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What are some tips for raising chickens?

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1. Vinegar sterilization

In the process of raising chickens, vinegar can be used for sterilization. First of all, you need to prepare a bottle of vinegar and mix it well with clean water. Then use a sprayer to spray the diluted vinegar solution into the chicken house, which can eliminate all the bacteria in the chicken house and let the chicken grow healthily.


2. Provide feed

In the process of raising chickens, feed can also be provided scientifically to help chickens grow better. First of all, the chickens can be provided with pumpkin to supplement vitamins, and pomegranate skins can also be provided to the chickens to eliminate parasites in the chickens. At the same time, when using pumpkin, it is best to chop it up and use it.


3. Chicken Farm

In the process of raising chickens, the choice of place is very important. Chickens are suitable for growing in a sunny and leeward environment. It is best to build the chicken coop in a sunny and shaded place during breeding. At the same time, the chicken coop needs to be covered with barbed wire to prevent the chicken from being invaded by natural enemies during the growth process.


4. Disease prevention

In the process of raising chickens, measures can also be taken to prevent diseases. First of all, it is necessary to regularly observe the growth status of chickens. If a chicken is found to be sick, it needs to be isolated and treated to avoid infecting the bacteria to other healthy chickens.

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