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Is it easy to raise chickens after the beginning of autumn?

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-09-06      Origin: LONGMU


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For the problem of raising chickens, the beginning of autumn is an excellent time! Chick farming in autumn is very promising, as long as we provide the right environment and feeding conditions, they will thrive. Next, I will introduce the specific precautions for raising chicksin detail, and provide you with a detailed guide.

1. Prepare the coop

Raising chickens requires preparing a chicken coop to ensure a suitable breeding environment. The house should have good ventilation and moderate insulation. After the Beginning of Autumn, the weather starts to cool down, but sometimes there will be large temperature differences. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the insulation of the chicken coop, and the insulation material suitable for the season can be used to keep the temperature stable.

2. Drying of the chicken house

chicken house

The dryness of the chicken house is also very important. Excessive humidity can easily cause diseases and affect the growth and development of chicks. We can install appropriate ventilation equipment in the chicken house to maintain air circulation, and at the same time regularly clean the feces and debris in the chicken house to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. The floor of the chicken house should be kept dry to prevent the growth of bacteria and parasites.

3. Feed

In the process of raising chickens, feed is very critical. According to the growth stage of the chicks, we need to rationally choose different types of feed. In the young chicken period, we can choose a high-protein feed to promote growth and development. As the chicks grow older, they can gradually transition to complete feed. There are many feed supplies specifically for chickens on the market, and we can choose according to our needs to ensure the quality and nutritional balance of the feed.

4. Fresh water source

In addition, it is also very important to provide the chicks with an adequate source of fresh water. Remember to change the water in your drinking fountain regularly to ensure it is clean and fresh. The supply of water should be timely and available to the chickens at any time to keep them healthy.

5. Health status

In the daily breeding process, we also need to pay close attention to the health status of the chicks. If we find that the chicks have abnormal symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, diarrhea, etc., we should take timely measures. You can consult a veterinarian or breeding expert for professional help and advice. Identifying and dealing with problems early can prevent the spread of disease and ensure the healthy growth of your chicks.

Raising chickens is not only a farming experience but also a way to get close to nature. By observing the growth and life of chicks, we can better understand the miracle of life, feel the charm of nature and the influence of farming life, and we can have a deeper understanding of the stories behind the food. Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to the source and quality of food. By raising chickens with our own hands, we can become the owners of our own food and be personally involved in the entire process from land to table.

Raising chickens is not only a fun farming activity, but it also develops our sense of responsibility and patience. Chicks require constant attention and care, and we need to provide a suitable environment, feed, and water. By getting along with chicks, we can learn to care for and care for others, and develop warmth and love.


When we provide the right environment and care, chicks will reward us in their own unique way. Not only can you enjoy fresh eggs and chicken, but you can also feel the beauty of living in harmony with nature.

We can learn a lot about nature and ecosystems by interacting and watching the chicks grow. Understanding the feeding and behavioral habits of chicks can help us better understand the interdependence of organisms. This exploration and understanding of the natural world not only enriches our knowledge base but also prompts us to pay more attention to the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Whether you are pursuing healthy food or enjoying the joy of farming, raising chickens is a farming activity worth trying. It not only gives us the opportunity to get in touch with nature and feel the miracle of life but also makes us pay more attention to the importance of food quality and sustainable development. Let us join in this wonderful breeding process and feel the charm of farming life!

1. Feed and water sources

Before raising chickens, we need to prepare suitable feed and water sources. Chicks need high-protein feed to support their rapid growth and development. You can choose commercially available chick-specific feeds. These feeds are nutritious and balanced and can meet the needs of chicks. In addition, you can also choose to raise the mother chicken at home, allowing the chicks to naturally suck the milk secreted by the mother hen, which can better ensure the nutritional intake of the chicks.

In terms of drinking water, ensure that the water source is clean and sufficient. Chicks need to drink enough water to maintain good health, especially in summer when temperatures rise, and extra attention needs to be paid to increasing the water supply.

2. Spacious breeding space

Providing a clean, spacious space for your chickens to be raised is crucial. This housing space should be large enough to allow each chick to move around and stretch its wings freely. In this way, the chicks can get enough exercise to promote their growth and development. At the same time, the cleaning of the breeding space is also essential. Keep the space dry to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.

3. Temperature control


Temperature control is crucial when raising chicks in the fall. Since chicks have relatively weak adaptability to temperature, when the weather gradually turns cooler, we must provide them with a suitable warm environment. In order to ensure the health and growth of the chicks, we can adjust the environmental temperature of the warm space by using light bulbs or heaters. It plays an important role in the growth and development of chicks. Maintaining a suitable temperature can promote the appetite of the chicks, increase their metabolism, and accelerate their growth. A warm environment also reduces the risk of chicks contracting diseases, such as colds or gastroenteritis. In order to achieve healthy growth of chicks, we should install a thermometer in the breeding space to monitor the indoor temperature at any time.

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