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Methods and techniques of breeding rabbits

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-05-10      Origin: LONGMU


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Rabbit is a very cute animal. Its appearance is not only white and flawless, but also its pair of smart big eyes are also loved by many people. Although such a docile animal is loved by many people, it is also a delicacy on the gourmet table. And the meat of rabbits is rich in nutrition, so the rabbit meat made by different methods has also been liked by many people. Seeing the benefits of rabbit meat, many people also adopt artificial breeding methods to meet the needs of people on the table.

rabbit farm3

It seems easy to raise rabbits, but it is difficult to raise rabbits well without certain experience. For beginners, it is very difficult to get started without a sincere and experienced rabbit-raising master in a short time. It is very simple for others. A little thing, for me, it may be difficult to get into the way by groping for a long time. So what are the breeding methods of rabbits? Let us find out!

How to breed rabbits well? Rabbits need to be fed rabbit feed, but rabbits are herbivores, so you can’t just feed rabbit feed on weekdays. You should feed more hay and vegetables to supplement nutrition and comprehensiveness, which can help rabbits grow fast and fat. At the same time, I want to To raise a rabbit well, it is necessary to understand its dietary laws, reasonably prepare a balanced diet, and increase the growth rate. In this way, the rabbit can grow healthier.

Although the rabbit's growth environment has a very wide place, many farmers should pay attention to the hygienic conditions of its living environment. Therefore, farmers must understand the temperament of rabbits before they can breed. Rabbits prefer to live in some dry and very quiet places. In daily life, like other animals, it will also have excrement. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the sanitation of the rabbit house in time, and do a good job of disinfection , to avoid the growth of bacteria, if the rabbits often live in a dirty environment, it will cause the infection of germs, causing a large number of rabbits to get sick or die.

  1. Rabbits need to be herbivores, but they should also be fed with rabbit feed reasonably. However, rabbits provide the necessary nutrition at each growth stage. If you want to raise rabbits well, you can add Vino Rabbit to supplement with high-dimensional vitamins during normal breeding. A kind of vitamin, promote growth rate, improve appetite performance, make it digest and absorb well, reduce pica, increase fat and gain weight, smooth skin and shiny hair, enhance immunity, and save feed.

rabbit farm1

2. The fine and coarse feed should be properly matched. At the same time, the rabbit house should be kept clean and adequate drinking water should be provided to prevent the growth of rabbits from being affected. In breeding, you can formulate rations according to your own needs, which will increase the growth rate of rabbits. The ratio should be reasonable to enhance the absorption capacity of the stomach. It can be mixed with Vino compound probiotics to balance the reproduction of intestinal flora, which is conducive to the maintenance of intestinal function, reduce the burden on the intestinal tract, normalize the intestinal function, and increase feed intake. , to help it grow, improve resistance, reduce enteritis, diarrhea, diarrhea, feces, etc., and improve the breeding rate and uniformity.

3. Feeding method: If the temperature is high in summer, low-energy feed and feed with high protein content should be put in, but the opposite is true in winter. Be careful not to feed moldy and deteriorated feed, and do not wet the feed, so as not to be difficult to digest and affect health.

4. Do a good job of disease prevention at ordinary times. There should be sanitary intervals between each rabbit farm to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of farmers and keep the environment dry. Vaccine rabbits on time to prevent disease.

Rabbits prefer to eat some green vegetable plants. If they are artificially raised, they can also be fed with some feed. If they are fed with some corn or wheat grains, they must be fried and matured before they are put in. The food eaten during the eating process is too rough, which will cause diarrhea and other phenomena. Rabbits are also very picky about food. Try to avoid some pesticide residues and rotten leaves to feed the rabbits. This will not only make the rabbits have diarrhea, but also It will reduce its weight growth, and in the daily feeding process, it is also necessary to carry outreasonable feeding time according to the rabbit's habits and daily eating conditions. These are also the key points of raising rabbits.In fact, during the growth process of rabbits, like other animals and plants, it will also get sick. Therefore, many breeders must pay close attention to every move of rabbits in daily life, and if they find any abnormal behavior of rabbits, they must report to them in time. It can be processed, and the veterinarian can check the rabbits and prescribe the right medicine in time. This is also effective in preventing rabbit fever and some other infectious bacteria from occurring, causing losses to farmers.Although the breeding method of rabbits seems simple, it is also relatively complicated. It needs attention in every link in the breeding process. Whether it is the sanitary conditions of the rabbit house or its daily eating conditions, the breeder should pay attention to it. To understand its living habits, only after understanding the habits of rabbits and daily life, can we safely breed rabbits, so as not to start breeding because of ignorance of rabbit habits, which will cause damage to the interests of farmers.Sanitation work must be done well, and it must be done regularly. An unclean environment, especially in high temperature and high humidity weather, will produce a large number of germs. Rabbits are easy to get sick and then spread, causing irreversible economic damage. loss. Regular cleaning of rabbit feces, rabbit cages, and rabbit-eating utensils also needs to be disinfected.

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