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How to reduce heat stress in poultry

Views: 831     Author: Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2021-05-20      Origin: Chicken Feeder And Drinker


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As the weather gets hotter and hotter, once heat stress occurs in chickens, it will bring a lot of trouble to farmers and cause great losses to the farms. For example, rapid infection, losses due to reduced egg production and flock disease, etc. Therefore, how to reduce the heat stress of chickens is particularly important. Here are our 6 top tips:



1. The ventilate system is stable. The ventilation system is well maintained to ensure that the air flow in the house is not reduced. The airflow throughout the house will ensure the entry of fresh air and help the flock to regulate their body temperature.

2. Make sure the chicks drink cool, clean water. Use supplements to increase water and feed intake. Adding electrolytes to water can help replenish lost body fluids.

3. Adjust the ration. High temperatures reduce feed intake, so adjusting rations to include higher nutrient specifications can help reduce the risk of egg size loss and aid in flock recovery and production levels.

4. Make sure chickens have enough space. Reduce body heat by putting fewer chickens in each house.

5. Flush the water lines. Get cool fresh water by rinsing twice a day. Flushing early in the morning can remove water that has been sitting in the pipes overnight. An afternoon flush

can bring in another fresh supply of cool water when temperatures peak.

6. Create shade. This can be from trees or homemade shelters, where the hens are encouraged  to rest in the shade and breeze. Additional temporary shelters can be quickly installed using pallets and posts. If necessary, a misting system can be used to help cool the chickens.

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