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Raising Chicken Knowledge

Views: 331     Author: Chicken Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-09-15      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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Now that the price of pigs keeps falling, many farmers want to engage in chicken, but raising chicken is not easy. If you want to raise chicken well, you must first master chicken raising technique. Next, let’s take a look at the points of chicken raising techniques.

1. Selection of fine Chicken breeds

For chicken production,improved Chicken breeds are the basis for improving commodity rates, reducing chicken production costs and improving economic benefits.Professional Chicken Feeder house holds should determine whether to raise broiler or laying hens according to the local market supply and demand and their own conditions, and which breed to choose.

2. Choose good chicks

  The quality of chicks is the basic factor to obtain better chicken raising benefits. Chicken farmers must choose young chickens that provided by breeder farms with good reputation, certain production scale and high technical level, and drinking water with 0.01%concentration of enrofloxacin hydrochloride at the first week of age to eliminate Salmonella, mold and mildew. Plasma and other pathogenic microorganisms, and do a good job in disinfection, isolation and epidemic prevention at the same time.

3. Self-prepared chicken feed

   Professional chicken feeder households can formulate full-price compound feeds that meet the needs of different physiological stages of chickens according to the feeding standards and local conditions, or formulate their own formulas according to the formula provided by technicians, which generally reduces the cost of feed per 100 kg by 10-20 yuan.At the same time, you can choose some high-quality chicken feed pans or chicken feeder buckets to put chicken feeds, and choose some Dirt and rainproof containers base on needs.

4. Add yeast to chicken feed

Appropriately add high-quality yeast feed to reduce the amount of imported fish meal added to the chicken feed.For large-scale chicken farms, the chicken feed line is a good choice, which allows the yeast feed to be delivered to the chickens conveniently, quickly and evenly, saving time and effort.

5. Disease control for chicken

(1)Conditional chicken feeder farmers should carry out antibody monitoring, so as to ensure timely vaccination and ensure the quality of immunity.

(2)Add antibiotics to the diet to prevent infection. Such as antibiotics or sulfonamides, the prevention of diarrheal diseases (such as pullorum) is effective, but attention should be paid to the dosage and stirring, and the feeding and drinking time should not be too long.You can use the Dosing deviceon the waterline to prevent chicken diseases


(3)Strictly follow the immunization program. A strict and scientific immunization plan should be formulated according to the actual situation, and the prevention and control of chicken Marek's disease, chicken Newcastle disease, chicken Gan Paul's disease, chicken cholera and chicken pox should be done well.

(4)Strictly grasp the quality of vaccines. Purchase vaccines from vaccine production and supply units with reliable quality. Strictly prevent vaccine production and supply units from purchasing vaccines. Strictly prevent the confusion of vaccines, otherwise the antibodies will be unstable, and repeated immunizations will be required. 

(5) Strengthen the preservation of feed to prevent diseases caused by mildew of chicken feeder.

6. Improve chicken feeding equipment and reduce feed consumption

(1)Improve the design of the chicken drinker and feeder. According to the age of the chickens, choose the appropriate size chicken feeder port with eaves,chicken feeder barrel ,bigger metal chicken food feeder,etc

(2) Change from flat to chicken cage. The flat rearing method occupies a lot of houses, and the feed is wasted seriously. Chickens live in chicken cages, with less activity and less material consumption.

(3)The temperature of the chicken house should be moderate. It is necessary to keep warm and cold in winter, and to prevent heatstroke in summer, For this situation in summer, exhaust fans ancooling-pad can be installed in the chicken house to prevent heat stroke. for winter, the temperature of the chicken house should not be too low. If the ambient temperature is too low, the chicken body should produce more heat to maintain body temperature, so the consumption of feed is high and the feed remuneration is low.

7. Group chicken feeding is one of the important measures of chicken production.

       As a feeding and management unit, a suitable group should be adapted to its own chicken feeder and drinker system equipment ,feed and technical measures. The flock of broiler chickens should not be too large. And the group should be divided into strong and weak groups from time to time.Breeding male and female hens in groups is not only conducive to the growth and development of hens, improving uniformity and commodity rate, but also better adapting to the market. The rooster group grows fast and has a large body weight. It can be slaughtered 7-10 days earlier, and the hens can be slaughtered later. Selling it as a whole chicken for cooking and eating can significantly improve economic benefits.


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