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How to use automated chicken equipment to raise chickens scientifically

Views: 2023     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2023-08-30      Origin: LONGMU


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Automated chicken-raising equipment is an auxiliary equipment for raising chickens that has appeared in the chicken industry in recent years. There are many types of automated chicken-raising equipment. Different equipment can help farmers complete different chicken-raising tasks. It is very convenient, fast, and efficient, so it has been favored Many farmers love it, so how to use automated chicken raising equipment to raise chickens scientifically, what equipment does automated chicken raising equipment include?

1. Choose the automated chicken-raising equipment that suits you: At present, among the chicken-raising equipment, the types of automated chicken-raising equipment include automatic feeding machines, automatic manure cleaning machines, automatic egg picking machines, fan wet curtains, automatic drinking water equipment, etc. Commonly used automatic chicken raising equipment, farmers can choose the necessary automatic chicken raising equipment according to their actual needs and capital budget to assist in raising chickens and improve the efficiency of raising chickens.

chicken farm9.1

2. Learn to operate automated chicken raising equipment: Automated chicken raising equipment is relatively large-scale mechanized equipment that requires professional operation and maintenance, so whether it is operated by the farmer himself or by the staff, he must pay attention to learning the correct operation method, different The operation methods of the equipment are different. Only reasonable and scientific operation can ensure the good effect and efficiency of the equipment and can guarantee the service life. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the automatic chicken-raising equipment, so that it can Find problems in time and solve them in time and can guarantee and extend the service life of the equipment.

3. Maintain the environment of the chicken coop: The hygiene of the chicken coop is kept good, and the chickens can reduce the occurrence of diseases. Because the chicken coop has chickens and some automatic chicken-raising equipment, there will be a lot of feces, feed, dust, and ammonia The presence of dirt and harmful gases will seriously affect the health of the chicken flock. Therefore, in order to ensure the hygienic environment of the chicken house, it is necessary to clean, disinfect, and ventilate frequently. Doing these three points can make the chicken house hygienic.

What equipment do chicken farms need? How to choose chicken farm equipment, let us understand what equipment is needed in the chicken industry.

First the coop:

chicken feeder line system (3)

Chicken farm equipment full ladder chicken cage: The upper and lower cages are completely staggered, and ordinary chicken cages have 2-3 floors. Its advantages are: no need to install a manure board at the bottom of the cage, if it is a manure pit, there is no manure cleaning system; the structure is simple; each cage has a large ventilation and lighting surface. Disadvantages are large floor area, low feed density, and high investment in equipment.

Half-step chicken cage: The upper and lower cages of the chicken farm equipment overlap by 1/4-1/2, and a certain angle of the dung guard is installed above the overlapping part of the lower layer. The ventilation effect is worse than that of full steps, but the stocking density is higher.

Breeding chicken cages: Generally, 2-3 layers of chicken farm equipment overlapping or semi-stepped cages are used.

Chicken cages: There are single-layer cages and double-layer artificial insemination cages. The former is the natural mating of males and females in the same cage. The latter is usually used in artificial insemination farms, and can also be used in raw chicken farms to record the egg production of pure individuals.

Followed by chicken drinking water equipment:

Chicken farm equipment Drinking water equipment includes water pumps, water towers, filters, restriction valves, drinking fountains, and pipeline facilities.

chicken feeder line system (2)

Long water tank: Its advantages are simple structure, low cost, and convenient drinking water immunity. The disadvantage of drinking water for chicken farm equipment is that it consumes a lot of water, is easily polluted, and the workload of brushing teeth is heavy.

Nipple drinker: The advantage of its chicken farm equipment is that it saves water, is conducive to epidemic prevention, and does not need to be cleaned and replaced frequently. The disadvantage of chicken farm equipment is that each floor of the chicken house needs to be equipped with a decompression water tank, which is not conducive to drinking water immunity, and has high requirements for materials and manufacturing precision.

Hanging plate drinking fountain: The advantages are water saving and easy cleaning. The disadvantage of chicken farm equipment is that the height of the drinking fountain needs to be adjusted according to the different growth stages of the chicken flock.

After that is the feeding equipment:

Chicken farm equipment includes four parts: a storage tower, conveyor, feeder, and feeding trough. The chicken farm equipment storage tower is generally located at one end or side of the chicken house, and the feed is sent to the feeding trough by the conveyor.

Chicken farm equipment plug-type feeder: One feeder can feed 2-3 chicken houses at the same time. However, when the plug plate or the steel cable is broken, it is troublesome to repair and the technical level of installation is high.

chicken feeder line system

The most important item is chicken manure treatment equipment for chicken farms, which is indispensable equipment in chicken farm equipment.

Chicken manure fermentation tank for chicken farm equipment: Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for chicken farm equipment harmlessly treats wet chicken manure. The chicken farm equipment is efficient and environmentally friendly. There is no odor around the closed fermentation. Bolong brand chicken manure is harmless The chemical treatment fermentation tank treatment equipment can meet the needs of a variety of organic wastes for fermentation, and can be directly put into the tank for wet chicken manure fermentation treatment without adding any auxiliary materials. Chicken farm equipment adopts microbial aerobic fermentation, which can efficiently treat chicken manure in different temperature regions.

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