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How to raise freshly hatched chicken?

Views: 692     Author: Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-10-11      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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Newly-born chicks will be very difficult to feed. There will be about fifty or sixty kinds of diseases in the life of the chicks. If we do not do well in some aspects, the survival rate of the chicks will be very low.

Newly hatched chicks need the most care, they need a temperature of around 34-37 degrees Celsius (93.2-98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) for the chicks to be free from crowds, groups and free movement.heating plate

The temperature must not fluctuate too much. Too much fluctuation can easily cause some diseases of the respiratory tract to chickens. It will be very troublesome once it is cured.

If you raise chickens in a closed coop, there must be light. When the temperature is not very high, you can use the kind of baking lamp used for bathing, which can not only increase the temperature, but also illuminate. The chicks are free to move and full of energy. A heating plate can be used to warm the chicks when the temperature is too low.

feeder bucketFreshly bought chicks must not be placed directly on the concrete floor. Because the cement floor is too cold, the chicks are prone to diarrhea, and the survival rate will be greatly reduced in the future. A layer of about 1cm should be covered with dry sawdust so that the chicks will be very warm on the dry sawdust and not catch a cold.

Use feeder buckets when feeding, and put a few more. In this way, the feed is not easy to be wasted, and the chicks will not be trampled by the competition for food.

It is best to feed the newly bought chicks with warm water. No matter how many chicks there are, don't bother to boil the water. Warm water is the most beneficial to the chicks.

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