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Precautions for raising chickens in hot summer days

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1.Reduce the stocking density. In order to reduce the accumulation of heat lost by the flocks, thereby reducing the house temperature, it is advisable to reduce the stocking density of the free-range chicken house by about 20% compared with the spring and autumn seasons. Broiler chickens are generally 20 per square meter at 1 week of age, 15 at 4 weeks of age, 10 at 5 weeks of age, and 8 to 7 at 6 to 8 weeks of age.

2.Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling. In the summer, open the doors and windows of the chicken house in time for ventilation. If the air in the house is relatively dry, you can sprinkle some water on the ground to cool down. If conditions permit, you can build a pergola on the sunny side of the chicken house or plant some vine plants to achieve the purpose of cooling. When the temperature is higher than 30°c, the growth and egg production of chickens will be affected due to severe heat stress. At this time, heatstroke prevention drugs such as "Xiaoxiasan" and "Rendan" can be added to the feed.

3. Drinking water should be clean and sufficient. Drinking water in hot summer days should be less and more frequent, water quality should be clean, and the drinking water should be sufficient to prevent the water quality from deteriorating for too long.

4.Pay attention to environmental hygiene. Eliminate manure in the house in time to reduce the proliferation of micro-organisms and the increase of harmful gases in the house at high temperature; the feeding trough and the water tank should be cleaned regularly; pay attention to the disinfection of the internal and external environment of the house, and nail the screen doors and windows to reduce mosquito harassment and the spread of disease.

5. Pay attention to weather changes to prevent mildew of feed. There are frequent storms and thunderstorms, so you should pay attention to the sudden change of temperature in the house, especially in thunderstorm weather, to avoid rainwater soaking the bedding in the house and getting the chickens wet. Due to the high temperature and high temperature in the dog days, the feed is very prone to mildew and deterioration. Therefore, when feeding, you should buy less and more frequently, and secondly, you should add less and more frequently when feeding, and you should eat it every day to prevent the feed from becoming moldy.

6. Strictly prevent coccidiosis. In summer, continuous rainy days often appear, and coccidiosis is very likely to occur. To do a good job in the prevention and control of coccidiosis, anti-coccidia drugs such as salinomycin and chloroguanide can be added to the feed.

(source: China Agricultural News Network)

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