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How much do you know about the equipment used in chicken farms?

Views: 1301     Author: LONGMU     Publish Time: 2022-12-03      Origin: LONGMU


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In recent years, there have been more and more professional chicken farms. Advanced chicken farm machinery and poultry equipmentcan create a better and more ideal breeding environment for chickens, and improve the survival rate and production efficiency of chickens. Now let's take a look at what poultry equipmentis needed for a chicken farm.

lighting equipmentchicken drinker3

The lighting equipment currently used in chicken farms is incandescent lighting. Many chicken farms have installed timers to automatically control light switches to replace manual switches to ensure accurate lighting time. You can also use fluorescent lamps for lighting, and place the lamp tubes toward the ceiling so that the light is reflected to the ground through the ceiling. This kind of diffused lamp is softer, and fluorescent lamps can also save electricity.


Brooding can use mesh panels or vertical multi-layer brooders. Brooding chickens use H-type chicken cages or A-type chicken cagesin addition to plane nets. Laying hens are kept in cages. The implementation of cage breeding and cage chicken can make full use of the space and increase the feeding capacity. Clean and hygienic conditions are good for epidemic prevention, feed saving, and convenient cluster management. There are individual cages for breeding chicken cages, and ordinary laying chicken cages can be used for grandparent chickens and parent chickens. If you want to know more about chicken coops, click here.

Ventilation equipment

Ventilation equipment is used in closed houses. Closed chicken houses must adopt mechanical ventilation, which has solved the problems of ventilation and cooling in summer. There are two types of mechanical ventilation: air supply and exhaust. Air-supply ventilation is to use a fan to force fresh air into the chicken house and exhaust the air in the chicken house. Exhaust ventilation is to use of a fan to forcibly extract the air in the chicken house so that the air outside the chicken house enters the chicken house. There are many types and models of ventilation equipment. In recent years, some chicken houses have adopted longitudinal ventilation. The results have proved that the ventilation effect is better, and the cooling effect is better in high-temperature seasons.Exhaust-Fan1

Open chicken houses mainly adopt natural ventilation and use the switches of doors, windows, and skylights to adjust the ventilation volume. When the outside wind speed is large or the temperature difference between inside and outside is large, the ventilation is more effective, but in hot summer weather, the natural ventilation effect is not good, and mechanical ventilation is required. to supplement. If the open chicken coop uses roller shutters instead of windows, the floor-sweeping windows are formed by lifting the roller shutters in summer, and the ventilation effect is good, but it is not suitable for regions with severe winters.

water supply equipment

From the perspective of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination of drinking water, nipple drinkers are the most ideal, but you must buy good quality watertight ones. Caged chickens and laying hens can use nipple drinkers or "V"-shaped sinks. This kind of sink only needs to be firmly connected and installed with a proper slope, but it needs to be cleaned every day. It is most suitable for chicks to use a bell-shaped vacuum waterer, but it needs to be filled with water and cleaned regularly. There are different models of bell-type vacuum drinkers on the market, which should be configured according to the size of the chicken. You can use the pendant-type automatic drinking fountain for flat chickens. This drinking fountain is suspended from the ceiling with ropes, and the water inlet at the top is connected to the main water pipe with a hose. save water.

feeding equipment

There are many types of feeding equipment. There are mainly food troughs. Long food troughs can be used for cage chickens. The automatic chicken feeding line uses feeders and chain feeders for feeding. Flat chickens can also be fed by this method, and feed can also be used. Bucket feed. Chicks use feeding pans. Broilers and breeders can also use feeder pans. The feeder tray will have different types of feeder trays according to different types of chickens.

egg production equipmentfeeder pan

Broiler breeders or laying hens can use a two-layer egg-laying box, providing a box for every 4 eggs, and the height of the upper floor from the ground should not exceed 60cm. Each laying box is about 30*30*38cm. The automated farm will have a special egg collector to collect the eggs

Manure cleaning equipment

General chicken farms use artificial manure removal. A small number of chicken farms use a manure scraper to clean up chicken manure. Automated chicken farms generally use a professional manure cleaning system to regularly clean chicken manure every day.


The hatching of the chicks can be done directly with an egg incubator. Different types of incubators can be used according to the number of eggs. Convenient.

heating equipmentventilation system

Heating equipment is used during brooding and cold periods. Heating with electric heating, water heating, coal stove, heated Kang, and other equipment can all achieve the purpose of heating and heat preservation. Electric heating, water heating, and gas heating are relatively clean and hygienic. Coal stove heating should pay attention to prevent gas poisoning accidents. The heated Kang is relatively waste fuel, but the temperature is relatively stable. As long as the required temperature can be guaranteed, any kind of heating equipment is feasible. Here I will introduce a heating method

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