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How to make chickens lay eggs in a fixed place

Views: 1582     Author: Chicken Nipple Drinker     Publish Time: 2022-10-20      Origin: LongMu Breeding Equipment


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chicken-nest-(1)If you want chickens to lay eggs in a fixed place, you must pay attention to suitable chicken nests, place fake eggs to attract eggs, prevent nest grabbing, and pick up eggs in a timely manner. Our chicken nest is a good way for chickens to develop a habit, lay egg pads, and put plastic or wooden fake eggs as eggs to ensure that each chicken can use the nest, and avoid hens when picking eggs.

1. Place the chicken nest

If we want hens to lay eggs in a fixed place, we must first prepare a nest suitable for laying eggs for them, and they will lay eggs here. Our chicken nest has several advantages:

  • QUALITY MATERIALS - This nesting box is made of high-density, impact-resistant polyethylene that will not rust, rot, or corrode. It can be securely mounted vertically or side by side.

  • EASY-TO-CLEAN - This smooth plastic surface is easy to keep clean and does not get as cold as metal, making it more comfortable for the nesting chicken or other small birds.

  • INCLUDES PERCH - This plastic nesting unit features an entrance perch that gives hens a place to land before entering the nest and ventilation holes for fresh air. The lowered box floor helps prevent a loss of bedding, sloped roof prevents roosting.

  • WALL MOUNTS - This box mounts to 16 on-center studs. If you hang three units vertically we recommend the first unit be mounted 24 off the ground to protect from predators, while the top unit will be low enough from the ceiling to prevent roosting.

  • PLASTIC PREFERRED - When compared to wood tables or metal unit supplies, plastic stays warmer in winter months, is easier to clean, more sanitary, and reduces mite and bug infestations.

At the same time, we can lay egg pads on the chicken nest and place them in a relatively hidden place. Regarding egg pads, we have a variety of styles and materials for you to choose from. Of course, egg pads also have many advantages:

  • SMART DESIGN - Made with holes in the center of each cluster of blades and slotted openings between the clusters to create a more open area for nesting; the nest box liners for chickens provide better filtration and are moisture resistant. Best add one for a chicken feeder and a chicken drinker. Perfect for Pine shavings!

  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY- Our chicken nesting pads with wear resistance are made from high-grade virgin polyethylene to ensure longevity and quality; they are lightweight but can maintain long-term support.

  • REDUCES EGG BREAKAGE- Our nesting pads for chicken coop have rounded tops that ensure safe egg roll-off; they provide increased airflow that contributes to the comfort of the hens.

  • EASY TO CLEAN - The nesting box pads have large open spaces for better dirt and manure filtration; the nest bedding is easy to wash and store, and also helps maintain a cleaner environment in your poultry area.


2. Place fake eggs

If the eggs laid by the hens in the nest will disappear after some time, the hens will lay eggs in other places, so we have to place a fake egg in the nest. Our fake eggs are made of plastic and wooden materials. This egg cannot be taken away, it must be kept in the chicken nest.

3. Prevent looting

The number of hens that each chicken nest can accommodate is relatively limited, so when we buy chicken nests, we must pay attention to the number of hens to buy. Generally speaking, five chickens use one chicken nest. If there are many chickens Fewer nests will also cause the hens to change their nest frequently.

4. Pick up eggs in time

Hens will guard their own eggs. If we often pick up their eggs in front of the hens, the hens will change the place where they lay eggs after a lot of times. Therefore, before we are ready to pick up eggs, it is best to use them for Chicken feeding or other ways to lure the hen away, and then pick up the eggs, which will not cause the hen to change the chicken nest.

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