is composed of a feeding port, a storage bin, a feeding trough, and a partition. It is very convenient to feed outside the cage and easy to operate.

2. Rabbit nipple drinker

Rabbit nipple drinker are recommended to use a water supply system in which pure water bottles are hung and connected to duckbill drinking fountains, that is, the pure water bottles on household drinking fountains are hung upside down above the rabbit cage, and a plastic tube is connected to the mouth of the bottle to connect multiple drinking fountains. the rear of each rabbit cage.

3. Feces and urine separation sewage system

Feces and urine separation sewage system This is a very important link. The advantage of feces and urine separation is that it can greatly reduce the concentration of ammonia in the rabbit house and reduce the irritation to the rabbit's mucous membrane.Thereby controlling the occurrence of infectious rhinitis and respiratory inflammation.

4. Rabbit litter box

The farrowing box is the main facility for artificially simulating the cave environment for female rabbits to give birth and raise young. The warmth retention, ventilation, size and shape of the production box, the bedding in the production box and the placement of the production box, etc., all have a great influence on the survival rate and development of pups.It is recommended that everyone use sealed or cave-type production boxes.

How to design the rabbit cage better

1. Rabbit cage wall, the cage wall made of cement board requires a smooth surface, no moisture absorption, and no water storage, if it is a wire cage, there should be no burrs.

rabbit farm3

2. The top of the rabbit cage: the top of the rabbit cage is required to be able to prevent heat and cold. The fixed cage can be made of cement board. The top of the wire cage is generally used as a dung-bearing board, and it is required to be completely covered, and each layer must not leak, especially the joint between the cages.

3. Cage bottom plate; the cage bottom plate is the key part of the rabbit cage. The best cage bottom plate is the front plate and rear slatted type, that is, the front 2/3 of the cage bottom plate is glue wood board, and the rear 1/3 is slatted bamboo board. The advantage of this kind of cage bottom is that it can not only effectively prevent the occurrence of foot dermatitis, but also effectively control the hygiene in the cage.

4. Feces-bearing board: The dung-bearing board is generally installed under the bottom plate of the cage. It mainly plays the role of receiving feces and urine. There are two types of flat and cement tile shapes. Flows backward into the ditch of feces and urine. The requirement for the dung-bearing board is that the front, rear, left, and right coverage should be strict, there should be no gaps between the upper and lower layers, and there should be a certain distance between the cage bottom plate.

5. Cage door: The key to the setting of the cage door is that it is easy to open and close, tightly closed, and easy to operate after opening. The height of the cage door should be basically the same as the height of the cage, and the width is generally about 30 cm.

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