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Pigeon Supplies Series for The Animal Breeder

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-11-01      Origin: LONGMU


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Hello everyone, welcome to today's live stream! It’s so happiness to here and can't wait to start now. Today, I will show you about our new developments.

Before we start, I will introduce our company to you first. We’re a professional manufacturer of poultry equipment.

Our factory was established in 2000, located in Cangzhou city, Hebei Province China. Our main products include the fully automatic breeding system of chicken house(such as all kinds of nipple drinkers, feeder pans, water pressure regulators, filters, and other the feeding and drinking line). We also produce poultry backyard accessories, such likechicken drinkers and feeders, feeding troughs, chicken nesting boxes and pads, transport cages, and so on.

As a profession manufacture, we would provide the best quality and time services to you to achieve double win situation.

Now, we start to introduce pigeon and rabbit feeders and drinkers.

pigeon feeder2

First, let me introduce pigeon feeder troughs【LMB-01,LMB-02,LMB-19,LMB-03,LMB-04,LMB-05.】There are two materials pigeon feeder troughs, one is made of plastic, and the other is made of steel stainless. Plastic material pigeon feeder troughhas three capacities, including 16 holes, 20 holes and 28 holes.

Let me measure these feeder troughs size. 16-hole feeder trough length is about 30cm, 20- hole feeder trough length is about 37cm; 28-hole feeder trough length is about 50cm. Their width is 10cm, height is 8cm.

The edge of the plastic feeder trough is very smooth, which is very safer and will not hurt their delicate skin. This plastic feeder trough has a 3-hole pressing mode snap closure that is easy to lock preventing accidental spillage.Holes can avoid wastage and prevent birds from pooping inside.The metal material pigeon feeder trough also has three capacities, including 14 holes, 18 holes and 22 holes.

Let me measure these feeder troughs size. 14-hole feeder trough length is about 31cm, 18- hole feeder trough length is about 39cm; 22-hole feeder trough length is about 47cm. Their width is 9cm, height is 8cm.

The metal feeder trough is very sturdy and durable.

These feeder troughs are firm and nonskid on the ground and keep birds from kicking over the feed.

The feeder trough can be washed with water directly. Very convenient.

These feeder troughs can be used for pigeon cages, poultry cages, or breeding of the young poultry house. The plastic feeder trough can also be used for drinking water. Preventing chicks from drowning like they would in other tubs. It is very available for day old through 6 week old chicks, pigeons and other breeding of young poultry.

As usually, these feeder troughs are colored in red, but we also can custom-made them to your requirements.

pigeon feeder3


OK, go on.Let me introduce this pigeon feeder. It has three capacities, including one hole, two holes, and three holes. The single-hole model can only be used for one pigeon to eat, the two-hole model can be used for two pigeons to eat at the same time, the three-hole model can be used for three pigeons to eat. Please choose from depending on the number of pigeons you have.

Let me measure these feeders size. Their height is about 14cm, width is about 9.5cm, one hole feeder length is about 8.8cm; two-hole feeder length is about 16.5cm; three-hole feeder length is about 24.5cm.

Look, each pigeon feeder has a transparent lid, which plays the role of water-proof and ash-proof. It can also better observe how much food is saved in the box, and timely add food into the box to ensure that pigeons can eat food at any time.

Each pigeon feeder has hanging buckles on the back of the feeding bowl, The single-hole and two-hole models' hanging buckles is fixed.The three-hole model has 2 hooks on the back, which can adjust the distance and length at will, and can be well fixed on any size bird cage or pigeon cage, firm and stable.These models feeders easily hanging buckle can be hang to where you want.

Each model feeder has ventilation perforation on the back. Keeping the food fresh and keep the food at the bottom of the box from spoiling.


OK. Next one, pigeon drinking cup.You can connect this bird drinking cup to the water bottle and simply fill the bottle with water, so you don't have to worry about bird drinking even if you are away for a long time. You can make this drinking cup hang outside of bird cages and small animal cages with a spring hook, such as this one.This pigeon drinker cup is made of eco-friendly plastic, 100% raw plastic material, odorless, safe to use, sturdy and wearable, and durable.

It has a dust-proof device, look, which can effectively prevent a large amount of dust from entering the drinking fountain. It can provide cleaner and safer water for your lovely pet birds.

This drinking cup can be used for pigeon cages, poultry cages. It’s suitable for pigeons, chicks, chickens, quails, and so on.

As usually, these feeder troughs are colored in red, but we also can custom-made them to your requirements.


OK, next one, the rabbit drinker bottle. There are two capacities: 500ml and 1L.Let me measure this rabbit feeder size. 1L bottle height is about 18cm, width is about 8.31cm; 0.5L bottle height is about 11cm, width is about 8.19cm

This rabbit drinker bottle with a stainless steel nipple drinkerand a spring hook.The stainless steel nipple drinker can effectively prevent rabbits from chewing and no back-flow into the waterer. Fresh clean water for your pets every day! It’s perfect match. Of course, if you don’t like nipple drinker, you can change into a metal drinker cup, such as this one look, it is perfect match, too.

Drinker bottle easily attaches to outside of cage. Flip-cap cover on drinker allows for easy refill; just fill from the top! Water level is viewable from the outside through the plastic. No need to remove drinker from cage! Very convenient!

It is suitable for all kinds of rodents, such as hamster, rabbit, rat gerbils and other small animals.


OK. Next one product, metal rabbit feeder. Perfect design for small animal like rabbit, chinchilla, guinea pigs and other rodents.

Let me measure this rabbit feeder size.

it’s made of galvanized sheet, it’s much durable than others made of plastic. Gravity bin feeder holds up days food, you don’t have to refill every day.Rabbit feeder outdoor with feeder lid and sifter bottom help minimizes dust, keeps food clean and dry.

The movable hooks hold the feeder snug against the inside or outside.The rounded steal on the trough area of the feeder keeps your animal safe while feeding.

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