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What are the consequences of not ventilating the chicken house? How to improve the ventilating chicken house?

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Ventilation is not only extremely important for people, but also very important for plants and animals, such as raising chickens, many farmers always have various problems in raising chickens, in fact, they have something to do with no ventilation. Let's take a look at the harm and improvement measures of the chicken house without ventilation.

ventilation fansThe hazard of unventilated chicken house

If the chicken house is not ventilated for a long time, it will be short of oxygen for a long time, and not only is there a lack of oxygen, because the excrement of the chicken flock will produce ammonia and other gases, which cannot be discharged normally, and for a long time and a high concentration, it may cause chicken gas poisoning. In addition, in order to increase the temperature of the chicken coop, many will often take the method of burning charcoal or burning coal to heat up, which will lead to an increase in carbon monoxide concentration, if not timely ventilation, then not only the chickens will be dangerous, breeders may be dangerous after entering. Usually, Exhaust fans and ventilation fans or cooling pads need to be installed in the chicken house. It will be very helpful to improve the air of the chicken coop.

Measures for improvement

1. Ventilation

A good way is to ventilate frequently, generally take heating measures, generally ventilation, although this may be time-consuming and laborious, but it will not affect the temperature, but also can make the air better. In addition, in the burning of charcoal and coal is necessary to pay attention to ventilation, so as to avoid poisoning.

2. Feeding density

When raising chickens, we must pay attention to density, not too much use, if it is caged, do not swing too tightly, pay attention to appropriate ventilation, so that the air can become better.

3. Greening

We must pay attention to greening around the chicken coop, which can also play a certain role in improving the air quality and making the ecological environment of the chicken coop better.

4. Clean up the feces

A lot of poisonous gases are from the chicken excrement out, so for the chicken excrement must be cleaned up in time, the longer the excrement is discharged, the more toxic gases will be, usually in the chicken house should also be laid hay, while paying attention to replacement.chicken manure leakage floorNow more and more farmers are using plastic chicken leaking manure floors to improve the environment of the chicken house. The chicken manure leakage board is a plastic plate with a uniform size of defecation holes, the hole is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and the feces and urine of the chicken are automatically discharged through the defecation holes, which is convenient for the collection of the feces and achieves the separation of dry and wet. The chicken plastic slat floor can ensure sufficient ventilation throughout the year, and can effectively inhibit the accumulation of germs even in hot summer, which can effectively maintain the sanitation and epidemic prevention conditions of the breeding pens, without frequent manual cleaning, which greatly saves manpower and material resources. The plastic chicken manure leakage board is light and easy to install, flexible to disassemble, and convenient to transport. The plastic chicken manure leakage floor is ground-plugged, sturdy and reliable, and has an ideal load-bearing capacity (a single piece bears 1 ton). The service life of the plastic chicken manure leakage board can reach more than ten years. After ten years, the company will recycle it for reprocessing. After reprocessing, it can be used for 5-6 years. In this way, the service life of the manure leakage board is less than 15 years, which is environmentally friendly and saves cost. The plastic manure leakage board for chickens can ensure that the chickens can walk on the ground on the leaking manure floor, without hurting their feet or getting stuck, and avoid unnecessary losses to farmers. In the process of use, there will be no burrs, no bending deformation, and moderate elasticity, which can significantly improve the feeding and management conditions of breeding chickens.

5. Adsorption

Activated carbon, quicklime, cinder, etc. can be hung in a mesh bag in a chicken house, and some can also be sprinkled on the aisle, so that there is a certain adsorption effect on toxic gases, and the concentration of toxic gases in the air is reduced as much as possible.

The above is the introduction of the chicken house no ventilation hazards and improvement measures, I hope to help you, want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please pay attention to the hot livestock investment network.

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