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Raising Rabbit Knowledge

Views: 305     Author: Rabbit Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-09-15      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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In recent years, rabbit meat has also become a delicacy on the table of many people. There are many people who breed rabbits in the countryside. In the process of rabbit farm feeding, we must pay attention to management, otherwise the rabbits will become sick or die, causing certain Economic losses, so what are the rabbit breeding methods and technologies? Let's take a look at the following.


1. For the construction of the rabbit house, choose a place with high terrain, sufficient sunlight, sufficient water and clean water, and prepare food feeder and rabbit nipple drinker cups. After the rabbit house is built, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning, disinfection, moisture-proof and so on, so as to create a good growth environment for rabbits.


2. Growth environment When raising rabbits, it is necessary to ensure that the entire rabbit house is clean and the surrounding environment is relatively dry, because the humid environment can easily lead to the breeding of germs. Also try to clean their rabbit food feeder and rabbit nipple drinker cups, and do a good job of disinfecting the rabbit house.


3. When selecting breeds to breed rabbits, it is necessary to choose breeding rabbits with good development, good breeds and robust physique, and after the male rabbits grow for three months, they should be raised separately to avoid fights and bites between male rabbits and female rabbits, which is not conducive to The growth of rabbits, and in summer, the rabbits should be sheared to avoid their overheating and death .Ventilation fans and cooling pads can be installed to avoid their overheating and death.

4.Rabbit feeding method

When the temperature is high in summer, it is necessary to put feed with low energy and add forage with high protein content, and the opposite is true in winter. Be careful not to feed moldy and spoiled feed, and do not put wet feed, so as not to be difficult to digest and affect health.

5. Disease prevention

There are many diseases in rabbits, but as long as prevention is done well, the losses caused by diseases can be reduced. Rabbit farms should be separated from residential areas, and a sanitary interval should be left between each rabbit house to facilitate cleaning and disinfection by breeders. Whether breeding personnel or vehicles enter the rabbit farm, they should be disinfected. Disinfection equipment should be installed inside and outside the house(you may need this Irrigation Injector), and the house should be disinfected and cleaned regularly to keep the environment inside the house dry. Vaccinate rabbits on time to prevent disease.Breeding rabbits should pay attention to many aspects. Change the water for rabbits every day to ensure that the water quality is clean and hygienic, so as to avoid turbid water quality and peculiar smell, and disinfect the rabbit house once a week,You can use the rabbit nipple drinker,which can enture the water is clearn when the rabbits drink water every time.Only you need to disinfect the rabbit house once a week that is enough.and regularly observe whether the rabbit's feces are normal.If it is not normal and needs to be injected in time for treatment. 

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