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Rational use of automatic feeding line in broiler farm

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-04-26      Origin: LONGMU


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There are two types of feeding equipment currently used in standardized broiler sites. One is manual feeding of the bucket feeding, which requires employees to manually add the material into the bucket. The advantage is to reduce equipment investment. However, artificial feeding is greatly affected by the quality of employees, which is not conducive to the management of more spilled feed. Another feeding method is mechanical automatic feeding: automatic feeding is a process in which the material is completely fed to broilers through mechanical equipment. Automatic feeding equipment is divided into fully automatic feeding equipment and semi-automatic feeding equipment. Fully automatic feeding line refers to a method of feeding broiler chickens with mechanical equipment. The advantages are manpower saving, uniform feeding and high feed conversion rate. But the investment is big. Semi-automatic feeding equipment means that there is no silo outside the house, and it needs to be manually fed into the feeder preparation box in the operation room. It only needs employees to put the material into the feed preparation box in the operation room, which reduces most of the large investment in the investment silo and bulk material trucks.

Several principles in the feeding process of broilers: 1. After the feed is added to the feeder bucket or feeder pan, the residence time in the chicken house shall not exceed 6 hours; 2. The cleaning feeder bucket time at least once a day, but the cleaning time should not be too long; 3. If it is not within the feed control time in the afternoon of 8-22, there must be no feed in the bucket or tray during other time periods. 4. During the normal growth process of broilers, the time to eat flour should not exceed two hours a day. 5. Do not unpack the feed before use to prevent the feed from absorbing moisture.

If the automatic feeding line is used properly, the production potential of broilers can be effectively brought into play, the growth rate of broilers can be improved, and the feed conversion rate can also be improved. It can improve the feed conversion rate by 0.05 points. Each chicken increases the net profit by about 0.7 yuan. The effect will be more obvious with effective management.

Problems in using automatic feeding line and semi-automatic feeding: when using automatic feeding equipment, there is often too much powder left during the feeding process, and the powder is stored in the house for too long, broilers do not like to eat, and will affects the growth and development of broilers, and even affects the normal operation of the feed line. How to take effective measures to minimize the generation of powder is the focus of the management of automatic feeding equipment. In order to reduce the generation of powder in the feeder, it is necessary to know the reason why the pellets are produced into powder.

feeder pan2

The reasons for producing powder are:

1. After the pellet feed stays in the air for too long after opening the package, it will cause it. The reason is that the pellet feed is easy to absorb moisture. Hardness, so that when the pellet feed is transported through the feed line, the pellet will be broken and more powder will be produced.

2. There will be some powder left in the feeding process of broilers: the reason for the feeders left in the feeding process of broilers is caused by unreasonable feeding procedures and feeding methods. Farmers who use automatic feeding equipment now often adopt the method of automatic feeding, which will cause broilers to only eat pellet feed and leave powder. In addition, in the timing feeding method, the amount of feeding is too large each time, so that the broiler is full after eating the pellets, and the powder is still left.

3.The distribution of the chickens in the house is uneven, causing the chickens to picky eaters and leaving powder. In the case of uneven distribution of chicken flocks, the side with high density will be insufficient, and the side with low density will only eat pellets and leave powder. If the time is long, the possibility of feed deterioration is high, so it will affect the feed intake of broilers even more.

4.If the feeding pan in the house is too high or too low, it will cause discomfort and inconvenience to the chickens and affect the normal feed intake of broilers. The hazards caused by the feed being stored in the house for too long are as follows: full-price feed is a highly nutritious substance, and it will cause the following hazards if it is stored in the air for too long. First, the freshness of the feed is reduced, and the feed if left in the house for more than four hours, the freshness will decline. The decrease in the freshness of the feed will reduce the appetite of the broiler and affect the feed intake of the broiler as much as possible. If the feed is stored in the air for too long, due to the relatively suitable humidity and temperature in the house, the content of pathogenic microorganisms in the feed will increase, and the degree of contamination of the feed will increase. It has also accelerated the rate of deterioration of the feed. As the time of the feed in the air is prolonged, the feed may become moldy.

feeder pan1

The correct way to use automatic feeding line and semi-automatic feeding line:

1. Carry out feeding at a fixed time and at a fixed number of times. It is necessary to calculate a sufficient amount for each feeding, but not to feed too much. It is necessary to calculate the feeding amount each time and adjust the metering device of the feeding tray. Take the correct feeding method according to the age of the flock: 8-22 days old, feed once every five hours, feed four times a day, and feed the broilers for 7 hours for the last feeding time, and eat clean in the feed basin the amount of material, the empty feeder pan is about two hours. The purpose of cleaning the feeder pan is to maintain the uniformity of feed nutrition and feed freshness, while ensuring the activity of broilers, improving the lung capacity of broilers, and increasing the vitality of broilers. If this work is done well, it can effectively prevent the increase in the death rate in the later period. The main problems of the high death rate in the later period are: the occurrence of sudden death syndrome, the occurrence of ascites, and the occurrence of cardiac effusion. These reasons all have a common reason - heart failure. Which reason is the most likely to aggravate the occurrence of heart failure symptoms? Heart failure is caused by pathological changes of the lungs and small vital capacity. Empty feeder trays are to increase the activity of broilers and increase the lung capacity of broilers as much as possible, thereby ensuring the health of the flock and reducing the incidence of . In other feeding stages, the feed is fed every four hours to stimulate the broilers to eat more.

2. Adjust the quantitative device of the feeding pan to control the amount of each feeding; in order to ensure that the material is eaten within the specified time, first calculate the approximate amount of feeding each time, and then calculate the amount of each feeding tray, then adjust the quantifier of the feeding tray to control the amount of feeding each time to meet the feed intake of broilers in this time period.

3.Minimize the exposure time of the feed in the air; there is no feed stored in the feeder box outside the house, and when feeding the feeder to the small feeder box inside the house, one bag after another is poured out. Do not dump much to prevent the feed from getting wet. Filling out the report on the day is subject to the fullness of the small feeder box in the house.

4. Take effective measures to ensure that the broilers are evenly distributed in the house. Fixed partitions in the house to prevent extreme temperatures in the house from causing excessive stocking density at one end of the house. Due to the high stocking density, the feed intake of broilers will be insufficient, which will affect the weight gain of broilers as much as possible, making the weight of broilers smaller and thinner. It will also cause part of the feeder pan to be emptied in advance, and the feeders of some different positions of feed will always be unfinished, resulting in too much powder.


5. The feeding pan of the feeding line in the house should be gradually increased with the increase of the age of the chicken. The height of the adjustment should not affect the feeding of the broiler chicken. It is advisable to adjust the height of the feeding tray of the feeding line to 24 days old. Raise, wait until the age of the flock reaches 30 days and then lower the feed line, it is advisable to keep the bottom of the feed pan within 5cm from the ground or the mesh surface. The reason is that after 30 days of age, the weight of the chicken is too large, and the chest muscles begin to plump, which is not conducive to raising the head to eat. If the feeder pan is too high, it will affect the normal feed intake of the broiler.

Feed intake peaks twice a day to ensure that there is sufficient feed in the plate, keep the feed clean and hygienic, and start the feeder to stimulate the feed intake—the importance of going to the chicken. After the chickens enter 30 days of age, due to their heavyweight, the chickens are unwilling to move, and often coaxing the chickens will help stimulate the chickens to eat more.

There are several ways to deal with common problems of broiler feed line in automatic chicken husbandry equipment:

1. The wire motor does not work. If this kind of problem occurs, first check whether the motor has been burned. You can remove the power cable on the motor from the control cabinet and connect it to the main power supply separately to check whether the motor is running. If the motor is running, it means that there is a problem in the control cabinet. You can check whether the contactor in the control cabinet is working normally, and whether the line contacts are loose. If the motor does not run, check whether the wire is broken. If the wire is intact, it proves that the problem is the motor, and the motor needs to be repaired.


2. The auger problem of the automatic chicken feeding line. Remember that the auger of the feed line cannot be reversed. If it is reversed, the auger will be broken or the auger will be pushed out of the feed pipe. If the auger breaks, please call the after-sales service department of the equipment company, and the after-sales service department will tell you how to weld in detail.

3.Frequently asked questions about the lifting system. The lifting system plays the most critical role in the complete chicken raising equipment. If there is a problem with the lifting system, the feed line will not be raised to the proper height, which will affect the chicken's feed intake. Therefore, after each batch of chickens is raised, it is necessary to regularly check whether the lifting system and movable pulleys is normal.

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